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  1. Great analysis @nhs67. I agree with you that Kerk can bonus Cass, especially now that he is in Cael's room.
  2. Does Bey's whereabouts suspension take him out of the Trials and Olympics?
  3. I knew you were joking lol. The Flobros were also talking about that in either FRL or Bader's show. Back to the original topic, how do you think Iowa and Penn State match up this season if they each sent out their optimal lineup?
  4. Hard to believe he would take her last name, even if it is Brands. Might as well turn in his man card at that point.
  5. No Kaleb Young? Is Marinelli's nickname "Lunchbox"?
  6. What did Danaher say? Did he pick GSP or Khabib?
  7. If the tournament were all the guys in the room that can make 195 lbs., I think it would be seeded as follows: 1. Cael 2. DT 3. Bo 4. Bekzod? Espinal? Even with out Cael and Casey, I think this would be a really interesting event that people would pay to watch. Who from your original list do you think Shak could beat?
  8. Yeah, I might have been a little harsh on Shak. In your opinion, what place would he come in if NLWC/PSU held an in-house 195 tourney?
  9. You left out Cael, Varner, Snyder, and Cunningham, who I all think can beat Shak right now. However, I'm not sure that Varner and Snyder can make 195 anymore. I think Taylor and Nickal would destroy him. Bekzod, Gomez, Hall, Brooks, and Starroci would beat him too imo. A couple other names you left out that I would pick over Shak are Morgan McIntosh and Kyle Conel. I think Espinal and Beard would be close matches. If he beats Espinal it's because Espinal is too old and Beard because he is too young. Nolf, Joseph, and Zain are far superior wrestlers to Shak, but they might be too small. He did beat Cassar a couple years ago in the wrestle-off but that was before Cassar won NCAA's. Cassar would beat him now, but can't make 195. I also think Kerkvliet would beat Shak, but Kerk also can't make 195. He would beat Berge, Joe Lee, and Verk.
  10. I'm not sure Shak would place top-5 in a NLWC/PSU in-house 195 tournament
  11. Zain lost to Tobier of Cuba at Worlds (who is Frank's former countryman, teammate, and friend). Zain also lost to Destribats of Argentina at the Olympic qualifier earlier this year. If Frank were reading your posts, he would be laughing. I think a more competitive match-up for Zain, if you want to put him against a Cuban, would be Echemendia in freestyle.
  12. Thanks for your responses. The ducking Carr did to get the #1 seed at B1G 2 years ago also bothered me. In the end, wrestling karma got him as he didn't make the podium at NCAA's.
  13. The reason we are sending athletes to the Grand Slam in Hungary is because they can earn qualifying points for the Olympics. Currently we have 1 out of 7 weights qualified for men, and 2 out of 7 for the women. If USA Judo were to prohibit our athletes from going to the IJF Olympic qualifying events and other countries allowed their athletes to compete, the ranking of the 3 American judo athletes that are presently qualified for the Olympics would slip and we might have no athletes representing us in judo at the Olympics. Qualification for judo is different than wrestling. An athlete qualifies him or herself individually for the Olympics by earning placement points at IJF Olympic qualifying events. Top-32 at each weight qualify for the Olympics, but only one rep per country. If a country has 2 guys in the top-32, then it is up to the country's NGB to select the athlete that they want to send. The spot for the athlete being left home would go to the athlete with the next highest point total on the ranking list.
  14. 1. What did Limmex do last year? 2. Why do you dislike Mike Carr? 3. How can you like Michigan and Michigan State at the same time? I thought it was an either/or sort of thing?
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