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  1. *assuming the lotus position and serenely declining to respond to the claim that people are not actually dying of a contagious disease that is being hyped for financial reasons that nobody can or ever will specify*
  2. for sure but there's a gap between greasy and unconscionable. it's hyperbolic.
  3. they said it was likely. it's a weird way to conduct your business as a governing body to be sure but it was information that eligible wrestlers had to act on. as someone who both thinks it's crazy that they are holding wrestling meets during a pandemic and also will watch any wrestling that's available i know that there is a lot screwed up about the whole process but "I didn't know" isn't a compelling argument to me for anyone who feels robbed of an opportunity to make the team.
  4. this is arbitrary. I'm not saying usaw made good choices but there is nothing unconscionable about saying "if you won nationals that comes with a spot on the roster, as we said would probably be the case. now that we know worlds has ten weights we will fill the other slots and field a full team. we apologize for not holding trials at all ten."
  5. sure, but also it is the past and having been told it was likely, how surprised are you allowed to be if it comes to be true
  6. qualifying tournament and body of work are both valid ways of picking a team. i prefer qualifying tournament, but tbh, if there's going to be a qualifying tournament i'd also prefer that be made clear not framed as "likely." there's no right answer here because i think many wrestlers expected that either there would be no worlds and even if there were, USAW may not send a team. That said, Snyder showed up (to his dismay), so it's not like there was nobody there who would have been selected for the team if they opted out of an event they expected to be an optional event. This is a long and roundabout way of saying there are going to be angry people no matter what the final decision is but all possible answers have reasonable justifications. Sometimes life is funny like that. Apropos of absolutely nothing, Russian Nationals were held indoors to a packed house and nobody was wearing masks, to which I will give a rueful "lol". And as one final note, LJB is (a) not particularly wrong here since it is totally reasonable to want to reward the winners of a "likely" qualifying event and (b) it is completely irrelevant that he didn't wrestle. Neither did I. Polk High is in the rear view mirror, Team Al Bundy. A smelly old singlet in the bottom of a closet is not a requirement to talk about wrestling much less a requirement to talk about team qualification policy. However annoying his rejoinders are it is also at least clear that it is intentional because it is hilarious to him to watch the rest of you flail in response. Everyone else is going insane because they can't help but respond, which is a sickness. You actually can leave him hanging with the last word and you won't turn to dust. I promise.
  7. look i'm a member of BRB but you could just bump the old thread - you can tell that everyone here reads everything.
  8. Cornell 125 - Arujau 133 - LaJoie probably 141 - Saunders 149 - Yianni 157 - Yapoujian 165 - Ramirez or a beefed up Richard 174 - Foca 184 - Dean 197 - Darmstadt probably or Cardenas in a weight with basically two AAs 285 - Fernandes my predictions but with a pretty good source
  9. well it's down so i guess we're back here
  10. Mostly busting balls but the point I was making is that all of us want to watch - and the athletes all want to compete - but that is not what they should be basing the decision on. Not only the athletes would be at risk; the thousands of support staff (for the teams, the venues and the administration of the games) would be as well. And even beyond that, the Games could be a superspreader event where people arrive from (and return to) all corners of the globe. I want to see Dake win gold but I don't want it that badly.
  11. 57 is a great weight class. Rooting for Vito all the way but it's probably our deepest.
  12. He is. Grey was in his corner. He looked great up until Alirez. What a great tournament for that kid. Stole the Surprise of the Tournament Award from Ragusin. He fights the push-out hard instead of conceding the 1 and ends up at risk for giving up 2 so people keep driving him back awkwardly to the cement. Rough way to make a living. Moore looked great. Smooth duck under fire his first 2 among other things. Parris looked great too. Props to the Big Red for 2 big stop signs and a 5th even if the Dean win was kind of lackluster. Arujau looked fantastic all tournament.
  13. well, as long as you're safe. lol
  14. You are underrating how Cael cashes his blue chips. A lot of guys come in with accolades but they leave Happy Valley with hardware. As a Cornell fan it gives me no pleasure to admit this. In any event, a pretty decent anecdotal proof of his coaching ability is all of the blue chips that go to him to be coached up.
  15. got me to look him up and 5 point move had a decent article about him yesterday.
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