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  1. i assume he meant play football for cornell *while he was wrestling* but dedicating yourself to the sport where you can AA seems like the right call.
  2. he played some special teams and made a couple of tackles. i think he was listed at various times at LB/TE but i don't think he played any downs on offense or defense.
  3. also hard to criticize the coach for seabass losses to nick lee and jack mueller - those guys are/were pretty good.
  4. Haselrig almost played football at Lock Haven (got injured during the preseason) before transferring to Pitt-Johnstown and wrestling. I don't know if he planned to do both at Lock Haven.
  5. because they haven't issued the formal rule yet? because *this article* is the clarification! the longer verbiage is they are not covered by the federal worker mandate because USPS isn't actually a federal agency though it is subject to very specific regulation; USPS and its employees are covered by the OSHA mandate for private sector. I know that you still won't think that you are wrong but ... you are wrong! you can't read and you are wrong. READ THINGS THAT DON'T CONFIRM YOUR PRIORS. Edited to add: the postal union may fight this, because they think it is subject to their union contract, but that's basically the same as the police in new york who are suing over state and local mandates for public employees.
  6. you can't read so i've added some comprehension aids for you
  7. hey good news. postal workers aren't even exempt. we suffer under the yoke of the postal elite no longer.
  8. childhood cancer is absolutely not easily preventable. we spend billions on research to reduce it or cure it. tragic. not at all preventable much less easily. some heart attacks are not easily preventable (or at least reduced risk) except with persistent and significant lifestyle changes. others, alas, are not preventable at all because the heart defect isn't detected until it is too late. car accidents are not easily preventable at all. "drive better" isn't easy. people fail to do it all the time or suffer from the failures of others. but i'll be generous and assume you probably you meant something more like "it's simple to reduce injuries from car accidents by wearing a seat belt," and I agree! unfortunately, that's the car safety equivalent of "getting a vaccine" and that's why EVERY CAR SOLD IN AMERICA IS REQUIRED TO HAVE SEAT BELTS AND 49 STATES (iirc) REQUIRE YOU TO WEAR IT. People don't have the "choice" or "freedom" to not wear a seat belt without risking consequences like tickets, license suspensions or violating their car insurance contracts.
  9. none of those things are easily preventable and the amount of time you spend obfuscating this in favor of blathering on with general skepticism of "liberal media" or in passionate defense of "choice" says a lot about what you really believe. you are telling on yourself constantly and then get really pissed and defensive when people see through it.
  10. there have been BLM protests. none of them are against vaccine passports. stop getting your news from moron.com.
  11. sure but tbh i also think even on those polls, people lie when the answer is believed to be a political signal.
  12. the poll result *is* the data! what you mean is "how was the question phrased" or "what was the margin of error" or "how was the sample derived" ... all relevant questions that you will never care about if you like the result of the poll. not that i particularly care about the results of this poll. if we are going to agree on anything it is probably this: all public opinion polling is mostly snake oil because it's so easily manipulated by poll design.
  13. whether urban african-americans are "the most" unvaccinated group, much less "by far" the most, do you want a concession? here you go: the excuses about access and accessibility being made for the relatively low vaccination rate among black people to get the vaccine are unconvincing. I don't even think the skepticism about the history of medical mistreatment and the Tuskegee experiment (both are real, and a horrible stain on American history) are convincing as reasons. Those arguments fall apart in the context of rich white people lying about residency to sneak into the bronx to get the vaccine. That said, there isn't an entire media ecosystem devoted to making arguments about freedom and pushing dubious science as a smokescreen and permission culture for vaccine refusal.
  14. against vaccine passports? i can categorically tell you, from my home in nyc, that this is not true.
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