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  1. +I can watch it. My point is i don't think you need ACC Extra if you have ESPN+ but I wouldn't bet my house on my own understanding.
  2. fair - though i think you have to have cable to get espn+ at all, regardless of whether it is ACC, cornhole or cricket and i don't think i have ACC Extra in NYC.
  3. Campbell vs VT tomorrow on ESPN+ there's also an archive of Citadel vs NAIA Southeastern
  4. thx - I think ESPN+ streams a lot of ACC Extra content. ACC wrestling was on ESPN+ last year, that's why I asked. thx also to @Mphillips
  5. Channel 316 on Spectrum in Queens. Women's finals on now.
  6. thanks all - surprised that the olympic channel was showing it on cable but it doesn't have the rights to show replays online.
  7. look, since the same people who say that "race doesn't matter and noticing race is the real racism" also tend to say that the disparate outcomes in all sorts of areas are because of some social pathology or what have you about the disadvantaged communities themselves i don't think it's a real mystery what the actual racist statement is. you are as deep as a puddle.
  8. there wasn't a question. laughing at you was a response.
  9. noting historical firsts is not racism. angrily responding when someone points out a potential historical first, well, (also, i think the answer is no, we will not)
  10. there's a difference between sharing the rules so your friends don't get busted and being the cop who reports them.
  11. is there a bigger falloff from starter to backup than dake to balfour? i will say that balfour had some decent moves over the course of losing every match but hoo boy. takeaway from this tournament is that the kids are coming to snatch gwiz's crown. parris should have won both matches and steveson did win his, comfortably. i also don't think steveson ducked parris; tony nelson isn't a guy you bring to watch the action.
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