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  1. What about Ragusin? I think they go with Micic at 133 and Ragusin at 125, with Micic wrestling an abbreviated schedule like you suggested.
  2. Katie was a senior national judo champion, but never an Olympian. She lost in the quarterfinals of the 2008 US Olympic Judo Trials. Her boyfriend at the time made the 2008 US Olympic Judo Team and so did Steve, so she got to travel to Beijing. She just wasn't a competitor.
  3. So both Gazimagomedov's are going to be left at home for the Olympics?
  4. If Matt goes at 157, does that mean all 3 brothers would be starting at the same time? They should have the 3 Lee's matchup against the 3 Finesilver's at the next NLWC event!
  5. Is it possible that they guys you named above pick and choose the college duals and tournaments they enter rather than skip the season all together?
  6. Spey - My bad. I didn't understand that if a competitor lost his first round match, he would be done and finish in 5-8 place. I thought there was a wrestleback for 5th/7th. I am a paid subscriber to Flo and I appreciate you guys putting on events, especially now with all the shutdowns due to covid. Sorry for the confusion on my end.
  7. We are in an Olympic year, so the risk of injury outweighs "pride." Since they have no chance of winning and your company is going to pay them the same amount anyway, why would they risk injury and compete in a consolation match? What happens if one of these guys gets hurt wrestling in the 5th or 7th place match of your tournament and can't wrestle at the Olympic Trials? Also, the results of your tournament don't matter as 195 is not an Olympic weight class so there is no impact on seeding at the Trials. Another reason not to risk injury and wrestle in the 5th or 7th place match. Finally, all of our WFS and Greco wrestlers forfeited their finals matches at the Pan Am Olympic Qualifier because they didn't want to risk injury. Do they not have pride then?
  8. Which do you think is the better lineup for PSU at 141/149, Bartlett/N. Lee or N. Lee/Verk? @Class Isn't Facundo still in HS?
  9. Then why would anyone wrestle the 5-8 matches aside from pride? If you're not getting any additional money, why risk injury in this sort of tournament?
  10. How much of an impact does this tournament have on the selection of the Russian Olympic Freestyle Team?
  11. The best case scenario is that he beats Shak in the first round and Lujan upsets Gabe. I could see Gavin making the finals under those circumstances. However, it would be next to impossible for him to beat Shak, Gabe, and Nate/Myles in succession.
  12. You keep modifying your criteria so it fits the narrative of the statement you made in your original post that, "almost anybody from Hawaii has judo experience if they also wrestle." If you go with your new definition, then it applies to almost anyone. I think a more reasonable definition for "judo background" would be taking formal classes from a judo blackbelt and earning judo rank, which could be as little as yellow belt (gokyu). I'll concede that there is heavy crossover between the wrestling and judo communities in Hawaii, and a significant percentage of accomplished wrestlers out of Hawaii have a judo background. But not every Div. 1 or USWNT wrestler from Hawaii has a judo background. Since the three NAIA champs from Hawaii I named previously didn't fit your criteria as having "done well in college wrestling," I will give you more examples. Tiare Ikei, who won the 2019 US Open at women's freestyle 53kg over Katherine Shai, does not have a judo background. Same with her brother who wrestled for 2 years at ASU. Kysen Terukina, who was ranked #11 in the country at 126 by Flo last season and is a freshman this year at Iowa State, also does not have a judo background. Same with his teammate Corey Cabanban, who is the second string 125 at ISU, as well as Kysen's older brother who was a two year starter at ISU several years ago.
  13. I think he wins his first match, but I can't see him winning the entire tournament at his age and after being inactive from competition since 2015.
  14. I don't think Jordan is scared of David, and that was the point of his tweet. Depending on what happens at the trials and Olympics, we could see this match in late 2021 or 2022. It is going to take someone ponying up a lot of money to make it happen, though. Maybe Novo gets it booked?
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