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  1. Putting weight on it means nothing. Yianni wrestled two matches and finished a third without an ACL in Cleveland last year.
  2. His article has/had wrong information. So I would take it with a grain of salt, even though it was make to create debate and discussion. When I initially read the article, he wrote that Tom brands was "one of only two men to be 3x NCAA champ, world champ, and Olympic champ. The other being Mark Schultz." I noted that Kyle Snyder also is in this group. He has since edited his article. I don't know how one could make this error, since a list of top 38 would begin at #1 and work it's way down to the last individual ranked. Mark and Kyle are 9 and 10 while brands is 14, so he would have typed their info before typing brands. It is obvious to me he was copy and pasting or at minimum using another individuals research on the topic. Anyways I think Dake would be a great coach. Even though he can't coach his natural ability, he'd be able to recruit those special athletes. Recruiting would be a great strength for him as a coach.
  3. A big factor in a potential match up is the style. In a folkstyle match the UFC champs would have no chance. In freestyle the matches are more interesting but the UFC still probably gets shut out. In Greco I wouldn't have a guess of how the match would go, but the UFC likely looses more matches than they win.
  4. Dean heil, Trolls these boards as DangerCount
  5. I don't know the exact number, 20+ years, but it appears the streak will come to an end this year. Only one former wrestler qualified, Anthony McLaughlin, and he's seeded 26. It was an incredible run for the northeast Ohio powerhouse.
  6. I doubt he's ducking pletcher. Micic has been giving pletcher whoopings since that match in Vegas last year
  7. He may be graduating from SDSU. If that is the case he would be able to transfer anywhere without restrictions.
  8. A.J. Ferrari wrestled for Allen before transferring to Blair to begin this year
  9. While not in the same class Reece Humphrey, Greg oden, and Mike Conley attended Lawrence North in Indiana. Oden was the 1st pick in the 2007 draft while Conley was the 4th.
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