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  1. Hey, I'm seeing this three months after you wrote it but hopefully it can still be helpful. I'm a middle school wrestling coach (also with 25 years teaching / classroom experience) who has also done work with younger wrestlers. What you are describing is something that happens a lot with kids who are tough on themselves and hold themselves to a super high standard. It's probably not something you did, or his coaches did, or anything like that. In my experience, it's just who the kid is right now. Don't make it bad or wrong - he's 7, he's got a LOT of growing to do, and it's part of that growing process. The main thing is time, having patience. I'm sure it is terribly frustrating in the moment, but it's normal, and in time he'll start to figure it out. So how can you help him now? The main thing is to stay calm - let him know that you love him no matter what. (I know this seems so obvious, but in the heat of the moment we sometimes forget to remind them. I'm also speaking from experience, as a parent of an almost 9-year-old.) Let him know you understand that it is hard to lose - any challenge is hard, by definition - but by finding the bravery to overcome our fears we become better human beings. This is why I love coaching this sport. There's a girl on my team who lost literally every match when she was in 5th grade. This past year, as an 8th grader, she wrestled with the upper school varsity and had a winning record. Talk about personal growth, grit, determination, not giving up. But she didn't get there right away. It was really hard for her for a long time - and she started older than your son! I hope this is helpful to you. In my experience, kids are never too young to be told that beating yourself up has never made anyone a better person. And it's OK to feel like crying and panicking - but finding the strength to do it anyway in the face of fear is the key to being a better wrestler and human being. And when your son does do it anyhow - win or lose, let him know how proud you are that he did. (I have no doubt that this is obvious to you and you do this already.) I hope this is helpful! I hope your son sticks with it and finds the joy - win or lose - next season.
  2. Well, what do you know - one of our kids was in bad shape with sand in his eyes, and because you'd recommended it I had the Visine with me, which helped him a lot. No kidding. Thanks! Coaches who might be interested: The tournament was a good time. A lot of our kids got pounded (they seemed to have fun anyhow) but we also had some kids do well - one got second place in his weight division. Nice family friendly event, too. Something different to do with your team in the summer - give it a try.
  3. Is this real advice? Because the tournament is in two days... I'll pick some up tomorrow if it's a good idea to have it for the team.
  4. Will do, but I have to tell you there's almost nothing that I have found online. There are a few YouTube videos reviewing the rules and regulations but the particular tournament we are entering is using different rules. I haven't found anything (yet) on any kinds of tips or strategies. At the level of this competition, at least, the organizer made it clear to me that it's much more about getting kids out and having fun than any kind of heavy duty competition, so I'm gonna roll with it.
  5. MadMardigain, that was helpful. Will see about finding a sand area to practice, and I'll try to get in touch with Reece Humphrey. Thanks!
  6. Hey, we are seriously considering taking a bunch of kids from our team (ranging in age from 6th grade to 11th grade) to a beach wrestling tournament this summer. All I found on this board so far about it is pretty unhelpful / snarky - does anyone here have experience with beach wrestling? Any advice? I mean practical advice - we're planning on doing some summer practices to prepare. It's essentially a takedown tournament, with an added piece of sumo (you get a point if you push your opponent out of the circle).... have I got this right? If you've taken a team to a beach wrestling tournament (or have competed yourself) I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts and recommendations on preparing the kids. Thanks.
  7. I have the same thought. I appreciate what "olddirty" wrote and I'm glad that he is able to make the cheaper option work for him. But I'm thinking that it will be worth it to pay the cost upfront and hopefully have the uniforms last several years. (Plus, I'm not tech-savvy and I'm not going to create my own vector artwork.) I do like the work of Tri-Titans. I'm in PA, though, and at this point we're looking at MyHouse, which is closer to us and has similar pricing (actually a bit less). Thanks again for the replies, all. Now I just need to see if the athletic department will pay for two-piece uniforms.
  8. Thanks for the continued replies. "olddirty", could you please tell me where you got your two-piece uniforms? Because every single place I've looked, the two-piece is MORE expensive than the singlet, not less. And money is definitely a factor for our program. Thanks for your time.
  9. Bryan, thanks for replying. If you don't mind giving a bit more info - why did your head coach decide to go back to singlets? Was something not going as well with the two-piece? If the school already paid the money, why not just stick with the two-piece, even if it didn't help grow your program? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the responses so far... 1032004... Actually, there is something wrong with our current singlets - they look old, and the screen-printing (even on the ones that we just got in the fall) is falling off. We need to go with new, sublimated uniforms, and stick with our choice. The old singlets will be trashed. Your point about fight shorts vs. compression shorts makes sense. Great point re: talking with the HS coach, I will do that. ptz305... just making sure... is this something you know from experience? I know what you're saying is the conventional wisdom, I'm looking for evidence to back it up. Two-pieces are more expensive - if it's not going to really make a difference in participation, I'm not sure why to bother going that route, you know? You're absolutely right, though - all but one of the current wrestlers I polled said they're happy to stick with the singlet, but obviously they'll wrestle no matter what. This is about getting new kids on the mat. stonerd7... thanks, I will DM you. One last thing to add - I absolutely agree that compression shirt and fight shorts are a better "look" for the team than singlets - my concern is also about functionality. Any concerns there? Thanks again, appreciate the advice.
  11. I'm the coach of a middle school team at a fairly small independent school. We've had great participation numbers in the past (last year, literally 1 in 5 of our middle school students was on the wrestling team!) though our numbers were down this year. As part of injecting enthusiasm back into the program, we are looking at getting new uniforms for our middle school team next year. I've informally polled this year's team as well as some of our high school wrestlers, and there's no clear direction on whether to continue with singlets or to move to some kind of two-piece uniform. Can anyone give feedback on these questions? Again, this is for a MIDDLE SCHOOL team (I know I'm posting in the high school wrestling topic, but only because the "youth wrestling" topic seems to be fairly inactive). (1) Have any programs switched from the singlet to the two-piece (either with compression shorts or fight shorts) and seen an increase in participation? Or switched and saw no difference? (2) For coaches who have tried the two-piece: Is there a preference for compression shorts vs fight shorts? Pros and cons? (3) We are a small school with a limited budget - any recommendations for companies to use? We know that no matter what kind of uniform we do, it will be sublimated (our old uniforms are screen printed - we're not doing that anymore). We'd probably be ordering 20-25 uniforms. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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