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  1. This. Picc beat Fleetwood 2-0 btw if anyone is wondering.
  2. Cassar just has to avoid giving up 6 to Gable to hold on for NJ.
  3. After today its more like "superiority" complex...
  4. No. Seedings are based on what was actually accomplished during the season. They are not predictors for future events.
  5. White was beating Wick 1-0 going into the third and chose down. One of the dumbest moves I have seen in a while. Didn't look like Wick had a chance at taking him down from neutral.
  6. Suriano majored Phillipi and Korbin Meyers beat him too. Maybe 1)Fix 2) Suriano 3) Phillipi 4) Micic 5)Desanto 6)Pletcher
  7. You think hes not wrestling at NCAA's?
  8. I don't think Desanto nor Suriano did anything wrong in the last match. It was just a hard wrestled match and the crowd reaction, which stemmed from their last match, made it seem like it was more than it was. With that being said, Suriano looked much better. Micic vs Fix/Suriano in the finals will be great.
  9. Suriano looked great. Don't see how Desanto can beat him out of Carver Hawkeye.
  10. Are the finals tn? I know they are on ESPN but does anyone know when (eastern)?
  11. Gable came off as a fool. But man can he wrestle. Hopefully the kid can mature before he inevitably competes to win an Olympics.
  12. Does anyone know what time the finals are?
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