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  1. come on guys you should know i'm just screwing around. i don't even have the heart to let it ride all day.
  2. just think, if the refs had properly rejected the brick at final x, with momentum yianni could have won round three and then who knows.
  3. people misunderstand how title ix works all the time. do you think the alabama football team has the same facilities as the alabama women's volleyball team. as for a different comment that i multiquoted incorrectly, there aren't any wrestlers that could make millions but there are definitely some college wrestlers who could make SOMETHING from i don't know - Suples or Asics or Flo if they were allowed to. The NCAA used his likeness in expensive promotional campaigns, as did their media partners without having to give him anything - and requiring him to let them use his face for free. NCAA member institution Duke filled the racks with jerseys with Zion's number, which sold because they were Zion's number. They also probably sold them with his name too.
  4. what's the euphemism? he said exactly how ivy schools keep students from exhausting their ivy eligibility while taking advantage of the looser ncaa eligibility rules that every other school gets to use.
  5. man i hope this is true because we have a couple of freshmen with solid resumes but darmstadt is going down to 184 and while he may outdo last year's 184 there's not a lot of wiggle room.
  6. that certainly would help hide them
  7. post olympic cornell will make a run at a title. it's not crazy to think they have a chance. even with a best-case loaded roster (yanni, max, vito, darmstadt, the solid recruiting classes finding their best weights...) they probably won't ever be the favorite though.
  8. i loved the BTS match but from body language i get the feeling that if it wasn't an exhibition Bajrang would have filed an arbitration.
  9. i think there's reasonable disagreement on whether the move in the Match That No Longer Exists was a pushoff with his foot by Zain or Yianni initiating the roll with the chest wrap. it's pretty clear where the two of us stand. people will still argue about it until the end of time. doesn't matter because Zain hit the crotch lock in the rematch.
  10. I thought I read that otoguro lost at Japan nationals. is that a false memory?
  11. Zain went back while lifting yianni. no way do they give yianni 2 there. yianni was *barely* exposed and I wasn't sure when I watched it live (and still don't love the camera angle) but on rewatch it seemed as if he was. he certainly didn't argue at all. it looked like he might get 2 back as he fought it off but Zain defended it. yianni came close a couple of times but wherever he came close Zain put a hammer lock on a foot/ankle and froze the action. Zain didn't have any successfull shots but he had nassar near-misses just like yianni. hell of a match for 2-1. don't be results oriented: protesting was still the right thing to do. team yianni was right about the late brick.
  12. yianni needed to do more than try for the single leg. a lot of outside shots, not as creative as he usually is. Zain also did a great job of keeping yianni from scoring from a sprawl. not sure about the scoring on Zain's 2 - will have to watch again - but the white paddle on yianni on the shot that would have made it 3-2 was right Zain held the left leg with an eye fixed on the right leg ready to switch for the stalemate if yianni peeled his fingers off and it worked. both guys took a lot of shots. nobody was dominating offensively. Zain mostly sat on a lead at the end but that's the right approach so no complaints. can't say I mind Zain taking a second for himself before the handshake either. congrats to him. don't blow it in Kazakhstan.
  13. don't know if he'll be on the cornell staff in any capacity but he'll be at flwc i guess. i also suspect that vito is taking the ORS from the interview.
  14. i'll say this about "year-long lock in" - I'm currently subscribed, but a few years ago when I mistakenly signed up for a year thinking that i could go the cheap, selfish route and pay month-to-month at tournament time, i wrote to customer service and they pointed out my mistake ... then canceled my membership and gave me a prorated refund anyway.
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