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  1. my brain is melting from these back to back sentences
  2. and the brownie mix is Amway
  3. like i said, the story sounds like a makeweight explanation that everyone involved is agreeing to accept for the purposes of settlement since he isn't fighting the year. i think the ADA "agreed" to accept the findings just like the panel "agreed" to defer to the deal. i think everyone knows what's up.
  4. it's a joke about actual juice that apparently never gets old
  5. covenants not to compete are anticompetitive and bad and, in california but i assume not texas, illegal. if i'm willie or rokfin, the exact contours of non-competition agreements are worth fighting over to keep working (up to a point, since the expense of litigation can get crazy).
  6. Whether an ADA suspension affects his NCAA eligibility remains to be seen. I'm not sure that the NCAA can't impose supplemental discipline within their own jurisdiction. This story has everything. An "accidental" ingestion during an out-of-competition period ... because it was being taken by his father ... who was recommended the product by an assistant coach at his school ... and he took it with a "wellness drink" that his mother sells through a multi-level marketing company. Wonderful. It says it was a consent judgment so it sounds like a settlement to me. "Here is our story, we'll accept a year suspension and not fight as long as you don't go for two." The panel accepted the stipulated facts that the USADA and Fix agreed to. Smart lawyering because if he had to have that story evaluated in real time by hostile opposing counsel he could have wound up with as much as 4 years if the panel didn't believe him or his father. Chris Perry's twitter is locked and I don't think he wants to answer any questions either.
  7. Arujau v Mueller Steveson v Hilger
  8. i don't know how but cassar's going to get another year of eligibility
  9. I saw an interview - I think with Dean? - and he suggested it might be LaJoie (from Michigan) at 133. He also suggested Richard (NY) may jump up to 165 and challenge Ramirez. I'm 99% sure Foca is going to start over Berreyesa.
  10. I thought that Mason Reiniche was a future Cornell recruit but according to the rebranded FLRTC website he's headed to UT-C. Check out the alumni page. https://www.spartancombatrtc.com/
  11. i think gabe dean suggested that 141/149 was yianni/saunders in whatever order works, yapoujian at 157 and richard might jump to 165. that may be contingent on yianni going 149, though. if yianni is 141 maybe richard competes to keep the starting spot at 149.
  12. i was a transfer student and i'm old, though not by the standards of a wrestling forum where people talk about watching baumgartner in college
  13. are worlds in a country allowing american travelers?
  14. Obviously he's biased - and as to @hammerlockthree's point, also Out There. But so what? Bias doesn't really come into play here. Nor does Palacio being Out There - Yianni isn't a wildman and he RT'd it. Why would anyone cut for a Flo exhibition? Arujau and Alvarez wrestled at 140. Taylor and Martin wrestled at, what, 200? My point is only that neither Dake nor Chamizo is going to have trouble with the cut to 74.
  15. for what it's worth
  16. he weighed in a pound and a half under but he has to have a lower walking-around weight
  17. and he wasn't aggressive enough on offense
  18. I read that he also got injured playing football
  19. I assume he's getting a medical redshirt or @Plasmodium's post wouldn't make sense. he is not greyshirting (unless the roster is wrong) and never did. Yapoujian spent his senior year at FLWC and attending Colorado's online high school. he competed at Cornell as a true freshman before getting hurt in south beach (iirc). the way i see it, if Brucki gets surgery and a medical redshirt for '20-'21, then graduates princeton in '21, he should have two years left in grad school at a non-Ivy. right?
  20. It's a problem if the small fries keep embarrassing you I guess. D-I teams probably didn't appreciate Clarion and P-J stealing their prize money.
  21. I know you're joking but while we should definitely be mandating masks in indoor spaces i also don't think police enforcement of mask wearing solves any problems more significant than the ones it creates. But that's a whole other topic that I basically regret bringing up but can't stop myself from hitting Submit Reply on.
  22. any idea what he's referring to with those three guys?
  23. Vito beat Tucker during the greyshirt and then lost to him during his freshman year. When Tucker beat Vito I thought it meant that Tucker "won" the weight and forced Vito down to 125 but after listening to the Flo interview with Vito I wonder if going down to 125 was already the plan. Any way to see what Vito weighed in at for that match? Moving an event that large would under other circumstances seem really difficult but if you aren't filling an arena with fans anyway it may not be as hard? I think we are looking at a very short season (at best) though.
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