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  1. 25 minutes ago, jp157 said:


    No. That isn’t it at all. How the hell did you get that out of it? I literally just talked about how they are hypocritical, paternalistically racist, tantrum throwers. 


    I actually fall much more of the conservative end of the spectrum on most issues.. hell, I blame the left for half of the issues now because of how theyve ignored or bashed healthy masculinity because they said it was all bad.. as well as not teaching young men how to not be weak little victims enough and are idiots for being surprised that those kids became incels.. because they were never taught how to be a man.. 

    I’m just capable of looking at a group and evaluating whether or not I think they’re actually capable of doing what people are afraid of. 

    You also took me stating how they ignored what happened to the black neighborhoods they claim to care about as me being “anti white”

    You are genuinely slow 

    1)You can't pretend to be intelligent when you end each sentence with an ellipses. 

    2) What do you mean they aren't  "capable of doing what people are afraid of"? They already are doing that. They are already burning down cities, looting, assaulting, killing cops, blocking freeways and intimidating innocent people. 


    If it were white guys in khakis with torches instead of masked leftists you would be calling for their heads. 


    3) You are the one who admitted you took issue with the fact that some black businesses were burned down and that it wasn't solely white businesses. 


    You're embarrassing yourself"..."

  2. 1 hour ago, jp157 said:


    Im not “buddies” with those people... they only care about looking good and have completely focused on the white neighborhoods getting looted and ignored how devastated local black neighborhoods and businesses have been.. or said they’re “necessary sacrifices” for the “cause” while they retreat back to their mommies house in the suburbs. They are a dangerous tantrum that’s turning those they claim to support against them. They’re the type that gentrifies a neighborhood and does nothing  to help the locals beyond Facebook posts or going to a riot for a weekend before running home.

    They disgust me as well because of their paternalistic racist attitude which is much worse than the normal redneck kind in so many ways...

    But hey, if you want to keep assuming I’m one of those people because I think they’re overblown... because they’re laughable hypocrites with no stomach to do half of what you people are scared of beyond tantrum riots.. you do you.


    So, in other words, you're actually more extremist than  Antifa and your only issue is that they weren't anti white enough for you. Had they burned down a higher % of white neighborhoods, then they would have "stomach" enough to earn your respect. 


    You are a loon. 

  3. 42 minutes ago, jp157 said:

    I said I think people whining about masks are being soft. Then mentioned i also think “Antifa” is vastly overrated and overblown. Based off interactions I’ve had with those types. That last part apparently freaked people out.

    Your agenda is pretty obvious to anyone reading. Keep spamming buzzwords like "pearl clutching" while trying to shift the focus to mythical "right wing terrorists"  while portraying your buddies who are burning down businesses, murdering innocent cops and harassing innocent people on a daily basis. 


    Just be happy you got your way and the US won't be at worlds. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, russelscout said:

    Why wouldn't I have a job? I have a great job, but it is from home most of the time. What a weak attempt to discredit me. Pretty typical behavior from those who lack the chops to discuss something on their actual merits.

    Anyways, if I did go into the office tomorrow, I wouldn't be meeting up with 30,000 people from all over the country. Do you see the clear difference there? 

    You wouldn't have a job because you spend more time posting BS on this forum than what most would consider healthy. Seems I touched a nerve. 


    The difference is irrelevant. And just b/c there are 30k people there doesn't mean you "will be meeting up with" all of them. That line of thinking is obvious horse ****. 

      What is the amount of people its OK to come in contact with? 100? 500? 1000? What about all the people that ride the subway or trains to work? What do you say about all the basketball stadiums around the nation right now that currently are packed to the brim? Scumbags that don't know as good as you? 

  5. 1 minute ago, russelscout said:

    Its really not though. This is what I said:

    I don't imply that the person has to be at the event.

    Fact is that your answer to this is clearly yes, it would be worth it because people can die in other ways. I don't think it would be worth it. 


    Yes. And then I said "If one person died wrestling would it be worth it?" And you said yes. 


    Now, Im guessing you don't have a job. But let's say you do, would it be worth it to go to work tomm if one person eventually died from it? If so does that mean you aren't going in to work? How would you feel about a family member of yours that is currently going to work and possibly contracting the virus and then passing it on to others?

  6. 1 minute ago, russelscout said:

    Why is that one stupid? I didnt say anything about someone attending the event dying. If i put 100s of people at risk and 1 died who didnt even attend the event that would be horrible or you dont think thats a problem?

