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    Rooving reacted to bnwtwg in Gable returning for senior year   
    *Mason Parris has exited the chat*
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    Rooving got a reaction from drag it in Gable Steveson not going to Worlds?   
    Then I apologize for my tone. Tone is hard to gauge across the internet
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    Rooving reacted to wrestlingnerd in Best tournament performance this past week   
    Otoguro is the answer? You guys are out of your minds. 
    GABLE. Case closed. 
    How many people in the planet really thought Gable would win the whole thing, let alone nearly tech the defending Olympic champ on his way to winning it? Exactly one: Gable. He turned in one of the most impressive performances I've ever seen in any sport, and that is not even slightly exaggerated.
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    Rooving got a reaction from TBar1977 in Steveson - Petriashvili gold medal match   
    No one can. Gable can't even believe what just happened.
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    Rooving got a reaction from NJDan in Steveson - Petriashvili gold medal match   
    OH MY ****ING GOD
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    Rooving reacted to Piper in Technicians vs Physical Freaks   
    Imho Steveson doesn't get enough credit for his technique. He's always in good position and his timing is what sets him apart.
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    Rooving got a reaction from gowrestle in 7th year wrestlers in 2021-2022 sesaon   
    100% true.
    But the rule needs changing
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    Rooving reacted to Gantry in Kerkvliet is unreal   
    He's currently injured and they are hoping he is back for NCAAs
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    Rooving got a reaction from Marcus Cisero in NCAA Cancellation: Which D1 Wrestler Had The Most to Lose?   
    I feel bad for Gable (I'm obviously biased though as I live in MN) since he will be denied what seemed like a cakewalk to the finals. Parris was the only one who gave him any trouble but in that match Gable was clearly the superior wrestler (again I acknowledge that Parris by far gave him the toughest match up this year).
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    Rooving reacted to silverback in Updated NCAA Predictions - What we've learned   
    Evidently you didn't learn much if you are picking Parris over Gable next time.  Go back and watch again, and note how easily Gable gets his takedowns. 
    I'm sorry that came out a lot more rude than it was meant to be.  My apologies
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    Rooving reacted to BigTenFanboy in Tom Brands Says Post-Match Antics from Austin DeSanto Need to Stop!   
    Interesting that Desanto said he "just tweaked" his knee and is "100%"
    Things that make you go "Hmmmm..." 
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    Rooving reacted to headshuck in Big Ten Session 2 Thread   
    It appears he could ride anyone for as long as he likes, but he gets bored and wants to get back to his feet.  From bottom, he's out fast.  I thought he might be ridden a while longer as a true freshman.  I can't remember him giving up a TD this year.  Maybe Cassar will take him down and ride him for a while. 
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