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  1. I keep seeing people say this. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think J'den beating guys in a lighter, easier weight class means he's going to be able to bump up and do the same thing to Snyder/Sadulaev, who both basically only lose to each other.
  2. Shouldn't be a biggie to anyone. If you are going to compete for us at that weight you should be able to make it when requested.
  3. I guess the big deal is simply there is no reason for him to make weight. And yeah I mean if it was a fluke win or it was very close I'd understand but Downey got him 3x in a row, that's enough for me. Everyone else that will be a world team member will have made weight for final X. Just b/c Downey was gifted a bye doesn't mean he shouldn't have to make weight. I am fine with it. And Downey could beat him 10x in a row. If he loses to multiple guys Hefflin beat that would point more towards Downey being a bad stylistic matchup for Hefflin more than him being the better overall wrestler.
  4. You would have to be completely insane to not think Zain has a chance.
  5. Don't see the big deal of having him make the weight he is going to be competing at... But I don't even necessarily think Hefflin is "obviously lesser" than Downey. Downey is clearly a bad matchup for Hefflin personally. But against common opponents Hefflin has outperformed Downey. Matchups/styles are very important.
  6. PD3 currently having another mental breakdown on Twitter. That crackhead is actually calling out DC in MMA. Guess hes really trying to get his name out there before DT techs him 10-0 in the first period, again. And everyone loses interest in him, again. And he will blame it on his coaches or someone else, like he always does.
  7. The guy is just a genuinely bad guy. I tried giving him a chance 3x now and used to defend him all the time. I won't anymore. Some people are just scumbags, despite their skill. At least we don't have to worry about him every being David Taylor level.
  8. That was an amazing match. Yianni is the man. He deserved that win. Punia is a monster too.
  9. If I'm Hidlay I'm doing anything I have to do in the off season to keep my weight down in order to make 157 next year. He is probably the favorite there next year. He'd have trouble AA'ing at 165. IMO theres no way he goes up.
  10. I would say more surprising but not more impressive... But still insanely impressive. Its just nearly impossible to shine over beating Molinaro, Oliver and Zain 3 in a row.
  11. Unbelievable win. Now time to shock the world and beat David Taylor. haha
  12. Very impressive win. It would be a great story if he somehow upsets Heflin.
  13. ^^ The life of a 70 year old former HS ref. Can't get over all the jeers he heard after his horrible calls. Now relegated to a life of non stop posting on TheMat and embarrassing himself and his family.... SAD! Oh well, glad the old age home still bought computers for you so you can feel "connected". Good to see most of the wrestling community isn't on your side and you are in the minority. (The side of deluded, old, power hungry refs who want to be the center of attention so they abuse their power)
  14. Not unless there is blatant corruption like in this case. A close call in a match is one thing. DQ'ing a guy out of states b/c of ego surely requires an appeal.
  15. Solid addition to your 1300+ posts exposing yourself as a fool with no life. I'm sorry that you so closely relate to a deluded, old, corrupt ref. By all means, keep responding to every post on this thread with incredibly weak BS. At your age its about all you have left.
  16. Id hate to be a wrestler that a corrupt ref tried to rob without a system of checks and balances. Glad the kid got his rightful state title. Thankful the old fool retired because he should not have been reffing. Credit to the judge.
  17. 125-Vito 133-Suriano and Austin Gomez. Also RBY. Hes a freak athlete that could develop skills quickly. 141-Eierman 149-Ashnault. Maybe Oconnor 157-Hidlay 165-Mehki Lewis 174-Valencia.-I think valencia would be great. Hes fast, great cardio and long. He would have great reach in the standup and good chokes in BJJ. And he could shoot from a mile out and close the distance very easy. 184=Martin 197-Not sure 285-Cassar
  18. ALso Hemida 6th at HW. Deprez and Lane both lost in the blood rounds.
  19. Not only that. Many times they bang the bottom guy for stalling when the top guy is just riding parallel, pressing forward and not actually working for anything.
  20. ...Extremely lucky Mother F*cker
  21. No longer an option. Which is why I set up 2 laptops, an ipad, my TV and my phone. Can watch at least 4-5 mats at once without switching around. Ill never watch another NCAA tourney any other way.
  22. Im sure he is both there and also considering what he could have done if he was there. I mean, how do you not? You'd have to be a sociopath to not even consider how you would have faired.
  23. At these odds I like Fix +140 Finesilver + 900 Maybe Zahid @ +115 Derek White @ almost 2-1 looks good too. He should walk to the finals. If Cassar beats Gable its basically +190 to beat a guy that he already beat.
  24. If I was betting $$ on them wrestling rn... Id take Nolf just b/c he is a weight class bigger. Who will accomplish more at their respective weights? Still very close but might lean Zain
  25. That is the most egregious bracket imo. They handed Joseph an easy walk to the finals, again.
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