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  1. Virginia Tech Updates 125-Latona/Prata: I give the slight edge to Latona right now. I have heard rumors that Korbin Myers is going to try and drop down to 125 133-Myers/Gerardi: Myers has the experience and is a 3x NCAA qualifier with a win over Phillippi. Gerardi is thought of very highly by the coaching staff and had a very solid redshirt year. Does Myers drop to 125 to allow Latona a redshirt year? 141-Mitch Moore: Solid freshmen year. NCAA qualifier. 149-Brent Moore: Heard he has had some setbacks injury wise. Hope he is ok and good to go this year. This allows Bryce Andonian to redshirt. 157-BC Laprade: NCAA qualifier last year. Allows Dan Mancini to redshirt. 165-David McFadden: DMF drops back to his more natural 165 this year with Mekhi taking the Olympic redshirt. 3x All American trying to become the first 4x in Tech history. Allows Connor Brady to redshirt. 174-Cody Hughes: Will slide in at 174 with DMF going down. 184-Hunter Bolen: Coming off a tremendous redshirt campaign. Look for him to make a lot of noise this year. 197-Howard/Smeltzer: Like 125 and 133 I think this spot is up for grabs. Coaches rave about Howard and his style on his feet, but Smeltzer is very physical and crazy strong. 285-John Borst: I think last year was big to allow him to get acclimated to 285. Frayer said he looks good this summer. Big changes obviously at 165/174. Losing Mekhi hurts but will help him and the team in the future. DMF is a legit top 4 candidate still at 165. Very interested to see what they do at 125/133.
  2. Word is that McFadden will drop back down to 165.
  3. Great hire to get Brewer, a national champion and 4X AA, who has a proven track record as a good coach. With the young talent that VT has in the room (and incoming) in the lowerweights, this could be a HUGE deal. Sam Latona, Eddie Ventresca, Colin Gerardi, Korbin Myers, and Mitch Moore are all probably ecstatic right now. Doubt Rivera tries to follow him, but he did credit Coach Brewer with a lot of his development the last two years.
  4. That would be a very strong group at 174. 4 National Titles between Valencia, Hall and Lewis. Could potentially happen but I wouldn't bet on it. Think its more likely that Lewis stays at 165, and Valencia goes up to 184.
  5. I think that looks pretty spot on. 125-Latona (Gut feeling says he wins the job based on his experience in the room already): National Qualifier 133-Myers (I like Myers here as the RS Senior but it would not shock me to see Gerardi beat him out): R12 141-M. Moore: R12 149- B. Moore (Bryce Andonian redshirts): National Qualifier 157- BC Laprade (Dan Mancini redshirts): R12 165- Mekhi Lewis (Connor Brady redshirts): National Title contender 174-McFadden:Top 4 184-Bolen:AA 197-Howard (just beats out Smeltzer): National Qualifier 285-Borst: National Qualifier I think 3 AA's definite if healthy with a chance for 4-6 based on improvement and draws for Moore, Myers/Gerardi, and Laprade. Im most excited to see Cody Howard and Sam Latona and see how they do. Also for the three redshirts...all have promising futures.
  6. Per the VT wrestling Instagram story the other day with McFadden answering fan questions I don't think they switch. He talked about how going up to 174 was harder than he expected but he got used to it more as the year went along and how he was focused on getting stronger to make 174 easier next year. They could switch of course if Lewis grows out of 165 but from the way both have talked so far this spring it seems like they are staying put.
  7. Devin Carter did fill-in as a second Volunteer Assistant. His college coaching career appears to be over as he did successfully defend his dissertation and received his PhD. (Talk about an elite student athlete. 3X All American, and got his bachelors degree, 2 masters degrees and a PhD) Ty Walz has said he wants to remain as a volunteer coach for now to continue pursuing his own international career so they do have an opening on staff for a full time assitant to join Robie, Frayer, and Walz. Have heard that both Nic Brascetta (UT-Chattanooga) and Jarrod Garnett (NDSU) have interviewed and both are alums. Have heard rumors but nothing official that they have interviewed a few others as well.
  8. AGREED! Coach Robie and Frayer talked about Mekhi Lewis and his hand size and strength as being key components for him.
  9. Didn't Decatur wrestle all year at 113? No way he is big enough for 125 next year.
  10. Martin wrestled at Iowa but never coached there. He went right from Iowa to coaching in HS in VA and now at ODU.
  11. DeMatha has great sports, but is NOT even on the same planet academically as most of the private schools in the DMV area. A lot of public schools are better academically.
  12. Lots of smoking saying here is going to Penn State...where there is smoke there is fire.
  13. figured as much. My top 3 for Virginia: Carl Perry-2x All American, National Champion Bubba Jenkins-2x All American (2x Finalist), National Champion Devin Carter-3x All American (Finalist on 1 leg) HM: Byron Tucker (1x All American, National Champion), Joey Dance (2x All American), Zach Epperly (2x All American), and Daniel Frishkorn (1x All American) What is interesting is how of the National Champions, only Jenkins was considered a huge recruit due to his freestyle ability. Perry was a very good high school wrestler, but certainly didn't have the resume of others-same with Tucker. Carter, Dance, and Epperly were all considered big time recruits. Carter just had the misfortune of being at the same weight in college as one of the all time greats in Logan Steiber. Frishkorn won everything in HS and was on his way to a great career at Oklahoma State before the medical issue. Unfortunately a lot of the highly touted VA products specifically from Great Bridge HS haven't panned out as much as people thought thought. Perry obviously did, and Frishkorn was on his way, but others like Martin, Bond, and Jordan Frishkorn either never amounted to much in college or never really got on the mat. Chris Brown and Christian Staylor were both 1x All Americans. And I mean no disrespect to the Great Bridge program. Steve Martin did a tremendous job there, and those guys were one of the best HS programs in the country for a number of years. But most didn't do well at the next level-not totally sure why.
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