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  1. I would include Houdashelt, Lewis or Waters over Bailey. Bailey went X-X-4-7 vs. X-6-5-1 for Houdashelt. Lewis went 4-6-4-4, whereas Waters was X-X-4-3. Dom Bradley and Mark Ellis would also be in contention as Bradley went X-X-3-4 and Ellis went X-X-1-6. I would go with Houdashelt as the third, but it is close.
  2. Loudest thing I have ever heard was when Zeke Moisey stuck Gilman in the semis. The place was deafeningly loud. For me the most exciting is the semis and the blood round.
  3. 125: None 133: John Erneste- 11 141: Jaydin Eierman- 15.5 149: Brock Mauller- 12 157: Luke Weiland/ Ke-Shawn Hayes- 1 165: Connor Flynn- 1 174: Daniel Lewis- 18.5 184: None 197: None 285: Zach Elam-4 Total: 62.5 Not a bad season for the Missouri kids.
  4. John Erneste and Daniel Lewis come to mind. Erneste came up just short the past couple seasons at 133 losing in the R16 and R12 and with 133 being historically good this season a lot of people wrote him off. It was fun seeing him put it together this season and knock of Wilson in an epic match (who beat him last season on his unicorn run) to secure his first AA honors and then control RBY. Erneste was always really fun to watch from top and had some epic spladles the last few seasons as well as some great ducks and counters from his feet where he looked dead to rights. Lewis was one of the best pinners I ever had the privilege to watch compete. His near and far side cradle game was special and he got a lot better in neutral as his career progressed. I am happy both of them were Tigers and went out with AA honors.
  5. 125: Picc over Rivera 133: Micic over Fix 141 Eierman over Yianni 149: Ashnault over Mauller 157: Nolf over Hidlay 165: Joseph over Marinelli 174: Hall over Lewis 184: Martin over Foster 197: Nickal over Weigel 285: Steveson over White
  6. I am new to the forum, but am a longtime lurker here. Here is a bit of background about me. I write for Missouriwrestling.com and Rock M Nation covering high school and college wrestling in Missouri. I am also a camera operator for the Mizzou Broadcast Network and run cameras fairly frequently for Mizzou wrestling broadcasts both produced by Mizzou and for ESPN + through Mizzou. Now my take: Flo has a really solid business model. They certainly helped to make the sport more accessible. They do a good job of marketing the event and generally when one of Willie, CP, Nomad, Bratke or Spey is on the call the announcing is really solid. (Fretwell and others have been entertaining as well).The Big Ten Network, ESPN + and in house productions by universities have made the sport more accessible to the general population as well. Missouri has honestly only maybe had one dual home or away that I could not find a way to watch all season. We are really living in a golden age for following the sport. I have a flopro account and ESPN + and can generally watch everything I would every want to. I am a big fan of Flo's documentary work and believe those/ the extensive rankings are worth the price before the streaming is even taken into account. Flo also turns out a ton of great articles. Nomad and Spey especially lately have turned out a ton of great content. I will say that Flo's streams do not always have the same level of quality as other streams in terms of camera work. That would be an area for Flo to work to improve in. That said Flowrestling is doing a great job in my opinion of showcasing the sport. In terms of growing the sport, look at high school women's wrestling. Missouri just started a female state tournament this season and they have a huge turn out participation wise at a lot of schools. I think that women's wrestling in the NCAA (Perhaps under freestyle rules) is something that should be pushed for hard the next ten years or so, because it makes it easier to cultivate and add men's programs at the D1 and other levels if Women's programs can match the scholarship allotments to ease Title 9 concerns and share the same training space and equipment. Food for thought.
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