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  1. On 10/13/2019 at 9:56 PM, ugarte said:

    Provo and Saunders both made it to, but lost in, the final. Saunders a pretty big upset I think.

    Saunders lost on a locked hands call in SV but he was facing away from the flo camera so i can't argue it. He really lost by allowing two slide-bys that probably wouldn't have earned points in freestyle because he went to a quadpod that the refs didn't care about. Gotta get used to folk again.

  2. On 10/10/2019 at 8:42 PM, klehner said:


    My best searchin':

    113:  Nico Provo (Jr, CT)

    132:  Dylan Cedeno (Sr., NJ)

    138:  Josh Saunders (Sr., MO)

    (Side note:  Greg Diakomihalis is not ranked by Flo)


    Provo in the semis as the 6 seed

    Saunders in the semis as the 1 seed at 145

    I don't see Cedeno.

  3. 20 hours ago, Cary by the Lake said:

    **** Yes I am getting known on FB as a Subversive,  because I post the truth and the PC Police many times do not like the truth.  Big Brother is definitely watching, especially those of us who love America and The Constitution.


    Facebook is literally a bigger MAGA news funnel than Fox. You are only being suppressed in your head. 

  4. there's some weird mercenary behavior is sports - small gulf states buying new citizens to create national teams out of whole cloth, for example (and even that makes me laugh rather than gets me upset) - but objecting to someone playing for their grandpa's country is just weird. half of the tournaments are dagestanis now because the bench is so deep and there's only one spot for Russia per weight. 

  5. 18 hours ago, DanGerMan said:

    High School students take redshirts?

    well I assume he has a red shirt at least. thanks for the corrections, all.

    I doubt he goes to FLRTC after an Olympic training year. 

  6. 4 hours ago, Fishbane said:

    I don't think they put names on the jerseys any more.  Many football basketball teams will only sell jerseys with set numbers.  Sometimes these number are common ones that some player will inevitably have.  I think Williamson wore 1 which is a number Duke sells.  

    what a strange coincidence that the 1's are selling like hotcakes. well, there's no way to tell why. assume it's just random! no profits attributable to players here at all!

  7. 3 hours ago, 1032004 said:

    It may be tougher to find major news outlets outright calling him a racist (although many less respected ones did), but many of the articles were titled something like “referee forces wrestler to cut dreadlocks,” which is a lie.  

    neither "racist" (protected opinion, also he was previously suspended for using the n-word in anger so...) nor "forces wrestler to cut his hair" (substantially true, since the wrestler had the choice of haircut or forfeit) are grounds for a defamation claim. if he sues it will be dismissed without a trial.

  8. 14 minutes ago, jon said:

    Oh wow look at that. When there's discussion of Flo pricing, more voices chime in. Go figure!

    why don't you start a thread on flo's pricing so there's a place to talk about it instead of complaining about flo's priciing in every thread about an event flo is showing. hell, make it two threads: one in college and one in international.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Housebuye said:

    Flo I’m sure has done the analysis... I doubt they will ever offer a month to month option, until they are acquired. Then it is possible depending on who acquires them and how they integrate 


    pretty obvious to me that they had a monthly model and found that people were using it to dip in and out - especially during conference tournament season - like it was event pricing and it was terrible for the bottom line. they have annual subscriptions because there really aren't that many casuals but there are a lot of people who would choose a cheaper short-term option if it's available, but if it isn't will pay for the year and just watch more stuff. That certainly would have described me two years ago.

  10. 48 minutes ago, Antitroll2828 said:

    You realize that his own coach and teammates are on the record acknowledging he needed the special head cover and he just forgot it that match. The ref was suspended solely because the civil rights commission got involved and it turned political, and anyone in NJ will tell you politicians  never miss a chance for a Photo op. The whole situation is an absolute joke so yes especially in a sue happy state like NJ he absolutely has a case. Going on TV and proclaiming he made the kid cut his hair because he was racist and the kid was black is pretty much the definition of defaming someone  

    he won't even make it to a jury

  11. Cornell rankings from Flo pretty much as expected. Only ranked at 133, (Tucker at 9) 174 (Womack at 14 or 15), 184 (Darmstadt at 2) and 285 (Furman at 25). Glad to see Furman sneak in - he had some decent freestyle results over the summer. I can't really complain about anyone getting shorted. The frosh will have to prove their way onto the board.

  12. 16 hours ago, 1032004 said:

    Why not?   The NJSIAA suspended him despite the state rules interpreter saying he was right, and many media outlets defamed him.

    nobody defamed him. everyone expressed opinions about what they saw. the state rules interpreter was himself fired for a rules interpretation that was superficially neutral but which only affected kids with dreads. a lot of people here have interpreted "natural state" to preclude dreads but from what I've read, it isn't supposed to. dreads are unnatural in the same way a dye job is "unnatural" but for wrestling purposes, it is just a hairstyle.

    he does not have a viable case.

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