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  1. jsmalls131313

    Jason Nolf is an.......

    ...Extremely lucky Mother F*cker
  2. jsmalls131313

    ESPN3 Split Screen Option

    No longer an option. Which is why I set up 2 laptops, an ipad, my TV and my phone. Can watch at least 4-5 mats at once without switching around. Ill never watch another NCAA tourney any other way.
  3. jsmalls131313

    Chandler Rogers

    Im sure he is both there and also considering what he could have done if he was there. I mean, how do you not? You'd have to be a sociopath to not even consider how you would have faired.
  4. jsmalls131313

    2019 NCAA Betting Hub

    At these odds I like Fix +140 Finesilver + 900 Maybe Zahid @ +115 Derek White @ almost 2-1 looks good too. He should walk to the finals. If Cassar beats Gable its basically +190 to beat a guy that he already beat.
  5. jsmalls131313

    Nolf vs. Rutherford

    If I was betting $$ on them wrestling rn... Id take Nolf just b/c he is a weight class bigger. Who will accomplish more at their respective weights? Still very close but might lean Zain
  6. jsmalls131313

    Marinelli's draw

    That is the most egregious bracket imo. They handed Joseph an easy walk to the finals, again.
  7. jsmalls131313

    Big 12 Finals

    This. Picc beat Fleetwood 2-0 btw if anyone is wondering.
  8. jsmalls131313

    New Jersey 9 Big Ten 0 after 3

    Cassar just has to avoid giving up 6 to Gable to hold on for NJ.
  9. jsmalls131313

    New Jersey 9 Big Ten 0 after 3

    After today its more like "superiority" complex...
  10. jsmalls131313

    Can we now admit seeding Carr #1 was idiotic?

    No. Seedings are based on what was actually accomplished during the season. They are not predictors for future events.
  11. jsmalls131313

    Big Ten Session 3 Thread

    White was beating Wick 1-0 going into the third and chose down. One of the dumbest moves I have seen in a while. Didn't look like Wick had a chance at taking him down from neutral.
  12. jsmalls131313

    What happened to Micic?

    Suriano majored Phillipi and Korbin Meyers beat him too. Maybe 1)Fix 2) Suriano 3) Phillipi 4) Micic 5)Desanto 6)Pletcher
  13. jsmalls131313

    Fear El Desanto

    You think hes not wrestling at NCAA's?
  14. jsmalls131313

    Fear El Desanto

    I don't think Desanto nor Suriano did anything wrong in the last match. It was just a hard wrestled match and the crowd reaction, which stemmed from their last match, made it seem like it was more than it was. With that being said, Suriano looked much better. Micic vs Fix/Suriano in the finals will be great.
  15. jsmalls131313

    Nick Suriano “I Don’t Back Down To Nobody”

    Suriano looked great. Don't see how Desanto can beat him out of Carver Hawkeye.