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  1. Pulling for this guy so hard at the Olympics. We need more guys like him.
  2. How do you have an Olympic gold medalist, senior world champions, and 2x, 3x ,and 4x NCAA champs on the same list as a guy who failed to place in his redshirt senior year of college and has a best placement of 6th at the NCAA tournament? smh
  3. Kaveh was talking about Steveson, right?
  4. So Macchiavello, Reenan, Boykin, Gantt, and the Bullards can't push Hoagie?
  5. I think @nom was trying to say that he wanted to see these 2 compete more on the senior freestyle level due to how impressive they were in college. Anyone calling a 2x NCAA Champ/4x AA and/or a 1x NCAA Champ/4x AA a bust is crazy.
  6. I remember that. He sure had all of us fooled lol.
  7. When I asked about him earlier in this thread, I didn't know the story about him being fired from Montini for beating up a kid on his team. Makes sense why he wouldn't be considered. Thanks.
  8. It is definitely clearing out. I was asking why all these studs are leaving the 165 division? I'm confused why someone like Hayden Hidlay would go up 2 weights to 174, a division with 3 NCAA champs, when he could go up only 1 weight to 165, which has no NCAA champs.
  9. If Dragons is not going to pay up, I hope this means he's not coming back to this board.
  10. I don't know you. There is no way to ensure you will pay. You could be like Blue Dragons or Cinnabuns for all I know.
  11. You guys think Micic is coming back to wrestle for year 8?
  12. Why not? He runs the best youth program in the area, is Jon Jones' coach, and produced numerous guys who are AA's.
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