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  1. Couple of Virginia guys: Daniel Frishkorn-took 4th as a freshman at Oklahome State then had a terrible car crash due to a seizure and had to retire. Jordan Frishkorn-Fargo champ, had some incredible battles with Cameron Doggett that they split at Ironman and Beast of the East. Was at Okie State fora year and RS and then left. Patrick Bond-won everything there was to win in High School and had just a meh career at Illinois. Couple time NQ but never lived up to his recruit status. Michael Martin-4x champ in VA, had some great battles with CP Schlatter in HS. Senior national champ. Went to Illinois and never did much. Transferred to ODU and was on the roster but never really wrestled. Couple of Blair guys: Austin Ormsbee Travis Blasco Eric Medina
  2. 125- Spencer Lee is obviously the HUGE favorite. 133- Schriever is a solid kid will most likely be an NCAA qualifier but won't score much there. 141- Henson will be a very good freshmen at a weight that loses a lot. Borderline AA candidate. 149- Murin is an AA candidate. Has proven he can score points at NCAA's just hasn't gotten over the hump in the blood round in 3 tries. Will probably be in the 5-8 range next year. 157- No idea. 165- Kennedy is a very good wrestler and will be a force next year and for the future. Problem is 165 is LOADED! I can see 5-8 range or R12 next year. 174- Brands will be at his best weight in 174. Think you see a R12 finish from him. 184- Assad. Could take a leap and turn into an AA. Think he's a R12 guy next year though. 197- Warner will be one of top 197 along with Dean and Ferrari. A high AA finish. 285- Cass will be on of the top 285 along with Kerk, Schultz, and Parris. You have 3 no doubt AA's if healthy, and probably a 4th in Murin. Potential for 2-3 more depending on Henson/Kennedy. Will they challenge PSU next year? Absolutely not although the dual could be close with 197, 285, 165, and 141 all considered toss-ups.
  3. Regardless this was a super awesome match to watch (as was the other one). Andonian is so much fun to watch-he is so dangerous in every position. I feel so bad for the guys who have to roll with him in practice because if he is hitting that crazy stuff in matches, imagine the absolute crazy things he attempts in practice.
  4. 125- Howard is a borderline AA candidate if healthy. He's hasn't been healthy for almost 3 years now so that is a big question mark. He's very quick and explosive when getting to his offense and is great defensively but will struggle to finish against the taller, longer 125's. Spencer Lee will be the cream of the crop, but big questions behind him at 125. Does Vito or Glory move up 133? McKee, Courtney, Barnett, and Kaylor return. Cardinale returns. Latona is moving up 133. I would think if healthy he is in the 5-8 range, maybe higher if Glory and/or Vito move up. 133- RBY is the heavy favorite if he returns. Seems like all indications point to him returning... 141- Bartlett will be better at 141 compared to 149. You could tell he wasn't confident in attacking guys at 149 but watch his freestyle matches and his high school matches-he has a huge arsenal of big moves that I think he starts to throw again. 141 does clear out big time so I don't think its a stretch to see him as a definite AA contender next year. Probably in 5-8 range. 149- Van Ness is a stud. Huge gas tank, huge motor. Obviously didn't wrestle much this year as a redshirt, but he will be a force right away. 149 is a deep weight with Yianni, Lovett, Andonian, Gomez, Sasso, Parco, and Murin all back. Rumor is Andonian might be moving up 157, and have heard rumblings for Sasso also. But I expect a AA finish from Van Ness. 157- If Levi Haines wrestles he is a threat to AA from the get go. 157 is a deep weight next year with Monday, Carr, Lewan, Robb, Teemer, Willits, Humphreys, and Scott all back plus the possible addition of some kids bumping up. I think PSU redshirts Haines because they almost always redshirt their studs but I could be wrong and he could be starting from the get go. 165- Facundo has a solid if unspectacular redshirt season. I defintely agree with Le Duke who said that they think his development has been hampered due to the Olympic year and guys not being in the room with him as much. I think he takes a big leap over the next two years. The problem for him and PSU is that 165 is absolutely LOADED with talent. O'toole is back, so is Griffith (althought there are rumblings he might bump up), Amine, Hamiti, Kharchla, Hall, Ramirez, and Conigliaro all return. Iowa will replace Marinelli with Kennedy who is a stud in his own right. I think Facundo is a borderline AA-R12 next year. 174- Starocci is obviously the favorite and I'm really looking forward to watching him and Lewis go at it again. 184- Brooks is obviously the favorite. Think the only person who can push him at all next year will be Hilday. 197- Dean is the favorite but not a heavy one. The weight class returns a lot in Warner, Buchanan, and Elam among others plus the return of Ferrari. I think he finsihes top 3 next year. 285- Kerkvliet is a high All-American. Heavweight will be really interesting next year. Kerk seems to have the edge on Parris. Parris has the edge on Cass. Cass has the edge on Kerk. Plus you have Schultz. Those are the top 4 most likely next year if all healthy. Could Kerk be #1? Yup. Could he be #4? Yup. Hopefully he is healthy. If RBY returns and if Haines wrestles, then I think they have a shot if all healthy to have 10 AA's. Will everyone be healthy? Doubtful. Its hard in D1 to have everyone healthy at the end of the year. Will Haines even wrestle? Will RBY return? Do you see Howard, Bartlett, and Facundo make a leap? Very interesting questions but obivously PSU is the HEAVY favorite and could win the national title with just 133 (if RBY returns), 174, 184, 197, and 285 scoring points. My guess if they get a lot of points from the other weights as well.
