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  1. Yeah, I just don't believe that Michigan is their destination. That's my connection that hadn't heard anything about it. I actually think Michigan State could be in play.
  2. I don't think that's a real thing. My buddy with connections to their program hadn't heard that one. I think Michigan is trying for Griffith and hopes/expects to have Myles back.
  3. I've heard that Massa isn't expected back, so Griffith would slide in quite well at 174. Back half of Amine-Griffith-Amine-Brucki-Parris looks pretty good.
  4. I'm curious to see what they do if Stanford manages to save the program at the last minute. The guys rushing to graduate early who've spent the last several months talking to other teams and making all the plans to move on, like Griffth and Woods. Do they stay at Stanford or do they transfer regardless?
  5. Michigan is trending up for sure, but they’re clearly still a step behind Iowa and Penn State. They had a disappointing tournament and still took 5th, and as others have mentioned, that was without Micic. I think Bormet is an outstanding coach and is going to keep them at that level and closing the gap. Getting Woods and Griffith might help get them over that last hump, and it sounds like there’s a real chance for one or both of those guys. Interesting coincidence that Michigan is trending way up while Ohio State is trending way down.
  6. Amine hinted that he’ll probably be back. I don’t think Massa will. Micic is a toss-up, I suspect him not being able to wrestle this year makes it more likely he comes back next year, especially if Amine does. Griffith could pencil in at 174, and Woods could be 141 or 149, though I saw that Storr put it out that he’s coming back. Those are my guesses. Obviously a lot needs to shake out.
  7. I think they're going to have an opening at 174, and Griffth's frame makes that seem like a real option. I've seen some Jersey folks post that they think Michigan the favorite right now, not that they all have insider knowledge, I just hope they all do. Also seen a lot of folks speculating that Michigan is the favorite for Woods too. One can dream.
  8. I think Michigan is a likely destination for both Griffith and Woods.
  9. I'm assuming Track lost out on a lot of ad venue with so few events last year, and they lost the UWW deal to Flo just a few months ago. They must be hurting. Curious to see what this looks like going forward. Will everything be under Flo's website, or will one of those "Trackwrestling, powered by Flo" type of things?
  10. Really tough one. But Micic stopped wrestling after he got that early takedown. He didn’t look very good in this tournament. Almost lost his first match yesterday. Maybe that’s just the rust. I think he would have enjoyed wrestling in that RTC Cup event more. Hindsight.
  11. From what I've heard, I don't think Michigan has written him off yet. He's no longer ineligible, which is what caused his issues last year. He's not currently in school, but there's hope that he'll get reenrolled after this year and all this covid stuff is over. But I've also heard that it's completely in his hands.
  12. I actually mostly disagree that wrestling is in a dire place. I don't mean to encourage complacency or paint a super rosy picture. I don't think any Olympic sports feel particularly comfortable right now, but I think the last several months have proven that wrestling has much stronger standing than we give ourselves credit for. Every time a D1 wrestling program has been cut (and there's only been three, which is three too many), there's a fresh wave a panic through the wrestling community (including me). It's understandable; we've been traumatized over the last few decades. But look at the number of tennis, swimming and track programs that have been cut -- and several at places where wrestling has been spared. I think this pandemic is forcing athletic departments to really investigate which sports bring real value potential and which don't (through ticket sales, through television opportunities and visibility, conference-wide and NCAA popularity, lower operating costs, tuition revenue, etc.), and by and large, it sure seems like it's been revealed that wrestling is a better bet than some of these other sports. And, though I feel guilty saying it, I think the more tennis, swimming and track programs that have been cut, the more clear the roadmap is for other schools thinking about making their own sport-elimination decisions.
  13. I've seen this as a projected lineup and think it's probably their best bet. I think there's some questions still about where Micic and Myles Amine go, but I'd kind of be surprised if this wasn't it. 125 - Medley / McHenry 133 - Micic 141 - Silva 149 - Storr 157 - Lewan 165 - C. Amine 174 - Massa 184 - M. Amine 197 - Embree / Davison Hwt - Parris
  14. I have heard that Silva is still working through some academic restrictions that have limited him to home competitions this semester. Don’t know what that means for the postseason.
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