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  1. 4 minutes ago, lost said:

    Who has phillipi lost to this year?  He just beat Tariq in the finals, beat fix, beat pletcher, beat lizak.  I don't have it all laid out in front of me, but in my mind he's probably the #1 seed with fix the #2

    Suriano majored Phillipi and Korbin Meyers beat him too.


    Maybe 1)Fix 2) Suriano 3) Phillipi 4) Micic 5)Desanto 6)Pletcher

  2. I don't think Desanto nor Suriano did anything wrong in the last match. It was just a hard wrestled match and the crowd reaction, which stemmed from their last match, made it seem like it was more than it was. 


    With that being said, Suriano looked much better. Micic vs Fix/Suriano in the finals will be great. 

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