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  1. If he has a serious knee injury, it shouldn't matter if the wrestle off is on June 8 or at a later date. An injured DT will still beat PD3. The only way DT loses is if he chooses to sit out due to the injury.
  2. Ok, that's fine. The title of your topic/thread is: "I think Downey can do it." I interpret "do it" to mean make the US World Team in 2019. I am 100% confident that David Taylor will win the wrestle off to become the US rep on the 2019 World Team at 86kg, whether it is at Final X Rutgers or a special wrestle off at a later date.
  3. I edited this a minute ago (before you posted to address this). It's who wins the wrestle off to make the World Team.
  4. I agree to this wager. I just want to clarify a couple things: (1) If Taylor wrestles at Final X and beats PD3 in their best of 3 to make the World Team, but withdraws from Worlds (and PD3 wrestles at Worlds as the alternate)...you still lose. (2) If Taylor requests a special wrestle off at a later date and beats PD3 to make the World Team, I win and you lose.
  5. I accept this wager for the good of the board. I hope you do the honorable thing and never post here again (under your current screen name or sock puppet(s)) when David Taylor beats PD3 at Final X Rutgers on June 8.
  6. If you are wrong, would you agree never to post on this message board/forum again?
  7. I think Yianni and Spencer are on the same level, but I would rank Yianni higher in a P4P ranking. I hope both win 4 NCAA titles, and I am looking forward to their senior international freestyle careers. The next 2-3 years should be interesting.
  8. Yianni and Spencer are both all time greats. But clearly I'm not going to convince you that Yianni has had the better career thus far. Let's see if either or both can win 4 NCAA titles, and how their respective senior level freestyle careers work out. Time will tell...
  9. You guys are showing your ignorance. Eierman has won 87.6% of his matches in his career as an NCAA Div. 1 wrestler, with 63.6% of his wins being by bonus. He has lost only 14 matches in his three seasons of wrestling attached, with 12 of those 14 losses coming to NCAA finalists. The only non-NCAA finalists to beat Eierman in his three year career were Josh Alber of UNI in 2019 and Colby Smith of Mizzou in 2017. Naming only the AA's that he has beaten, Eierman has wins over Dom Demas, Mitch McKee, Kyle Shoop, Se'Darian Perry, Nick Lee, Dean Heil, Yianni Diakomihalis, Anthony Ashnault, Matt Kolodzik, Joey McKenna, and Boo Lewallen.
  10. I'm going to bring you back to your original quote, which is what I take issue with. 1. Spencer "tornadoed" through one NCAA tournament, in 2018. He did not tornado through the 2019 NCAA's. He struggled through the 2018-19 season, a season in which he had three losses. 2. Spencer did not have tougher path to a title than Yianni in the 2018 or 2019 NCAA Championships. 2A. Let's start with 2019 since it is more recent. Not a single guy Spencer beat in the 2019 NCAA Tournament was an All American the previous year. Only two out of the five wrestlers Spencer beat in the 2019 NCAA Tournament were 2019 All Americans (Mueller - 2nd, Picc -5th). For Yianni's 2019 run, he beat three All Americans from the previous year (Red, Eierman, McKenna), and four of the five guys he beat at 2019 NCAA's were All Americans (Red-8th, Demas-4th, Eierman-3rd, McKenna-2nd). 2B. Yianni also had the tougher road in 2018. Zanetta-Gil-Heil-Eierman-Meredith is a tougher path than Allen-Welch-Picc-Nato-Suriano. Gil from Navy is a better wrestler than Allen from UTC or Welch from Purdue. Heil and Meredith were the two finalists from the previous season at that weight, and Yianni had to beat them both to win his championship in 2018. Eierman was a 5th place from 2017 and Eierman had to beat Colton McCrystal, Joey McKenna, Matt Kolodzik, and Anthony Ashnault in order to get that 5th place. Who of that caliber has Picc beat in his entire damn career, let alone a single tournament??? Suriano didn't wrestle in the 2017 NCAA's and injury defaulted out of the 2018 Big 10's...he was unproven in the post-season going into 2018 NCAA's. Nato was the best guy that Spencer beat in his 2018 run, and he was two years removed from his NCAA championship. 3. While all time great wrestler, Spencer has benefited from easy draws at NCAA. He didn't have to beat the defending champ Cruz from Lehigh in 2018 because Suriano did it for him. He also didn't have to face Rivera at either the 2018 or 2019 NCAA's. Assuming they both go undefeated from here on out, Yianni will be behind only Cael as the greatest NCAA Division 1 wrestler ever as a 4x champ with only one loss that he would go onto avenge by beating Eierman 3x afterwards. Spencer will be dinged for his five career losses, two of which were to Rivera in the 2018-19 season as well as ducking Rivera in what was supposed to be their third match of the season. As previously stated, Spencer is one of the best ever but he is not on Yianni's level.
