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  1. How do you think Sidakov or Kadzi would do against DT if they wrestled him up at 86kg?
  2. Agreed 100%. He had some really favorable draws in 2017 and 18. I hate to bag on one of our guys, but Gwiz would be fourth on the ladder in Iran.
  3. You took it complete in the other direction. Obviously he is getting a scholarship (and probably a full ride) from somewhere as one of the top ranked HS wrestling recruits in the country. But with the way you guys are talking about him on this thread, I was expecting a Kyle Snyder, Spencer Lee, or Gable Steveson level guy coming out of high school--a program changing type of recruit. After watching the match against Swiderski, I don't know if he that type of guy.
  4. Aren't Bouzakis and Mendez both projected to wrestle at 141 in college?
  5. I don't understand the hype with Mendez. Didn't he just take an L at Who's Number One?
  6. Those are 4 really good guys to have though. And Luke Stout at 197 looks promising.
  7. The world medals in the Olympic weights are more respected in the year or two prior to the Olympics because a lot of the better guys begin to acclimate their bodies to the Olympic weights since the points earned at those weights impact their seeding in the Olympics and medaling at Worlds in an Olympic weight could give them an advantageous position in their respective country's Olympic selection process.
  8. How has Gwiz "been more dominant domestically than any time in his career recently" when he has 4 domestic losses in the last 12 months? He hasn't just been losing to Geno, Zare, and Gable. Gwiz lost to Baran from Poland in the last year, he lost to Deng from China the last two times they've wrestled, he lost to Mohebbi and Hadi from Iran in addition to getting teched by Zare, and he also lost to Taha (who I would put on the same level as Geno, Zare, and Gable). IMO, Gwiz is not winning a medal at the upcoming worlds, much less winning gold. PM me if you want to do a sig bet.
  9. Forgot to post my list lol. Thanks for the reminder. 1. Taylor - Won gold in Tokyo and is head and shoulders better than everyone except Yazdani 2. Dake - No Sidakov, Gadzhi moved up to 79, unclear if Chamizo is wrestling 3. Cox - Won this weight the last 2 times and the Iranian is his only real competition 4. Burroughs - Gadzhi and the Russian are no joke, but JB is JB 5. Gilman - Looked great in Tokyo, would consider moving him as high as third if he is healthy and gets a great draw 6. Snyder - Would be higher except Sadulaev has his number 7. Fix - 61 is a less difficult weight than 65 even without Otoguro, Bajrang, and Rashidov 8. Diakomihalis 9. Green - no disrespect, but his best years are behind him 10. Gwiazdowski - same as Green, except he has Geno and Zare at his weight
  10. Academics, HEW, or did he quit the academy?
  11. Cornell's not losing to Army unless they sit all their main guys, i.e., Yianni, Vito, Darmstadt, and Fernandes. Navy beat Army in their dual last year. While it is always close between those two, I don't see Army turning the tables with Kolat getting another year to work with his guys.
  12. This was actually a loaded bracket in hindsight. I didn't know Waters and Futrell also wrestled at that weight.
  13. Is the plan to redshirt him in wrestling for his first year?
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