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  1. as someone who agrees with you on this issue completely, the conversation here always goes off the rails and the threads get locked or deleted.
  2. updating 184... (and, I guess, 174)
  3. According to Koll I wasn't far off the mark with concern that the Ivies would cancel sports again, with a dash of vaccine skepticism, since Cornell was requiring vaccinations to be on campus in the fall (according to quotes in Flo; sorry I don't have the link at my fingertips but all of you already subscribe). edit: lol the other max dean thread was deleted while i was typing a response and hoo boy was that for the best
  4. idk - maybe waiting until the transfer is official?
  5. wonder if the ivy league is being cagey about fall sports already* and the deans decided they've had enough? but i saw someone on twitter say that dean didn't wear the SCRTC singlet at OTT so who knows what the real answer is? could mean the falling out was before OTT? * lol to the fake article thread but i swear i hadn't seen that yet. i know that a lot of ivy athletes were really pissed off about this current year, not to mention that rob koll was pretty clearly upset about it at OTT.
  6. it's funny it was supposed to be Foca - Dean - Darmstadt but Foca (delaying a year and probably preferring 184) and Cardenas are probably making that a real traffic jam. reminds me of when the Rasheed Wallace freshman class is rumored to have consistently beaten the veteran Eric Montross UNC national championship team in practice.
  7. that's what i mean by "he made them moot" - Nickal really started to run through him
  8. It probably played a role but neither will admit it and the fact is that they were clearly trying to win, even if not in the best headspace, and Nick Lee beat them both.
  9. i have to say he had a legit gripe on some of the calls in the Nickal match that Nickal ultimately made moot.
  10. Incredible match and you should watch it if you can find it. Honis got the W but the future is with AJ. His two crotch lifts were incredible. The one for 4 as time ticked off in the first period and Honis was holding a quad pod was not only 665-deadlift-strong but also really impressive mat awareness. Time ran out and I think the scoring was correct but once AJ gets a little better in par terre and gets used to the fact that freestyle refs won't let him stalk on his knees and then fire off into ankles, he's going to be a force at the weight (if he stays at 97). And I don't even like him and loved that he lost! I didn't want to see him lose on a knee injury, though, so I was glad he was able to continue. I wasn't sure if Yianni or Dean were going to go today but it makes more sense for Yianni to get Team USA support at this stage of their careers. Dean's going to go back to coaching so all-or-nothing for Tokyo makes sense; Yianni is young and will be gunning for national teams for a long time and being #3 on the ladder still worthwhile. (imo, anyway.) Good match against McKee who has a great head-pinch but not much else and once Yianni figured out how to roll through it to limit the damage, the tech followed. Lee with an incredible match. He didn't let Yianni sprawl - fought through positions and was able to snatch an ankle from some crazy angles. Very impressive, especially after he blasted Zain. This weight is crazy competitive domestically and so deep internationally that it may not even matter who we send. Also, I didn't pull a post about PD3 vs Aaron Brooks but ... goddamn. That was an incredible match from Downey. Great at neutral, dominant in par terre. Unexpected. The only other match that really stood out to me as a must-rewatch was Sam Jones teching Taylor LaMont in Greco in like 20 seconds. And also everything Kennedy Blades did yesterday.
  11. maybe the other wrestlers at the top of 57 are also elite wrestlers and that's why they have mixed results against each other
  12. i don't feel like watching again but i swear that the announcer suggested that Nolf and Dake both went to Penn State
  13. i wasn't even making a prediction - vito/gilman is tomorrow best of three. i have no idea how it's going to go. i do think dake beats burroughs.
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