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  1. hoping. my kid's flag football league semis are on saturday but i don't know what time kickoff is yet.
  2. wanted to bump this with the update that the 11/2 show got accredited, and went well, so i feel good about getting CLE accreditation for the wrestling CLE on 11/30 and hope I'll see people there. and @JasonBryant i'm definitely open to any podcasting... details have been updated here https://www.caveat.nyc/event/persuasive-authority-11-30-2019
  3. i may be there for the finals. is that the final official registration list? i knew yianni wasn't going but thought that vito was going to be there.
  4. thinking about womack beating valencia in the blood round and setting up impossible-to-fulfill expectations for both of them
  5. Want to keep this on the front page. Three Big Red wins at the bearcat plus two more from FLWC. Darmstadt loss a bit of a surprise but not a huge one - DePrez is going to AA and beat Dean last year.
  6. hmm maybe the answer is that the ranking was based on prior results and any new ranking will incorporate these newer results
  7. Richard, Foca and Darmstadt to the final. Ramirez and Brindley to consi.
  8. Baughman and Yapoujian to the final. LaJoie and Moore to consi.
  9. LaJoie in the 125 semis. Richard in the 149 semis. Yapoujian *and* Ramirez in the 157 semis. Brindley, Santoro and Merola in the 165 semis; Santoro MFF over Merola to the finals. Foca to the 174 semis (Ruth Inj. Def. in the QF (not to Foca). Darmstadt and Barley to the semis at 184 - I suspect Barley will be "injured" soon (EDIT: he did not default; Darmstadt wins with a 44 second pin). Loew to the semis at 197. Fernandes to the semis at 285. With Tucker and Womack sitting out, not bad so far.
  10. his second match was a 55 second pin so i'll calm down. surprisingly disappointing start from moomey.
  11. darmstadt with a 10-8 win in the first round. hmm cardenas with an injury default. yuck. furman and janey both lost their first round matches. moore and baughman rolling at 141.
  12. rokfin model seems like a blend of youtube (view based) and patreon (subscription based) but i'm not interested in doing more thinking about this
  13. Surprised to see Fagen at 184 - I thought he'd be competing with Loew.
  14. The Flo guys are pretty clearly letting Willie explain why he quit on his own schedule. Not mentioning it at all on the first post-Willie FRL would be ridiculous but stealing Willie's thunder would also be pretty rude in light of what appears to be an amicable resignation. Maybe there's more going on that I don't know from non-FRL management or something but the FRL guys didn't indicate that Willie was fired to me.
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