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  1. ugarte


    mekhi was a lower seed obviously but still ... nobody offered foster or dean. the bracket-busting final wouldn't have helped anyone on the thread.
  2. ugarte

    2020 NCAA Team Title

    Pretty sure that if Yianni takes a year off from school he can stretch out his eligibility to five years. If he stays enrolled, he can't. Ivy guys sometimes take a semester off to postpone completing their credits and graduating since the Ivies don't allow grad students to compete either. Yianni said something about switching to freestyle practice at the post-match press conference but didn't say that he was going to take a redshirt for it. As for the projected Cornell middle weights, Furnas has graduated but Santoro and Berreyesa have not and Stroker should be back from injury. Richard and Schoenherr and maybe Colton Yapoujian will also compete to start. As someone else said, Womack is likely the starter at 174. AFAIK nobody knows who is greyshirting.
  3. ugarte

    Your "State's" Team at NCAA's

    i don't follow high school at all so all i know about NY is the cornell guys: honis, vito and yianni, which is a good start
  4. ugarte

    Most Exciting Match of the Tournament?

    That match was hilarious. Jennings did in the third set of rideouts what Elam should have done in the second - after riding for 30 seconds, win on cumulative-time RT instead of trying for an escape when you're too tired to stand up with a side of beef flopped on your back. No idea how Jennings couldn't keep away from an also-exhausted Elam with a free stall in his back pocket. I loved how competitive most of the finals were. Even the less-close 165 was great for how shocking it was when Lewis locked up the cradle.
  5. ugarte

    141 Finals

    astute observation
  6. ugarte

    Singlets at this year's tournament

    almost certain that yianni had them
  7. ugarte

    Singlets at this year's tournament

    Cornell - Nebraska was even more confusing when one of the guys was named Red.
  8. ugarte

    141 Finals

    the second period call was worse than the third period call, but both calls were going to generate controversy because either decision in either case could be defended. the karmic justice in such a case is overtime. in the words of the great rasheed wallace, when his opponent missed the free throw on a bogus technical... "ball don't lie."
  9. ugarte

    Rob Koll

    It's analysis! Calling this disparagement is why sports interviews are so boring. If it isn't a meaningless cliche, people react like someone just pissed on grandma's grave. The last time they wrestled, Foster ran out of gas and Dean came from behind to win. But as Mike Tyson said, every plan only lasts until you get punched in the face. Foster's punch in the face was a second period ride that took more out of Dean than it did out of him. Dean was going to try to win that match from neutral and Foster didn't let neutral happen. In the third, when he was supposed to be spent, he wasn't. He wrestled an incredible match and deserves the title.
  10. ugarte

    Rob Koll

    Rob Koll gave an interview where he was honest about how he coached Dean to take on Foster: wear him out in neutral and beat him in the third. It didn't work because Foster rode him like a jockey for most of the second period and Dean didn't quite get the reversal when he finally worked himself free. Instead of wearing Foster down and beating him up and sapping his speed, DEAN had to do the work from bottom to get even the single escape point. In the third, when the plan was for Foster to be tired, he still had the strength to get out off the whistle and the quickness to finish his shot before it became a scramble. It isn't insulting Foster for Cornell to have had a plan or for Koll to have been honest about what the plan was. He didn't just say he tires easily, he also said that Foster is incredibly quick, so Dean has to keep the score close early when Foster has the advantage. The plan relied on Dean getting a quick escape and Foster flat blew up Koll/Dean's plans with a great second period ride. I guarantee you Foster has thick enough skin to not be insulted by the analysis and would probably feel good that he did well to ruin the planning. As for the politics of New York, please stop talking, Sublime. You have the direction of the money exactly backwards.
  11. ugarte


    125 - Arujau 8 133 - DeSanto 7 149 - O'Connor 6
  12. ugarte

    List of Qualifiers

    EIWA 125: Glory (Princeton); Arujau (Cornell); Curry (American); Ferrante (Penn)133: Tucker (Cornell); Terao (American); Paetzell (Lehigh); Trampe (Binghamton)141: Diakomihalis (Cornell); Gil (Navy); Sparacio (Binghamton)149: Artalona (Penn); Prince (Navy); Kolodzik (Princeton); Schuyler (Lehigh); Sprague (American)157: Humphries (Lehigh); Hartman (Bucknell); Monday (Princeton); Weiland (Army); LaBrie (Brown); Reed (Columbia)165: Skidgel (Navy); McCormick (Army); Wolf (Lehigh); Jarrell (Drexel)174: Kutler (Lehigh); Womack (Cornell); DePrez (Binghamton); Carey (Navy); Harvey (Army)184: Dean (Cornell); Preisch (Lehigh); DePrez (Binghamton); Harvey (American); LaFragola (Brown); Stewart (Army)197: Brucki (Princeton); Honis (Cornell); Loiseau (Drexel); Roetman (Navy); Jakobsen (Lehigh); Phipps (Bucknell)285: Wood (Lehigh); Butterbrodt (Brown); Goodhart (Drexel); Pelusi (F&M)
  13. ugarte

    How Title IX Destroyed SEC College Wrestling

    lol schools pump a billion dollars into football, carry 100 player rosters, the coaches make 8 figure salaries and get carried around on palanquins and still some people blame the decline of college wrestling on wimmen
  14. ugarte

    NCAA Made Big Mistake

    Obviously the NCAAs should always be in NYC and I have no particular reason for saying this. Now if you'll excuse me I have a subway to catch. (I can't imagine a venue with better arena-adjacent food than MSG, which is literally across the street from Koreatown. We go there every year Thanksgiving weekend before the Cornell hockey game.)