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  1. The athletes are basically all there now, it's going to start today, I just don't think there's any way it gets cancelled at this point. It's going to be grit and get through it. Was this the same Tokyo organizing committee official that sparked all the cancellation rumors a few months ago, only to get slapped down by the IOC?
  2. You know the Olympics actually starts in less than two hours, right? There's three softball games being played tonight, then soccer starts a few hours later.
  3. This started calm and civil and escalated quickly into nonsense.
  4. He’s trying to be funny and failing. He tweets and posts insults about Flo and Pyles on a daily basis. As do all his Facebook group cronies. It’s a tired act.
  5. If credits don't transfer, it doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't admitted, it means he's losing so many credits, it's not worth it. The same thing happened to Andrew Howe when he tried to transfer from Wisconsin to Michigan. He was going to lose like 30 credits, which is a whole year of school. Transferring with one year of school left is costly. Wick would have been better off hustling to graduate, then seeking out a new school as a grad transfer. But in the end, it sounds like he's pretty happy with his decision to Cal Poly. Good luck to him.
  6. So is Cenzo going to Stanford or not?
  7. They provided a statement that they'd make a decision over the next "few weeks." It feels like they're trying to run out the clock. Isn't today the last day of the wrestling coaches' contracts? It's like "shoot, there's no coaches or wrestlers left here anymore. we might as well eliminate the program."
  8. I think Roger Chandler at Michigan State is showing that a new head coach, even one who's been an assistant there for years, can breathe some new life into a program. And I don't think Illinois has nearly the rebuild job that MSU had. I'm interested to see what Poeta can do.
  9. Yeah, I just don't believe that Michigan is their destination. That's my connection that hadn't heard anything about it. I actually think Michigan State could be in play.
  10. I don't think that's a real thing. My buddy with connections to their program hadn't heard that one. I think Michigan is trying for Griffith and hopes/expects to have Myles back.
  11. I've heard that Massa isn't expected back, so Griffith would slide in quite well at 174. Back half of Amine-Griffith-Amine-Brucki-Parris looks pretty good.
  12. I'm curious to see what they do if Stanford manages to save the program at the last minute. The guys rushing to graduate early who've spent the last several months talking to other teams and making all the plans to move on, like Griffth and Woods. Do they stay at Stanford or do they transfer regardless?
  13. Michigan is trending up for sure, but they’re clearly still a step behind Iowa and Penn State. They had a disappointing tournament and still took 5th, and as others have mentioned, that was without Micic. I think Bormet is an outstanding coach and is going to keep them at that level and closing the gap. Getting Woods and Griffith might help get them over that last hump, and it sounds like there’s a real chance for one or both of those guys. Interesting coincidence that Michigan is trending way up while Ohio State is trending way down.
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