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  1. I've seen this as a projected lineup and think it's probably their best bet. I think there's some questions still about where Micic and Myles Amine go, but I'd kind of be surprised if this wasn't it. 125 - Medley / McHenry 133 - Micic 141 - Silva 149 - Storr 157 - Lewan 165 - C. Amine 174 - Massa 184 - M. Amine 197 - Embree / Davison Hwt - Parris
  2. I have heard that Silva is still working through some academic restrictions that have limited him to home competitions this semester. Don’t know what that means for the postseason.
  3. Potentially....... 125: McHenry/Medley 133: Micic 141: Mattin/Silva 149: Storr 157: Lewan 165: C. Amine 174: Massa 184: M. Amine 197: Embree/Garcia Hwt: Parris Sorry, saw you posted the same too late.
  4. I think the plan is Cameron Amine at 165, Massa at 174, Myles Amine at 184 and Embree at 197.
  5. Bormet touches on this very topic here. You get the sense he's not totally comfortable with it but wants to (and does) support his guys.
  6. I believe Stieber's academy runs out of the new Ohio State room. So, among very few schools that this wouldn't significantly and adversely affect is Penn State? Seems like that defeats the point.
  7. No, he's not. Don't know why he's in the directory already, but he's not taking classes at Michigan.
  8. McHenry is not actually enrolled at Michigan, he's just training with their club this semester.
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