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  1. That one person has ruled that Plasmodium failed skin check. Lehigh won this dual despite two wrestlers finishing one point short of a tech and three guys wheezing their way through the third period. Did Bethlehem have a higher altitude than usual?
  2. This was a great tournament and a pleasure to watch from up close. I watched from the 74 QF through the consolation rounds live, then the medal rounds on Flo. Comments in no particular order. Snyder isn't getting beat at this weight by anyone save maybe Cox once he chooses his weight class. Outscored his opponents 31-0. Yeesh. The college guys - Gross, McKenna and Suriano - were all better than I expected. I especially did not expect Suriano to challenge much less dominate Garrett (and he even teched the guy who beat Garrett) but as a Cornell guy I have to think that Garrett will keep improving through the trials. I promise that I was telling the truth about IMar complaining about his shoulder after nearly losing to Gantt but he was putting a lot of pressure on that shoulder to turn Nolf over, and even an injured Nolf would make that unlikely if the symptoms were anything more than ephemeral. Nobody had anything for Dieringer. Cakewalk. The most stunning match was Abounader / Pfarr - Abounader was up 8-0 and just gassed. Steveson rolled. In the consi semis, Hemida took a 2 point lead by shoving Nevills out of bounds... right through the ref, who took it like a champ. It's hard to tell on the screen but live, my son said Hemida seemed shook by knocking her over. Nevills quickly got in on a single leg and as Hemida was trying to fight it off ended up on his back and pinned with 1 second left (not that it mattered since he'd already been awarded 2 to go ahead.)
  3. This did not age well, and I'm glad. IMar showed absolutely no evidence of a shoulder injury the way he threw Nolf.
  4. Would not be surprised if it is a double MFF. My son and I were right next to Mat B. IMar barely held on against Gantt - I still can't believe he fought off the 4th turn - and after the match he was holding his left shoulder and told his coach "I can't feel my shoulder" as he walked off the mat. This was a great event to go to. I wish I could have gotten there earlier than the middle of the QF. Still can't believe that Garrett lost to Richards.
  5. still have a dual and the EIWA finals (knock wood)
  6. Look, the report said a lot of things. It pointed to a lot of suspicious behavior, inconsistent cooperation and dishonesty from the White House, pretty obvious destruction of evidence by Bannon and Erik Prince. If you want to hear me and another liberal lawyer (I'll say it so you don't have to) talk about it while citing specific evidence and laughing at the corruption and incompetence (and deflating some of the more hyperbolic accusations) have at it. The "evidence" of a parallel effort of Democrats collaborating with Russia or Ukraine is literally nothing. As in, people say it but there is nothing to point to, it's just something people on talk radio say to muddy the waters.
  7. Berreyesa lost in the semis 5-0 to an Egyptian wrestler with a good Juniors resume then defaulted out of the consi.
  8. Berreyesa out, losing 5-0 to Hassan Hassan Ahmed Mohamed. What happens to the OT bid if a foreign wrestler wins? Top-placing American or expedited citizenship proceedings?
  9. Manville couldn't stop leading with his head and Berreyesa moves into the semis, 5-2. the 1, 3, 4 and 5 seeds all knocked out before the semis at 77kg.
  10. Into the semis, 5-2 over Manville. Manville hit twice for 2 point fouls for, as far as I could tell, head-butting.
  11. And then his second over Lees 8-0 in 40 seconds.
  12. And another one - takedown and 3 turns to move on. in 40 seconds.
  13. Berreyesa won his first match at 77kg over Yeats (CAN) 5-2.
  14. It's a standing dress code for the NYAC, relaxed for the event.
  15. it's good for wrestling if the bill farrell open sells out but it would not be great for me because there is no way i'm there until like 12:30 at the earliest. i have to call before i leave brooklyn. i have no predictions or wrestling analysis. i just want to see nahshon again and my kid really wants to see mekhi lewis, who he decided to start rooting for before the NCAA QF.
  16. the dress code for the farrell is collared shirt, no jeans, no sneakers. however
  17. hoping. my kid's flag football league semis are on saturday but i don't know what time kickoff is yet.
  18. wanted to bump this with the update that the 11/2 show got accredited, and went well, so i feel good about getting CLE accreditation for the wrestling CLE on 11/30 and hope I'll see people there. and @JasonBryant i'm definitely open to any podcasting... details have been updated here https://www.caveat.nyc/event/persuasive-authority-11-30-2019
  19. i may be there for the finals. is that the final official registration list? i knew yianni wasn't going but thought that vito was going to be there.
  20. thinking about womack beating valencia in the blood round and setting up impossible-to-fulfill expectations for both of them
  21. Want to keep this on the front page. Three Big Red wins at the bearcat plus two more from FLWC. Darmstadt loss a bit of a surprise but not a huge one - DePrez is going to AA and beat Dean last year.
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