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  1. You wouldn't have a job because you spend more time posting BS on this forum than what most would consider healthy. Seems I touched a nerve. The difference is irrelevant. And just b/c there are 30k people there doesn't mean you "will be meeting up with" all of them. That line of thinking is obvious horse ****. What is the amount of people its OK to come in contact with? 100? 500? 1000? What about all the people that ride the subway or trains to work? What do you say about all the basketball stadiums around the nation right now that currently are packed to the brim? Scumbags that don't know as good as you?
  2. Yes. And then I said "If one person died wrestling would it be worth it?" And you said yes. Now, Im guessing you don't have a job. But let's say you do, would it be worth it to go to work tomm if one person eventually died from it? If so does that mean you aren't going in to work? How would you feel about a family member of yours that is currently going to work and possibly contracting the virus and then passing it on to others?
  3. Do you not realize thats a different question than you originally posed?
  4. So in other words, your original analogy was stupid and judging whether an event should take place on "if even one person could die" was a foolish take? I agree, as are most of your takes on this forum. Take a deep breath and back away from the computer for a while. Spending all day every day on this forum clearly doesn't do much for mental health.
  5. If one person ever died from wrestling would it be worth it to continue letting people wrestle?
  6. Do you have the potential to crash into a pedastrian and kill them?
  7. I would of course prefer an appropriate response. My point is that you have already justified the decision either way, whether or not it was actually necessary. To date 32 people have died from Corona. 42,000 people die from car crashes every year. Would you support an over reaction like removing all cars from the roads immediately to prevent 42,000 deaths?
  8. And if it is an over reaction and these measures weren't actually needed, most will still be claiming that it only didn't get big because measures like this were taken.
  9. haha. Ok, I retract my statement. Conor has an honorable father that he should be proud of! But watch it with those JimmyCin Defenses... Your childs life and reputation may or may not depend on it!
  10. Well, I hope they don't ban you. You are the man and a very good poster. But JC sucks. Hes a welcher that hates children and charities that benefit them. Reconsider that stance and I will be your #1 supporter.
  11. IMO youre the best poster on this forum. Also, im from LI too! But you are wrong about this. Standing up for JC and his welching is akin to going to bat for child molestation. Please reconsider your stance.
  12. Poor Connor. Growing up with a dad without honor must be tough. lol
  13. Bet welching is a capital offense and far worse than any of those other misdemeanors. Off with his head!
  14. No chance at 141. He could possibly win it at 133, but he could also place as low as 7th-8th depending on how he wrestles.
  15. Who knows if it has happened at all those places? Unsubstantiated claims doesn't make it true.
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