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  1. Yeah, I've also been hearing Carson might wrestle at 174 if we have a season. I think Woods' best weight is 141, and if I were him, I would only consider schools that have an opening at 141.
  2. Here we go again... Winning a world title is NOT the epitome of success in our sport. Winning an Olympic gold medal is the epitome of success in wrestling. Logan missed making the Olympic Team in 2016. Then he entered a "consolation" world championships that same year where he won the 61 kg category. That is nowhere near the same as David's 2018 world championship which was won at an Olympic weight in a year where every country could send one rep per weight. Also, if we are looking at college careers, yes, Logan won four titles to David's two. But David only lost 3 matches, to Bubba Jenkins and Kyle Dake twice, whereas Logan lost to Jarrod Patterson, Jason Lara, Frank Perrelli, Chris Dardanes, Jordan Oliver, and Zain Retherford. If we are going purely on accomplishments, then Logan was superior collegiate wrestler. But if we are going off of the eyeball test, I would argue that David was superior as he faced better competition and was more dominant.
  3. I think if Woods and Griffith went to Ohio State, the line-up would be: 141: Woods 149: Echemendia 157: Sasso 165: Griffith 174: Karchla
  4. Or will we even be sending a team to this since it has no impact on qualification/seeding for the Olympics?
  5. Do you guys think that with Stanford's recent announcement that they are dropping wrestling, do any of the Ivy League schools follow?
  6. No disrespect but Oregon State is a significant step down academically from Stanford. IMO, I can't see Woods, Griffith, or Abas landing there.
  7. There's going to be a lot of suitors for Woods, Abas, and Griffith. Probably for Traxler and DiSario too.
  8. Taylor and its not close. I made the same points as several of you in the other thread, but one poster (probably LS' family member) jumped all over me.
  9. He was also crawling off the mat like a dog, or maybe a dying man in the desert. It was sad.
  10. I like Lipari, but the move doesn't seem to make sense on ASU's part. Unless they made him no promises and are giving him little to no scholarship money.
  11. Agreed, isn't the reason that he left Rutgers in the first place due to Aragona beating him out for 141 and Lipari not wanting to bump up to 149?
  12. If they wrestled under DT's proposed format, I think DT could drop 100 on him. PD3 has no cardio, as evidenced by his most recent match.
  13. I take that as a no. Whether you choose to admit it or not, you know PD3 is getting teched in the first period on July 25.
  14. I would do $10k but I don't think you have that kind of money to bet, and even if you did, you would never pay me when I win.
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