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  1. Sure, in general--but what here, specifically, has changed in the last four years? Guidance around "approx. 5 secs"? Isn't he speaking about the exact same rule, implying himself that 30-40 seconds would clearly be too long to wait? [I actually don't know if anything has changed--honest question. But just pushing back against idea that "old" means "useless" in this context]
  2. in the mean-time, interesting throw-back Tucci interview: https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6551108-rick-tucci-explains-timing-of-challenge-rule [speaking of challenge, coming 8 secs or so after points go up] --> "It's not like it was 30 or 40 seconds later" wonder what kind of evidence is admissible in arbitration...
  3. So... they faced off once on equal footing, and Dake lost by criteria, having scored the only offensive points, with both JB's points coming from the shot clock (two of which were called against Dake; none against JB). So yeah; it might not be a completely "ridiculous" "myth". Granted that others have overcome the "bye" advantage (like Gilman). But, in any case, there's at least an argument that "all things being equal" they were pretty equal for some of those years. (This has nothing to do with current topic--just annoys me to read hyperbolic stuff losing touch with reality.)
  4. How likely is it that Yianni would keep training with JO at NYRTC, if they are both gunning for a 65kg spot in 2020? Is that unheard of; pretty normal? Does their set-up indicate that Yianni will not be challenging for that spot?
  5. For Dake at least (as post facto comments clarified) it was pretty much about gassing from the weight cut (remember how big he looked compared to molinaro). Don't know about those others, but that seems to be its own category of "issue" (though maybe some connection to injuries, confidence, burnout, etc? I didn't wrestle so don't know, really...)
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