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  1. penn st just riding the ankle as usual
  2. 150$ for a ****ty stream and poor customer service
  3. watch baseball and wait for the next ncaa season to start
  4. flo should just add there own message board but they would charge for it and block everyone
  5. the "FLO" way. someone disagrees with them on social media, and they go right to the block button. thin skin is an understatement. Pyles, Nomad and Spey are the worst. Hey Spey or Jargon Hasek go rent some apartments
  6. according to willies twitter, flo got a temporary restraining order on him. he cannot cover wrestling for two weeks
  7. the marinelli story is getting old. no need to talk about it ever 30 seconds
  8. if you click on the link from there website, twitter, facebook it brings you to the paywall
  9. now if they would get rid of pyles, lobdell and bader, id subscribe in a heart beat
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