  11. Eierman is far more accomplished than Piccininni because he is a 3x AA with his highest finish being 3rd. Picc is a 2x AA with his highest finish being 4th, and his sophomore year he didn't AA. On top of that, Eierman is one of the top freestyle wrestlers in our country at the senior level. Picc just got smoked by Mueller at BTS, who is ranked 7th on the senior ladder. Picc is not even qualified for WTT, and I am not convinced that he would have been able to qualify had he tried at US Open or Last Chance. Whether it is freestyle or folk, the vast majority of this board would agree with me that Eierman is far more accomplished in the sport of wrestling than Picc. Furthermore, Picc is not even the best 125 lb. wrestler on his own team. That would be Daton Fix, who as someone else pointed out wrestled and won the US Open at 57 kg. (which is basically 125 lbs. weight class) with similar weigh in rules as NCAA's. McKenna is a 3x AA with his highest finish being 2nd. His sophomore year at Stanford, he failed to AA. Mueller is a 2x AA with his highest finish being 2nd. He also failed to AA in his sophomore year. Mueller would have to place 2nd or higher at NCAA's next season to pass McKenna in terms of credentials. When you look at their freestyle results, I would also put McKenna ahead of Mueller, as McKenna was last year's US Open Champ, and Mueller has yet to compete at the senior level. Suriano, Picc, and Mueller are already multiple time AA. But did I need to state that? The point I was trying to make was that for their 2019 paths to their respective titles, Yianni's was significantly more difficult. He beat three multiple time AA's in Red, Eierman, and McKenna. He also beat Demas, who I feel has a 90% likelihood of being a multiple time AA (if you want to take me up on this, we can arrange a bet). Spencer's path to his 2019 championship was a cakewalk. He beat 3 AA's, one of which was Russell, whose best finish was 7th in 2017. Picc and Mueller were the only multiple time AA. None of the guys he beat at 2019 NCAA's are on the level of McKenna or Eierman. Look, I am a fan of both Spencer and Yianni. I picked them both to win NCAA's in my brackets in 2018 and 2019. What Spencer did in 2018 was amazing, bonusing his way to the finals and then dominating Suriano. But Yianni's run was just as impressive because while he scored less bonus points, he beat more credentialed opponents. While they are both on pace to win 4 NCAA titles, these two guys are on different trajectories at the present time. Yianni is the hottest wrestler in America right now (winning the US Open and beating world #1 Bajrang), and Spencer has been mysteriously absent since the college season ended. To top it off, Spencer might not even be the best guy at 57kg from his own club, and he would be an underdog in a freestyle or folk match against Fix. I want to make it clear that I am not hating on Spencer. I am a huge fan of his. But you are arguing that he is more impressive (and has beaten better opponents) than Yianni, which at the present time, he is not.
  12. Completely disagree. Yianni has had the tougher road to his NCAA championship (than Spencer) in both 2018 and 2019. 2018 Spencer: A. Allen (tech), L. Welch (tech), N. Piccininni (fall), N. Tomasello (fall), N. Suriano (dec, 5-1) Yianni: N. Zanetta (major), N. Gil (major), D. Heil (dec, 6-5), J. Eierman (dec, 6-4), B. Meredith (dec, 7-5) In 2018, Spencer was more dominant but the combined accolades of Heil (4,1,1,R12), Meredith (DNW,2,4,2), and Eierman (5,4,3,?) are greater than those of Picc (4, R12, 5, ?), Tomasello (1,3,3,3), and Suriano (DNW,2,1,?). 2019 Spencer: B. West (tech), S. Fausz (major), S. Russell (fall), N. Piccininni (dec, 11-4), J. Mueller (dec, 5-0) Yianni: P. Lipari (dec, 10-5), C. Red (dec, 7-3), D. Demas (dec, 5-1), J. Eierman (dec, 6-5), J. McKenna (dec, 6-4) In 2019, Yianni had to beat an AA in every round but the opening round. Red, Eierman, and McKenna are multiple time AA, and Demas will be a multiple time AA when it is all said and done. Russell only was a 1x AA (7th in 2017), Eierman is FAR more accomplished than Picc, and the same could be said when comparing McKenna to Mueller.
  13. Not trying to be a jerk, but your comments are ridiculous. Have you only been following wrestling for the last four years?
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