    Do you not realize thats a different question than you originally posed? 

  7. 3 minutes ago, russelscout said:

    I have family who have a health history that creates depleted immune systems. If I brought coronavirus back to them I would be putting their life in danger and it would be zero fault of their own.

    If someone wrestles a match and dies, its horrible, but it cant cause a chain reaction putting tens, 100s, 1000s of people at risk. Get a clue man.

    So in other words, your original analogy was stupid and judging whether an event should take place on  "if even one person could die" was a foolish take? I agree, as are most of your takes on this forum. 


    Take a deep breath and back away from the computer for a while. Spending all day every day on this forum clearly doesn't do much for mental health. 

  8. 4 hours ago, russelscout said:

    I'd much rather have an over reaction than an under reaction wouldn't you?

    I would of course prefer an appropriate response. My point is that you have already justified the decision either way, whether or not it was actually necessary. 


    To date 32 people have died from Corona. 42,000 people die from car crashes every year. Would you support an over reaction like removing all cars from the roads immediately to prevent 42,000 deaths? 

  9. 6 minutes ago, russelscout said:

    Every one is going to be mad about this after the fallout of coronavirus isn't too horrible, yet it will be likely that its not horrible because the country did things like this. 

    And if it is an over reaction and these measures weren't actually needed, most will still be claiming that it only didn't get big because measures like this were taken. 

  10. 21 minutes ago, ConnorsDad said:

    Mr. Smalls, Let me start by saying I completely screwed up my post on this topic and have been flip flopping like Joe Biden, lol. Let me explain and hopefully get back in your good graces.

    At first I thought he should be banned w/o reading any of the posts. Then I saw one of Tobus posts and changed my mind a little w/o reading further. You would have thought I learned my lesson but evidently not. Then when I saw who the bet would have benefited I change my mind somewhat again. Hopefully I explained that well.

    Here is my opinion on the subject. While I think what he did is despicable, low class, and would probably not have anything to do with him if I knew him, I don't necessarily believe that banning him is the right option at this time. Lots of people make mistakes and deserve either a chance to fix them or a second chance. There are things we can do on this message board to punish him and maybe we should let the moderator know like Jason said. But, please understand that in no way am I condoning what he did, would I ever put up with one minute of that from my kid even though he's now in college and I do not wish to be associated w/ him or anybody who thinks what he did is okay. I just think there maybe  other ways to handle it at the present time. But I could be wrong and that might be the best option. If he was banned I would not lose one minute of sleep over it  and would probably save time not having to read through idiotic posts of his.

    I hope this helps. Any issues or problems anyone has with my posts here are all brought on by me. Your post did make me sit up because I have made my share of mistakes but I KNOW I raised my kid correctly & to be honorable. Again, sorey for the confusion.

    And by the way, I think Marcus C. is an outstanding poster as well


    haha. Ok, I retract my statement. Conor has an honorable father that he should be proud of!


    But watch it with those JimmyCin Defenses... Your childs life and reputation may or may not depend on it!

  11. 52 minutes ago, Marcus Cisero said:

    jsmalls - they powers to be removed most of features so I'm on my way out with nothing to lose! I speak my mind and I refuse to tow the line.

    Well, I hope they don't ban you. You are the man and a very good poster. But JC sucks. Hes a welcher that hates children and charities that benefit them. Reconsider that stance and I will be your #1 supporter. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Marcus Cisero said:

    Make no mistake about it – all the animosity towards this one guy is coming from individuals who, in some cases – deep down inside are extremely lonely and miserable. Think about it. If you read what many are writing and how often they write about this guy over and over again one begins to get a clearer picture of what’s inside some of these characters. I get it. This is your forum and you’ve had it for 10-20 years and you’re extremely protective of it. You get a little over protective when a few posters come up with things you didn’t think of. This guy tends to do that and you do not like it. You also don’t like that he does not allow himself to get goaded into responding to your constant criticisms. He shrugs it off and that really ticks you off - lol! Hey I’m new at this forum stuff and I’m still trying to figure out how to maneuver among the many personalities and wrestling know-it-alls who possess a really strong desire to protect their turf. Seriously, you got a few people that live in this forum day in and day out who feel the need to write stuff during all hours of the day and even late hours of the night. Take a look at what time some of these posts take place and you have to start questioning, why aren’t these people in bed sleeping. Why aren’t they spending more time with their wives (if they have one), why aren’t they spending more time with their children, with their grandchildren? Why aren’t they volunteering, helping others, etc. Instead in this particular instance you have older men going after another older man for weeks for some mythical betting scenario that never should have materialized in the first place. No wonder why this forum gets the feedback it does elsewhere. From what I can see it’s well deserved, and you know what – it’s really not fair to the “good ones” here who share their wrestling knowledge and experience, of which there are many.

