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  1. ShakaAloha

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    Don't you guys think that Conel would have had a conversation with Cael on where Cael saw him fitting in before Conel made his decision to commit to Penn State? Conel should have asked Cael what his plans were for Beard next season. Also, it would make no sense for Penn State to give Conel any scholarship money just to be a back-up/practice partner. You would think that if Cael told Conel that he would have to wrestle off Shakur or Beard for 197, then Conel would have picked VA Tech or another program where he had a clear path to starting.
  2. ShakaAloha

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    Agreed, there is no way seniors shut out the 2019 NCAA champs. I think Fix, Yianni, and Nolf could all win.
  3. ShakaAloha


    #3 Spencer Lee #5 Chance Marsteller #3 Zahid Valencia
  4. ShakaAloha

    2019 NCAA Pick'em Contest

    I entered. Would love to win the Jersey t-shirt!
  5. @lemonsandpie Here is my entry for the #LPBracketChallenge Molinaro, McIlravy, Scott Thanks!
  6. 1. Nickal 2. Nolf 3. Martin 4. Diakomihalis 5. Zahid 6. Ashnault 7. Joseph 8. Steveson 9. Fix 10. Lee
  7. ShakaAloha

    coach Xxxxx to College Yyyyy

    Are there any jobs out there that Casey would leave Penn St. for?
  8. ShakaAloha

    Seeding 174 NCAA?

    I think it should be: 1. Hall 2. Lewis 3. Valencia 4. Amine 5. Kutler 6. Smith Hall has not lost this season. As long as Hall and Valencia are on opposite sides of the bracket, that will be the final.
  9. ShakaAloha

    Can Chance Marsteller Make it to the 165 lb. Finals?

    Yes, he has a good shot but he needs to get a good draw in the bracket and wrestle the tournament of his life.
  10. ShakaAloha

    How Penn State can lose at Nationals

    Ok St: Need Picc, Fix, & White to place 1st, Brock top 5, G top 3 or 4, Joseph Smith top 5, Jacobe top 4, Geer earns AA, and Weigel top 2 or 3. Along with PSU: Nickal & Nolf score less than 24 points, Cenzo & Hall take 2nd or lower, Cassar takes 3rd or lower, Lee takes 4th or lower, RBY, Berge, & Shakur fail to earn AA.
  11. ShakaAloha

    Kollin Moore wrestling scared

    Hang with Cox? Yes. Beat Cox? No.
  12. ShakaAloha

    End of regular season: Make your NCAA champ picks

    Good to know. Thanks!
  13. ShakaAloha

    AJ Ferrari - where is he?

    That's a lot of transferring. Can't be good for the kids.
  14. ShakaAloha

    Pennsylvania States

    Flo making a big deal about Hillegas possibly meeting Chlebove in the semis (as opposed to the finals). Who do you guys have winning?
  15. ShakaAloha

    Way too early WTT picks

    Which 4x NCAA champ do you guys think has a better shot to make the Olympic Team in 2020? Dake at 74kg or Steiber at 65kg?