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  1. 125 - Lee 30% (preseason would have been 100%) 133 - Micic 30% (deep class in some time ) 141 - Mckenna 30% (easily could be Lee, YD, Eierman) 149 - Ashnault 30% (rooting for jordan) 157 - Nolf 100% 165 - Marinelli 40% (rooting for the bull) 174 - Zahid 50% 184 - Martin 90% 197 - Nickal 100% (could easily pin his way through) HWT - Gable 90% (straight attitude. Can't be beat) Psu, TOSU, Iowa, OSU
  2. No they are not growing the sport.. I hate the flo bros. Offputting amatuers (making stars??? Please). I hate seeing adds even after I pay for the product.. Unreliable feeds Why am I paying for other flo sports that I have zero chance of watching? I recently resubscribed for a flo account and have hated myself daily for it. The website is difficult to navigate. Content is hard to find. I think the content would be better off on a platform like youtube. IMO flo is amateur hour, trying to make quick buck. I'm ready to pay money to a company that deserves my money.
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