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  1. i saw something interesting if they stay they dont count against scholarship numbers, if they transfer, they do count at the new school.
  2. Flo rankings are to be desired, but when you know Spey(former property manager) doing them, i guess you cant expect much
  3. i think its funny, how tuned in these guys are, they keep referring to Gable as getting 2nd in Pittsburgh last year.
  4. its crazy how deep guys get in on his legs but only a few score.
  5. i thought the RAC was now called Pat Mineo arena
  6. soon as people found out he wasnt as good as he thought he was, the whole "tupac" name went down the toilet
  7. its funny how you come on here to defend flo, but never to add any conversation to questions regarding flo.
  8. pyles is the biggest kiss A$$
  9. he trys to be a twitter tough guy, who runs a private facebook group, and if you disagree with him, your booted out of the group. He works for Dun and Bradstreet He thinks rutgers wrestling is the greatest https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickmineo?trk=people-guest_people_search-card oh by the way, he loves the attention, does **** for clicks
  10. those flo clowns need to get over themselves. each one needs to be knocked down a level or two
  11. dude looks like walter white
  12. penn st just riding the ankle as usual
  13. 150$ for a ****ty stream and poor customer service
  14. watch baseball and wait for the next ncaa season to start
  15. flo should just add there own message board but they would charge for it and block everyone
  16. the "FLO" way. someone disagrees with them on social media, and they go right to the block button. thin skin is an understatement. Pyles, Nomad and Spey are the worst. Hey Spey or Jargon Hasek go rent some apartments
  17. according to willies twitter, flo got a temporary restraining order on him. he cannot cover wrestling for two weeks
  18. the marinelli story is getting old. no need to talk about it ever 30 seconds
  19. if you click on the link from there website, twitter, facebook it brings you to the paywall
  20. now if they would get rid of pyles, lobdell and bader, id subscribe in a heart beat
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