  5. Virginia Tech next year: 125- Cooper Flynn or Eddie Ventresca 133- Sam Latona bumps up. AA in 2021, lost in the blood round this year. Really struggled with the weight early in the season. Will move up with Korbin Meyers done. 141- Sam Hillegas returns from injury. Will have 4 years of eligbility remaining. 149- Bryce Andonian. So excited to watch him for 2 more years. So entertaining. Some rumors of him bumping up 157 but from the people I've talked to they don't think that is accurate. 157- Connor Brady, NCAA qualifier. Big, strong, athletic kid who needs to get more aggressive. 165- Clayton Ulrey 174- Mekhi Lewis. Really looking forward to seeing him and Starocci go after it again. 184- Trey Kibe will replace Hunter Bolen 197- Dakota Howard (potentially TJ Stewart as a true freshmen) 285- Hunter Catka returns to the lineup with 4 more years after redshirting this year and losing in the blood round in 2021 (free season).
  6. Yojiro Uetake TJ Williams Bobby Douglas Greg Jones Barry Davis Kevin Randleman
  7. The Golic brothers both wrestled and played football at Notre Dame. Bob Golic was actually an All-American in both.
  8. Virginia Tech 125- Sam Latona 133- Korbin Myers 141- Sam Hillegas 149- Bryce Andonian 157- Connor Brady 165- Clayton Ulrey 174- Mekhi Lewis 184- Hunter Bolen 197- Andy Smith 285- Nathan Traxler
  9. 125- Lee over Latona 133- RBY over Fix 141- Lee over Eierman 149- Yanni over Sasso 157- Carr over O'Connor 165- Griffith over O'Toole 174- Lewis over Starocci 184- Brooks over Amine 197- Amos over Ferrari 285- Parris over Kerklivet
  10. Bronco-any guess as to where he ends up next season if the Save Stanford Wrestling campaign is unsuccessful?
  11. Agreed! I understand some stuff staying in house. But fans, especially now in the age of information in a second at your fingertips, want to know things about wrestlers in the program. Look at football, basketball, baseball, etc. Constant information injuries, redshirts, eligibility, etc. Most wrestling programs=stonewall.
  12. Hadn't checked on him-that is good to hear.
  13. Just wanted to check with some teams fans and see when we should expect to see some guys who are still ranked-actually compete this year. Michigan-Micic and Amine Penn State-Howard, Kerk (neither ranked, just curious) Oklahoma State-Fix Rutgers-has the ship officially sailed on Suriano? Stanford-Woods and Griffith Northwestern-Deakin Any other big ones I'm having a brain spasm on and missing?
  14. Not sure why people on this board are so sure that Brooks would major Bolen but not Hilday? They both have similar styles compared to Brooks. Bolen is clearly the superior wrestler to Hilday right now-they have wrestled 3 times, and while the last two were very close at 2-1, Hilday has only come close to a takedown 1 time in 3 matches. The first match that was 3-1 was not as close as the score indicated-Hilday never came close to scoring from his feet in that match. Until Amine actually wrestles this year I think the favorites are Brooks, Bolen, Hilday, DePrez in that order. I do think Brooks is the favorite based on his quickness and talent, but it could go to any of those 4 (again this is until Amine actually wrestles).
  15. Marinelli/Joseph Hall/Kemerer Lee/Pletcher RBY/Rivera Lujan/Bolen/Brooks (round robin) If we could make that happen, I'd be good.
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