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  1. It'll be fun to see him absolutely dominate college even more so then he already did.
  2. Then I apologize for my tone. Tone is hard to gauge across the internet
  3. You call that scolding you? My god you are thin skinned if that's the case. Gable himself said that he wants to follow in The Rock's footsteps. Regardless, the WWE IS THE ENTERTAINMENT industry as well.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm sad to see him leave wrestling. I'd rather him stay for a little while longer at least. I've been following Gable ever he came to Apple Valley. I guess what I'm saying is that he the charisma to potentially make it happen plus just had a storybook "ending" to his wrestling career which is a huge springboard. It's an absolute longshot he will succeed as an actor if he ever even makes it, and that is way down the road after WWE + MMA, but he has a better shot than probably any college wrestler in a long time.
  5. I think people are assuming Gable is leaving for the money....no...Gable is leaving for the entertainment industry. He is incredibly marketable and his goals down the road are to start appearing in movies...and given his charisma it isn't that farfetched to think he wont achieve that.
  6. What's the argument against Gable? Given the context, circumstances, 2 takedowns against Geno of all people in the last 13 seconds and winning with a fraction of a second left. Obviously the others here are spectacular but Gable's performance was other worldly.
  7. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if he is the youngest 125kg champion ever?
  8. No one can. Gable can't even believe what just happened.
  9. There's a difference between not having an intimidating physique and looking like a fat ass who has never trained.
  10. Askren made himself look like a clown. What a fall from grace. At least he got paid though.
  11. The Gable Steveson era as the unquestioned best HWT in the nation has officially begun. He has toyed with GWiz in both matches.
  12. Gable just tech'd Gwiz 10-0 Good lordO_O
  13. I haven't been paying too much attention to Kerk in a long time. Was so excited to see another MN kid in the same class as Gable go out and dominate (even if not on the Gophers...I root for all MN kids) but where the hell is he? I know he transferred a lot but why hasn't he been wrestling this year yet?
  14. I feel bad for Gable (I'm obviously biased though as I live in MN) since he will be denied what seemed like a cakewalk to the finals. Parris was the only one who gave him any trouble but in that match Gable was clearly the superior wrestler (again I acknowledge that Parris by far gave him the toughest match up this year).
  15. Let me be clear, I am ALL for those antics of his if he is wrestling the best in the country or if it's a turning point in a duel in a close match. But I forgot it was senior night so I'm less "upset" about it.
  16. I don't like these antics given the quality of the opponent, meant nothing at that point in the match and the fact it was a blow out but...holy cow I've never seen Gable so jacked/in shape.
  17. I agree that Parris is the only person in the country that can give Gable any problems this year. I'd be flabbergasted if he lost to any other person.
  18. It's weird. Gable doesn't seem to want to destroy you and if you look at the score vs. Cassioppi it was 7-5 but Gable was 100% in control that entire match, Cassioppi wasn't even a speedbump. He hit Cassioppi which gave him one point and simply let him go for the other 4. Then again...He looks so nonchalant but aside from Cassar no one has ever really given him any trouble.
  19. Wow, thanks for all the background info guys. Very interesting.
  20. This one has always puzzled me when I look back at it. I checked out of wrestling, I became very resentful after an injury ruined my career, for a few years after high school so I missed a lot of what happened in the years before he went to PSU. A quick perusal on Wiki looks like he turned Iowa state into a legitimate contender for a little bit and obviously it was his alma matter. Can anyone provide context? Was their bad blood? I just find it odd that he would leave Iowa State considering the trajectory he had them on.
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