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  1. Bronco-any guess as to where he ends up next season if the Save Stanford Wrestling campaign is unsuccessful?
  2. Agreed! I understand some stuff staying in house. But fans, especially now in the age of information in a second at your fingertips, want to know things about wrestlers in the program. Look at football, basketball, baseball, etc. Constant information injuries, redshirts, eligibility, etc. Most wrestling programs=stonewall.
  3. Hadn't checked on him-that is good to hear.
  4. Just wanted to check with some teams fans and see when we should expect to see some guys who are still ranked-actually compete this year. Michigan-Micic and Amine Penn State-Howard, Kerk (neither ranked, just curious) Oklahoma State-Fix Rutgers-has the ship officially sailed on Suriano? Stanford-Woods and Griffith Northwestern-Deakin Any other big ones I'm having a brain spasm on and missing?
  5. Not sure why people on this board are so sure that Brooks would major Bolen but not Hilday? They both have similar styles compared to Brooks. Bolen is clearly the superior wrestler to Hilday right now-they have wrestled 3 times, and while the last two were very close at 2-1, Hilday has only come close to a takedown 1 time in 3 matches. The first match that was 3-1 was not as close as the score indicated-Hilday never came close to scoring from his feet in that match. Until Amine actually wrestles this year I think the favorites are Brooks, Bolen, Hilday, DePrez in that order. I do think Brooks is the favorite based on his quickness and talent, but it could go to any of those 4 (again this is until Amine actually wrestles).
  6. Marinelli/Joseph Hall/Kemerer Lee/Pletcher RBY/Rivera Lujan/Bolen/Brooks (round robin) If we could make that happen, I'd be good.
  7. Well that is a huge bummer. Not surprising at all, but still a bummer.
  8. Agreed. Has the potential to be an awesome match!
  9. Potentially add Hunter Catka to that group as well if he doesn't redshirt at VT next year.
  10. Last I heard, AJ was recovering from shoulder surgery and wasn't going to wrestle this season and instead was preparing for Oklahoma State. The younger brother was on the roster at Allen and competing. But Willie Saylor tweeted a few weeks ago that he was done at Allen for disciplinary reasons. Not sure what or why. Haven't seen anything since. I would think college coaches would have to very concerned about the younger one. He's only a sophomore and has been through 3 programs already.
  11. I know the 126 (Travis, senior) was injured earlier this year. He missed Ironman and Beast of the East but he came back for the Wyoming Seminary Dual.
  12. I heard Mata has gotten hurt, he's been out of Blair's lineup most of the season. No one heard anything about why the Mastro's were both not at Preps?
  13. 125- Lee over Mueller All Americans: Lee, Mueller, Piccininni, Glory, Colaiocco, Hildenbrant, Paetzell, and Schroeder 133- Rivera over Gross All Americans: Rivera, Gross, RBY, Alvarez, Desanto, Lovett, Tucker, and Phillippi 141- Lee over Woods All Americans: Lee, Woods, Pletcher, Red, Demas, Murin, Moran, and McKee 149- Lugo over Sasso All Americans: Lugo, Sasso, Lewallen, Lee, Kolodzik, O'Connor, Thomsen, and Andonian 157- Deakin over Hilday Deakin, Hilday, Carr, Dellavecchia, Young, Humphreys, Monday, and Early 165- Joseph over Marinelli (I think Marinelli wins the Big 10's though) Joseph, Marinelli, Griffith, White, Shields, Wick, McFadden, and Wittlake 174- Kemerer over Hall (I think Hall wins the Big 10's) Kemerer, Hall, Kutler, Steiert, Labriola, Lydy, Harvey, and Romero 184- Valencia over Bolen Valencia, Bolen, Brooks, Hilday, Caffey, DePrez, Venz, and Lujan 197- Moore over Darmstadt Moore, Darmstadt, Adams, Warner, Schultz, Brunner, Brucki, and Traxler 285-Steveson over Parris Steveson, Parris, Hall, Cassioppi, Hilger, Wood, Thomas, and Stencel
  14. I agree that PSU will be improved next year. By how much is the question? 125- I love Howard. He is fearless, and fun to watch. But I seriously doubt he wrestles next year. His shoulder is really banged up, he's tried to gut through it recently but it has caused him to drop some matches. I think you'll see Meredith again next year while Howard redshirts and gets healthy. If he can hold 125 after a RS year, watch out. Like I said, he is awesome to watch. 133-RBY will again be a title threat. 133 is loaded again next year even with Gross graduating. 141/149-Bartlett/Lee would be nice. Not sure if Bartlett is big enough to go 149 without a redshirt. He's 138 this year in HS. Also if Yianni goes 149, is PSU better off with Lee as the title favorite at 141 and Verk at 149 again? If Yianni stay at 141, does Lee bump up to 149 and Bartlett go 141? Is Lee at 149 the title favorite? Most likely, but bumping up isn't a guarantee. 157-All depends on his health. Good sign to see him back wrestling last night-regardless of the outcome. 165-I don't buy that notion that 165 clears out much. Griffith from Stanford is only a freshman, Wick, White, and Marinelli are all back. Wittlake from Oklahoma State is a freshman (although I'd be shocked if he isn't at 174 next year). Plus that guy Mekhi Lewis will be back, and Logan Massa. And you could see some 157 guys bump up.Not exactly an easy weight to step into. 174-I think this weight clears out more than 165 (although they do add Amine back from Oly RS). Good chance for Starocci (who has looked great) to step in and be a threat to all except probably Kemerer. 184-Deep weight. Bolen, Hilday, Deprez, Caffey, Bonaccorsi, Venz, and Assad all return. Brooks will be among the favorites though. 197-Beard after the redshirt is an improvement over the unhealthy Shak. I think it was the right move to keep the RS on him this year. Beard is good, but needs work still. I'm not as high on him as others, but he should be an AA threat next year if he is healthy. 285-I think you see Kerklivet here next year with Nevills taking a RS. HWY looks to again be a two horse race with Steveson and Parris well ahead the rest of the field, but 3-8 will be a battle with Cassioppi, Hilger, Stencel, Wood, Orndorff and others. Kerklivet has much talent as any of them. Key is how strong he gets this offseason, and if his knee is fully healthy. Iowa isn't going anywhere next though with a lineup of Lee, Desanto, Eierman/Murin, Young, Marinelli, Kemerer, Assad, Warner, and Cassioppi. Michigan will be much improved with Micic, Amine, and Massa back to go along with Parris. Cornell has a bunch of people redshirting and grayshirting and will be very good.
  15. I have heard rumors that Notre Dame looked into potentially bringing their program back a few years ago and decided not to do it. Would lvoe to see them field a program again. I don't think there is anyway that Syracuse tries to bring back their program, same with Clemson. I think the most likely situation would be to see Louisville or Georgia Tech add wrestling. I know both schools have explored the option of adding men's lacrosse in the last few years. Would like to see 1 or both add wrestling.
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