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  1. 7 hours ago, Idaho said:

    I was planning on putting together a list of commits who placed after it is finished. It won't be a complete list of everyone committed that competed though.

    Here are the Cornell guys though. 

    thanks - i actually cobbled this together myself but only posted it on wrestlingreport because it was past my bedtime. 

    The scoring  in Foca-Plott drove me nuts and the 14-14 loss on criteria is killing me.

  2. 3 hours ago, spladle08 said:


    if losing risked the #1 seed, it makes more sense to default. If it didn't, it's just ducking.

    that said, i don't care if wrestlers treat ranking events as what they are. he got what he needed out of the event and walked away.

  3. 9 minutes ago, NJDan said:

    Isn't it outrageous that JB's and Yianni's opponents for forfeited in the finals? seems very disrespectful to the fans, the organizers, the other wrestlers. I don't recall anyone ever forfeiting in the finals of the NCAAs. Does anyone ever forfeit in the finals of a conference tournament? 

    Were these guys actually hurt? Does anyone know?


    A post-non-match interview with Yianni he said that Ali told him it was a shoulder injury. No idea about Chamizo but someone else suggested he had nothing more to gain for Worlds because had already secured #1 by reaching the semis.

    I for one am still angry at all of the people who went 2-0 at the Lock Haven tournament to boost their winning percentage and then defaulted out.

  4. Just now, LJB said:

    there is an entire mat to wrestle on... running to the edge is just that, running... there is a field of competition for a reason

    i think he means if there is a wrestler backed to the edge and you have to leave the mat to get behind, it shouldn't be a step out penalty if you're making an offensive move, not fleeing. I guess that's not a bad rule but you also shouldn't be able to get credit for 2 if you finish the move from outside the circle.

  5. 5 minutes ago, LJB said:

    you do realize how many world and olympic medals akgul has?

    and how many of those are of the gold variety, right?

    he was unbothered because gwiz has absolutely nothing for him and they both know it...

    yeah! that's that's what i mean. it's wild for the distance between gold and bronze to be big enough that the BMOC is so blase.

  6. 6 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    If Koll does that he will be the ultimate hypocrite due to the Dake situation.

    if zain drops out after it's too late for the US to enter a substitute i'm not sure how that's the same. i also doubt that nlwc would actually do that or that usaw would let them. 

    i don't know what the deadline is for the us to name their official entrant, but i suspect in light of zain's injury that yianni will train to be available to sub in regardless of what happens in the arbitration.

  7. Just now, iGranby said:

    I think for some of our guys that are offensive machines, it's important they know when they're still within striking range of an opponent ,and that it would be unwise tactically to continue to attack.

    I think it was fairly smart of Ringer to truly shut it down that last 20 secs. 4-0, you're still a solid counter away from being straight up down by 1, down by criteria, or in a 1 point match with time left. 

    As to the rest of the match - yeah, boring.

    agreed - it wasn't a judgment of his strategy or anything. but i turned it on at 3-0 so it was all defense from there

  8. 1 hour ago, GockeS said:

    it was 3-0, just after the hun challenged a 1 and got the two... then the 4 pointer and then the 2 pointer 

    yeah i replayed it in my head after my post and realized whaletail was definitely right.

    On rewatch I also now see what whaletail meant about the pushout - at the end of the sequence after the 4+2 Yianni went out of bounds and I think Musukaev wanted 1 more there for a stepout. That would have ended it. There was a second pushout that Musukaev wanted later, when the score was 9-1.

    I'm surprised Musukaev's corner didn't challenge the pushout at 9-0. IMO the challenge to get to 3-0 was a really dangerous one. The corner and the judges got the call right but I'm shocked Hungary risked giving Yianni the point when it was close but not when they were already winning 9-0 and could have ended the match.

  9. Just now, whaletail said:

    I may be wrong, but I thought that 6 point sequence made it 9-0, thus Yianni couldn't risk a challenge.  He then almost gave up a step out, but it was ruled a straight arm push.

    i don't remember the score at the time of the 4+2 but i didn't think it made it 9-0  but I'd have to rewatch. I do know that yianni got his own push out (that his eyes said he was hoping would be 2 but 1 was the right call) to make it 9-1 before the "no step out" call.

  10. 2 hours ago, DuckFor2 said:

    i didn't see any sign of an injury in this match.

    He definitely was limping after the 4 point move and kept testing the knee. Didn't look good. He scored after the injury but I think Yianni was giving up that 2 and running out the clock.

  11. 1 hour ago, ToneLoc said:

    He came really close to getting tech'd on the no call push out. I guess you can't deliberately "push"? I'm still not there on freestyle rules. I don't have the sound on so maybe they explained during the stream

    It wouldn't have been a tech - the score was 9-1. 

    49 minutes ago, GockeS said:

    its funny, the 4 yanni gave up was eerily similar to the 4 he scored on zain.

    yet he didn't think it should have been scored.

    Come on. I don't know what he was questioning but nobody from his corner seemed to consider challenging (for good reason). In any event a heat of the moment quizzical look at the ref because you didn't see a scramble you were literally just experiencing the same way as an outsider is not unreasonable. In his QF match against the Azeri, he was trying to lock up a lace and the ref blew the whistle and talked to him about the way he had the guy's ankle, which Yianni didn't seem to quite understand. After he wrapped up the tech, he asked the ref again to explain what he thought was wrong with the hold. It didn't seem arrogant or angry. Yianni didn't necessarily agree with the 4+2 to Musukaev, but he just kept wrestling. 

    Musukaev was dead on his feet in the second. He was so winded he got cautioned and docked a point for not returning to center after having already given up a point on a step out. He then challenged a different step out call and cost himself another point on the failed challenge, and it was clear that the only reason his corner challenged was that he was gassed and wanted the recovery time. The third caution was something even the judges didn't want to give but Musukaev literally just backed his knee out of the circle while they were facing each other. They conferred and it sounded like everyone was like "that was egregious. he just backed out!" Musukaev seemed surprised by the call but not *that* surprised. It wouldn't have mattered.

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