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  1. i will say this: having all 10 guys in the medal round would be a hell of a lot of fun regardless of whether it is "worth more" than 5 titles in NCAA scoring. hell, i'm still waiting for cornell to put 10 guys in the tournament even if some of them are 2 and out it would be very cool to see them there.
  2. come on. it's situation independent. if the guy who hit for the cycle got 3HR and a single instead, it's at least 2 more RBI.
  3. there have been over 600 3HR games in major league history; there have been just over 300 cycles. the latter is cooler; the former is better.
  4. depends on whether the north carolina loss was meaningful in the long term. if it was just a blip, cardenas is going to have to wait for a 2x AA to clear out.
  5. the semester trick is designed to stretch the ivy max of 4 academic years to the ncaa max of 5 calendar years. if stroker has already maxed out the 5 calendar years, the semester trick wouldn't work and he'd need a medical waiver.
  6. I mean, you basically conceded the point I was making and are still arguing with me for some reason.
  7. and the score meant that the match was over meaning that Vak pointing out the clock was irrelevant. ADS knew he had the tech. he still gave a bonus shove. how do I know? because it pissed off snyder. lol "violence" look i like my team (Cornell) and only bust balls with one team (Lehigh) everyone else is white noise. I'm not saying there should be any discipline but I am saying he's kind of a jerk on the mat. a consistently poor winner and worse loser. it's not a crime but the lengths people go to prove he isn't being a putz is incredible.
  8. come on we're talking about on-the-mat sportsmanship. bringing an accused rapist into the discussion doesn't serve your argument that desanto acts like a jerk all that well.
  9. i'm saying ADS was holding his hand on the dude's head way longer than was necessary. he'd already released the cradle; he was standing! he knew the score and exactly what he was doing. it wasn't a war crime but neither is getting your lingering hand slapped away.
  10. i'm sorry, the minnesota kid was reacting just like the kid from purdue. desanto didn't kiss the gopher, he did what he always does when he's riding when the match ends: he stands up by pushing off the other wrestler's head. he does this every single time. this time, the other guy took exception. desanto walking back into him was posturing bull****. desanto is a great wrestler but he's definitely also an obnoxious little jerk.
  11. tommaso frezza, a freshman 125 at binghamton, is 1-17 and has a fair number of close matches. i saw him lose on a late takedown to dom lajoie last weekend and he wrestled a tough match. i'm not saying he's going to AA but that record is so ugly and he looked much better than it.
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