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  1. vitocampania

    Dom Demas

    That would be great to have Logan Steiber. One would think Molinaro has helped out Demas quite a bit and the RTC will get better.
  2. vitocampania

    Dom Demas

    No doubt Demas placing 4th is only going to help OU and coaching staff in the recruiting battle. They have some tough kids coming in with Dover, Stiles, Roberts, and Heindselman. Justin Thomas(Rsoph) made it to blood round. Woodley(Rfr) beat Hokit twice this year. Hokit got it done this weekend. He had a great tourney and that's good for the Fresno program.
  3. vitocampania

    Most Exciting Match of the Tournament?

    Desanto/RBY and Demas/Lee were exciting matches and we get to see them the next couple of years.
  4. vitocampania

    Oklahoma looking much better

    It takes time/patience to change the culture of any organization. Big weekend coming up with the Dakota's! OU only going to get better under Rosselli and staff.