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  1. 1 hour ago, Billyhoyle said:

    They’re running a clinical trial on hydroxychloroquine, just like they are on a number of other repurposed drugs. There isn’t any reliable clinical data yet that supports the use of any of these compounds, but there are a number that have the potential to have some efficacy-which is why they are running the trials. It’s pointless to speculate about what may or may not work until we see the results from the trials. 

    that's all i'm saying. thanks billy.

  2. 6 hours ago, wrestlingnerd said:

    I don’t care for Musk but this is also a path which Stanford Medical School is on so I’m not as negative as you on it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTi-g18ftNZUMRAj2SwRPodtscFio7bJ7GdNgbJAGbdfF67WuRJB3ZsidgpidB2eocFHAVjIL-7deJ7/pub

    i'm not negative on the research. i'm negative on people with massive megaphones getting ahead of the research. there are pharmacies running short because rich people who aren't sick are hoarding chloroquine.

  3. 1 hour ago, ionel said:

    NYC appears to have the worse problem in the country and will be requiring resources from other areas that may need them.  But sure why would the mayor want to do anything "soon," maybe if he waits the problem will just go away?  The governor does appear to be taking this seriously. 

    i'm not praising BdB here i'm just saying it's tough to put a city of 7 million under lockdown when half of a wrestling forum thinks this is a seasonal flu plotted by soros

  4. 1 hour ago, ionel said:

    NY is ~half the national numbers in cases and fatalities and as of still this weekend folks in NYC running around like nothing has changed in the world.  Look for FL to make a big jump from similar behavior.

    i promise you that nothing in NYC is normal right now. in a population of over 7 million, some people will do the wrong thing. going to the park and walking around to stay sane is not bad. going to the park to play pickup soccer is not fine and i think chicago may have expressly prohibited group activities in public parks. nyc will probably do so soon, though for now it has just been a stern lecture about it from cuomo.

  5. On 3/19/2020 at 7:10 PM, wrestlingnerd said:

    if elon musk said it there's literally no reason to trust it. the point of that article is "elon musk wanted to see his name in the newspaper again."  chorloquine (and hydrochloriquine) paired with an antibacterial are not novel suggestions and worth investigating but also have known serious side effects and dangers. naturally, people WITH CERTAIN PERSONALITIES AND A HIGH PROFILE have decided to tweet that Americans should be turned into a massive experimental study .

    on the other hand, virologists at Pitt appear to have been doing interesting stuff.

  6. So I've been looking at the Track Quant simulation and, for kicks, some notes:

    125: Good work on LaJoie beating Mannino again in the rematch, and for lasting to the second round against Spencer Lee. Close one with Schwarm, too.

    133: Tucker lost to DeSanto and faces Bridges (again) in the blood round.

    141: Baughman to the QF! Back to back upsets: a 13-12 nailbiter against Sherman and MD (!) over Chad Red. Faces #8 Heil in the blood round (Heil knocked out Pomrinca).

    149: Richard LMD to Degen but beat Rohlfing and Storr before falling to Kizhan Clarke in R16

    174: Rough career ender for Womack, getting pinned by Kutler before losing in the pigtail to Eaglin (Duke)

    184: Rough day for Loew, pinned by Hidlay and majored in the rematch with Janzer.

    197: Darmstadt wins a pair before falling to Rasheed (!) in the QF. Bulsak in the blood round)

    285: Furman loses to Stencel in the first round before a shocking upset of Hokit in the wrestlebacks and a second win over Wilson (NC State). The magic run ends with a loss to Andrews in R16.

  7. On 3/17/2020 at 9:13 PM, jdalu75 said:

    I don't see how Tucker can have eligibility remaining unless he receives a med hardship waiver from the NCAA for a 6th year.  He went directly from HS to Cornell, was shown on the roster in 2015-16 and 2016-17, didn't wrestle a bout either year due to injury.  Unless Cornell's roster was incorrect that first year, his 5-year clock began then.  I just checked and he's no longer shown on the 2016-17 roster but he's still on 2015-16.

    if he didn't wrestle either year due to injury wouldn't getting a medical redshirt to wrestle grad for anyone else be pretty straightforward since he only had 3 years of competition?

  8. 42 minutes ago, ConnorsDad said:

    Bias? Nah, huge Yianni fan. Thought ZR looked better until you know what happened. Not sure about the guy. Wrestles like a E.uropean

    he got one takedown and got reversed to his back. the takedown was nice but ... it was a pretty bog standard takedown. 

  9. the scoring in the video is weird. Zain gets a takedown then he gets reversed and exposed then flattened out. they briefly had it as 4-2 for Destribats then it changed to 2-2 in favor of Zain? I would have thought it would be 3-2 Destribats, if it weren't for the fall. 

    In any event... yikes.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Bronco said:

    This virus is just like THOUSANDS of viruses that have come before it.   It will run it's course and die out.   Viruses like this have been around since the dawn of time.  But I'm sure I've taken up way to much of everyone's time here so I'll let the fools among us get back to their media induced PANIC.  That being the individuals who STILL believe the BS the media pushes on them every single day.

    imagine thinking that this is media-driven when every institution in the world is shutting down. get out of your head.

  11. 1 minute ago, vegetable lasagna said:

    The OP told us about his first hand experience with corona. Not sure why you're calling him an idiot... that's not cool. The CDC and mainstream media have a long trackrecord of exaggerating the threat posed by the virus du jour. What's idiotic is the segment of the population that unquestioningly submits to every new scare... never learning to be skeptical of the claims made by the so called experts.

    op's expertise is "not dying" congrats to him. i'm also not dead yet but it doesn't make me an expert.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Broomstick said:

    No, I get Y2K but not much else of the tech-speak.  But I'm illiterate that way.

    the reason y2k wasn't a disaster is because people spent an insane amount of time and money to fix it before y2k, not because it wasn't a problem.

  13. 17 minutes ago, vegetable lasagna said:

    Human beings have survived 10's or 100's of thousands of years in the face of countless numbers of viruses and microbes and other threats... without vaccines, medicines, quarrantines, etc. ... We'll be alright.

    not all of 'em survived.


  14. 4 hours ago, NJDan said:

    never mind. found it in the cornell thread. thanks for posting.

  15. 1 hour ago, Cptafw164 said:

    My profession requires me to travel frequently.  I went to south Korea in November and Japan in December.  Got sick in Feb when I was in Tacoma.  I just stayed in my hotel and drank water, Gatorade and slept.  Came back and they said it was Covid.  

    It took me out for approximately 3 days.  I DID have a flu shot, so that helped because I had SOME more antibodies to help.  

    But this is complete BS and 100% political.  H1N1 didn’t cause this much hysteria.  My 3.5 year old daughter got H1N1 and she survived.  

    i have multiple close relatives with leukemia. miss me with this nonsense just because you wish you could have watched more wrestling.

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