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  1. After next year DT and KS will both have Olympic Gold medals J'den will be off to American Idol and his fan girls will be crying on here like J'den was fake crying on the mat after his robbery victory in 2017.
  2. My boy got beat by Sadulaev. But at least my boy didn't fake injuries or need the refs to earn his spot .Plus my boy is an Olympic Champ and your boy will never be an Olympic champ, nor will he make the olympic team. With that being said, J'den knew he had no chance vs DT or Snyder so he went the route he could cut less weight and not have everyone see that the first time was a fluke handed to him by the refs. So tell your boy to start warming up those vocal chords hes so proud of...
  3. He faked the injury for a breather, was handed a takedown and additional step out point he didn't earn. Then he flopped onto the mat one second after the match in the biggest drama queen move in US wrestling history. DT was the better wrestler then and hes the better wrestler now. Cox knows this and thats why hes going up to lose to Snyder and pretend that he did it to "challenge himself". Sorry these facts upset the 5-6 J'den fangirl accounts on this sub that obsessively white knight him on here. But zero chance he beats Snyder. ZERO. Cry about it.
  4. If J'den fakes another injury but this time decides not to finish the match, i agree.
  5. J'den just knows theres no way he was beating Taylor with the extra weight cut. He was lucky enough the refs handed it to him the first time with his fake injury BS. If hes not going to make the team he may as well not cut weight. Snyder will beat Cox 2 matches to 0 guaranteed.
  6. Pre Rivera growth spirt/metamorphis into Lee's cryptonite. But could always point to the dangerous Ronnie Bresser who is 1-0 vs Spencer. Eva here of him??
  7. Kolodzik will most likely end up being seeded 7-8. Gotta feel for the 1 or 2 seed that gets screwed and has to fave him in the quarters.
  8. And that guys gotta hope he gets lucky like he did at NCAA's and avoids running into his cryptonite, Sebastian Rivera. (You may have heard of him)
  9. 1) Sasso 2) Lugo 3) Oconnor is 100% set. The only argument is 4-6 but probably 4) Brock 5) Boo 6) Brayton. With that being said, Oconnor is my pick to win it all. However I do think the top 2 seeds will have a big advantage only having to beat two of those top 6 guys vs the 3-6 seeds who will likely have to win 3 matches vs those other guys in the top 6.
  10. After thinking about it more, I don't think my initial post was correct. Its not 100% evidence of bad coaching. It really depends on the kids and what they want. If they aren't that serious about wrestling and really wanted to get on the mat vs Cal Poly, fine I can see that angle. If they wanted to keep their red shirt but the coach just really wanted to beat Cal Poly, then yeah, bad move. I don't agree with your angle "they can get opportunities to start in dues even if they are backups" since injuries and sickness happen at all universities on occasion
  11. Wow. Thats just bad coaching and horrible advertisement to future recruits.
  12. Here is the difference... If an expensive free agent that would help the team win games wanted to go to the sixers, they wouldn't want him. That would affect their future draft stock. But if there was a top recruit freshman that decided they wanted to transfer to Cornell right now and wrestle immediately they would gladly accept that wrestler, start him, and be thrilled about it. In other words, the man that orchestrated the Cornell wrestling team wants the team to win as many matches as possible. The man that orchestrated the 76ers wanted the team to fail because moderate levels of success would hurt their future chance at a championship. Hope this helped.
  13. You don't seem to be able to grasp a pretty simple point. An NBA team puts its worst team out there and hopes it will lose in order to be rewarded with the first draft pick. Cornell redshirted guys, but wan't to start the best possible team they could considering that. They won't benefit in any way from losing like an NBA team would. And they would be ecstatic if they can out perform their expectations. Again, the opposite of an NBA team tanking for a top pick. This is obvious. Get a grip and stop getting so emotional.
  14. You cant completely misuse a word to try and start an interesting thread. OP was wrong as is anyone trying to defend the absurd stance.
  15. Are you a pedophile that only likes young boys like Aaron and consider them "aged out" when they reach 21? Or are you just retarded?
  16. You just don't understand what tanking actually is. If you tank, you don't want to win. An NFL team that wants the best QB in the draft is better off losing to gain an advantage in the draft. Cornell isn't tanking b/c losing will benefit them in no way. The more they win this year the happier they will be. Which is the opposite of an NFL team or NBA team.
  17. What a surprise.. Hope Gable wins the next 3
  18. Wow. The fix is in. Surprised ISU fans aren't rioting right now.
  19. Yeah, for sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he most likely would lose to Snyder and not get a berth. And his best chance to make the team is going down to face Taylor. Definitely nothing to do with that. /s
  20. First you whitewash history with chauvinist revisionist history and now you are trying to tell a minority what to do? Take a step back from the computer and get a hold of your privilege.
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