    IMO youre the best poster on this forum. Also, im from LI too! 


    But you are wrong about this. Standing up for JC and his welching is akin to going to bat for child molestation. Please reconsider your stance. 

  13. 2 hours ago, goheels1812 said:

    I feel like people don’t actually understand the situation. The betting crap is the tip of the iceberg. Jimmy has posted topics that flirt with being pure racism, made up “facts” about kids health and reported them as truth, etc, etc. Yeah the bet thing is annoying, but jimmy should’ve been gone long ago for other things.

    Bet welching is a capital offense and far worse than any of those other misdemeanors. Off with his head!

  14. 20 hours ago, russelscout said:

    This appears to be prevalent in the 80's and 90's, and I cant help to stop and wonder why? Why was this stuff ever able to happen at Ohio St. or Michigan or even more recently Michigan St?

    Who knows if it has happened at all those places? Unsubstantiated claims doesn't make it true. 

  15. I think he would have won the NCAA's in 2007. Not guaranteed but at least a 50% shot. 

    JOn Jones won NJCAAs in 2006


    Chris Weidman never took higher than 3rd at NJCAA's. Then he went D1 and was a 2xAA finishing as high as 3rd in 2007. Max askren was the 1 seed in 2007 (Jones beat Max), Kurt Backes took 2nd (Jon wrestled Backes in a close match) and Josh Glenn was national champion. Anyone saying he wouldn't have a shot is delusional. Just like many wrestlers and weights this year, and every year, it would have had alot to do with where he went, how he developed, how his bracket shook out, etc. 

  16. 29 minutes ago, Nicky_Pipes said:

    Nope. Only 1 team has ever placed all 10 wrestlers and that was the 2001 Minnesota Gophers. They Placed:

    125: 3rd

    133: 8th 



    157: 4th 

    165: 4th 

    174: 4th 

    184: 5th 

    197: 3rd

    HWT: 3rd 


    Thanks. Wow would have expected one of those dominant Iowa teams from the 90s or even a recent PSU team to have 10 AA's. 


    That Minnesota squad was incredible. But Iowa definitely has a shot to beat that this year. 

  17. 1 hour ago, ConnorsDad said:

    I'm a huge Taylor fan but and we will never know who was going to win it this year. The one thing, unfortunately for us DT fans, that we know about the year in question is that J'den Cox was better than David Taylor. How do we know that? He beat him.

    Oh really? Thats funny b/c I'm J'den Cox's #1 fan. But even I have to admit that he faked an injury and was handed some points by the ref that clearly shouldn't have been awarded. 

    Your position or "No ref has ever made a poor call that cost the better wrestler the match" is one I disagree with. 

  18. 2 hours ago, LJB said:


    he continued in that match... DT blew by bum rushing him like an 8 year old instead of actually wrestling him and getting the one takedown he needed to make the team... he then threw a temper tantrum on the mat and his a chair got tossed by his always classy coach...



    4 minutes ago, LJB said:

    olympic bronze is being dominated?

    that's all you need to see folks...

    Boris Makojev completely dominated and exposed J'den... In the same sense that David Taylor "wrestled like an 8 yr old"...


    No matter how much you cry, J'den was so sure that he had no chance to beat Taylor again he was willing to go up to 97kg and sacrifice himself to Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder. 

  19. 3 minutes ago, cjc007 said:

    Have you followed the results since then? How about last year's final x? No show Bo couldn't score a takedown against Cox in two matches

    How did Taylor do at 2019 Worlds? How about Snyder? Nick Lee? Mark Hall?

    Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk

    I have. I watched as J'den abandoned 86 kg(Olympic weight with tons of top competitors) For a non olympic weight with very little competition. I believe the reason he won't return to 86kg is b/c he knows he didn't earn the victory the first time and probably couldn't again. If he's going to be an underdog, he may as well not cut weight. But winning the worlds at the extremely weak 92kg has very little bearing over what he will do vs the big boys at 97kg.


    As far as how Nick Lee did at 2019 worlds, I have no idea but you can surely let me know. 

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