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  1. 29 minutes ago, Housebuye said:

    Fair enough

    Musakaev was gassed before he racked up all nine points. After about a minute he was tired and he looked to be at maybe 20% by the two minute mark. 

    I was honestly impressed he lasted as long as he did after that. 

    He gassed himself via too much offense 

    getting to be a habit - before defaulting out of his Poland semi with Yianni, Musukaev took a 9-0 lead in the QF and held on to win 9-8.

  2. In a trackwrestling interview Koll said (well, implied - all of the language was pretty informal) that the arbitration last week was a preliminary hearing on whether the case was arbitrable at all. USA Wrestling apparently argued that a rule regarding finality (unspecified, so I don't know the rule it is based on) precluded Yianni from challenging the result. Team Yianni won that decision, so the arbitrator will decide the case on the merits (as in, was the challenge/review process proper). I think he said that the hearing on the merits will be August 8 with a decision expected within a day or so. He said he was "cautiously optimistic."

  3. 1 hour ago, MDogg said:

    Darmstadt At 184?!? How tall is he...6’4 or 6’5”? He’d have to be the tallest 184 pounder in NCAA history. I wonder why he’d do that? To prep his body for going 86k at Olympic trials right after the season ends? Maybe to give Honis 197 so he takes his name out of the transfer portal?

    Honis graduated so he has no eligibility left for the Ivy League, which doesn't allow grad students to compete. There's already another thread on this but he enrolled in grad school at Syracuse and is a walk-on to the football team at TE.

  4. flipping through the brackets, here are the Americans still around:

    65 FS Diakomihalis v Ogunnesyan (UKR)(gold)

    60 GR LaMont v Gharibyan (ARM) (bronze)

    67 GR Flaherty v Orshokdungar (RUS) (bronze)

    72 WW Kazem v Burakova (RUS) (bronze) Right after I hit send, Burakova 10-0 over Kazem.

    American medalists:

    50 WW Fearnside 7-0 over Islamova Brik (KAZ) for gold

    55 WW Winchester 8-0 over Parrish (USA) for bronze

    55 GR Nowry 5-4 over Cankaya (TUR) for bronze

    63 GR Mango default over Rahman (TUR) for bronze

    72 GR Bunker 7-5 over Ahmet (TUR) for bronze

    82 GR Sheridan default over Movsar (RUS) for bronze 

  5. I scrolled through a lot looking for Yianni's QF and finally found it. Along the way I saw Berreyesa lose his Greco QF at 77 and that Dominic Abounader is wrestling for Lebanon. I watched a lot of the American women as well. I don't know if any of them are still in the top bracket. I saw Leathers and Shia lose in the QF among others. I don't know all the names of the women we sent.

  6. 1 hour ago, tbert said:

    So I guess your answer to the question is  "yes".  Out of the hundreds of athletes trying out, we are left with two Koll coached athletes prolonging the results to a simple process.  Just a coincedence.

    Yeah, that's why i started my answer with "yeah" - it is a coincidence because there were no other disputes of note in this qualifying cycle.

    And the Dake delay / Spain competition isn't a real dispute. He was *obviously* within his rights to postpone Final X and - we absolutely don't have to rehash the disagreement since we know where everyone stands - knocking the rust of in Spain doesn't seem to be prohibited by any rule.

    1 hour ago, nom said:

    Ugarte - good post.  I think I disagree with one point.  You mentioned that Cael and crew disagreed with the 2+2 but held the brick to see how it would all play out.  I think you are saying you are ok with that.  

    I am not.  I believe the challenge needs to come very soon after the points go up.  If you feel strongly enough that something was wrong - put it in.   The brick should not also provide option value associated with letting things play out and see if my guy is good to go.  This leads to too much gaming in my opinion.

    I don't think it's good that the challenge came in 40 seconds later, and would prefer a rule that didn't let it happen, as I explained. HOWEVER, I think Zain's corner was operating in good faith and if the arbitration panel agrees that it was within the rules I can accept that it is within the standard. That's all.

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