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  1. First you whitewash history with chauvinist revisionist history and now you are trying to tell a minority what to do? Take a step back from the computer and get a hold of your privilege.
  2. Greco Roman was actually invented by a dainty, Grecian woman in 708 BC. Keep your chauvinist, revisionist history to yourself.
  3. Good to see we are all in agreement that Greco is boring and less popular. RIP Greco Roman 708 BC-2019 AD
  4. That was worse than I thought it was going to be. He shouldn't be allowed to ref anymore. He made some pretty bad calls too. Specifically the second to last takedown.
  5. Spend 8 hours defending white nationalism, get called a Nazi. Spend 8 hours defending socialism, get called a Commie. These are the major problems facing Themat.com posters these days.
  6. haha fully agreed. I mean, he blocked me on Twitter for ripping him about how he handled the Hefflin match and aftermath . And I've never been a big fan of his. But I do respect anyone that's out there putting in the work for the sport I love at this level. Especially if its for the US. And I 100% think you would have to be crazy to be offended by that post where he said "To my haters, naysayers and communists.. keep that same energy". But as far as what you are saying, you are on point.
  7. PD3 out here Bear Jewing these commies on themat.com
  8. I mean, I could also criticize your misuse of ellipses. But you probably wouldn't have any clue what I was talking about...
  9. People are offended by just about everything nowadays. So that isn't saying much. Plenty of people hate Downey, so there will never be a shortage of people trying to find something wrong or "divisive" in his actions. But if someone is offended by "Living and dying by big moves can be costly, especially overseas", they are most likely a crazy person and no better than PD3.
  10. Nice projecting. So educated that you don't even understand how to use quotation marks.
  11. As much as I enjoy watching your meltdown, if "keep that same energy" triggers you, you might be a little too sensitive for the real world.
  12. I get it, believe me. All I am saying is wait till he does something actually worthy of criticism. I'm sure you won't have to wait too long.
  13. I believe the word you're looking for is "hole". Which is a mistake I would never point out had I not seen you call other people "stupid" on here. And no, thats not a "typo". I agree its a huge hole. Zero chance Bo wouldn't mop the floor with him. I get it, I don't like him. But I am not going to bend over backwards, like Katie and yourself to pretend this is divisive, offensive or an attack on referees. PD3 being a douche doesn't change the fact that this post is rather benign. But people will get upset by anything these days.
  14. So you're trying to tell me that saying "To all the haters, trolls and naysayers... Keep that same energy" is so divisive it makes it hard to support him? B/c that is a pretty cliche, benign line used by many athletes including Jordan Burroughs. There are plenty of reasons to hate PD3. But being offended by "Keep that same energy" just seems insane.
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