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  1. if you click on the link from there website, twitter, facebook it brings you to the paywall
  2. now if they would get rid of pyles, lobdell and bader, id subscribe in a heart beat
  3. Nomad is a complete clown. i dont put any weight into what he has to say. what are his accolades? other than working at FLO?
  4. I was a flo subscriber 5 years ago, I cancelled when the 150$ one time payment thing started. For me I'm only a wrestling fan from Nov-March. So that model doesn't work for me and in March Big 10's and NCAA are on BTN and Espn. I am a major program season ticket holder so i get to see 5-7 matches a year in person plus catch what i can on Big 10 Network.
  5. they should have put the time and effort into fixing there stream issues as well as customer service, not the logo/rebrand.
  6. hes classless and arrogant. you say something he dont agree with or about flo, instant block on social media
  7. get bigger, i often thought he was a small 133
  8. thats a bias approach since you work for flo
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