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  1. Agree 100%. Not the same weight without Vito and Glory. Would also like to see Micic come back and wrestle 133 so that Ragusin goes back down to 125.
  2. Kinda feel this way too. I think Kyle wins 2 matches to 0, although low scoring affairs.
  3. I don't think your picks are that bad. I also have the same 4 PSU guys winning...and I'm not a PSU fan.
  4. Griffith also beat Wittlake last year. And he beat him by more than Marinelli did.
  5. Why does everyone keep arguing about Fix? He could pin his way through NCAA's this year, but they are still giving the Hodge to Spencer. It doesn't matter if Fix is on some watch list made by Flo. He is not winning the award. Also, they will wrestle at the Trials and Spencer will beat him there too (I'm not an Iowa fan either).
  6. This is a pretty good analysis, but I disagree with some of your points. First being that ADS is overrated. There is no reason why he should be ranked higher than Bravo-Young who beat him twice last season. If they wrestle again, my money's on Bravo-Young. To put him down for 2nd place points at NCAA's is a bit aggressive. Eierman at #1 is another one where I can see some under-performance. He has a tough weight with both N. Lee and Rivera in conference and possibly NCAA's. He could be anywhere between 1-3 at NCAA, but not a lock for 1st by any means. Murin at #5 is really high considering he has never placed at NCAA's and is up a weight from last year. He may AA this year, but it will be lower than 5 imo. Young is another one I would be concerned about. He completely fell apart at Big 10's last year. Kem is the best guy at 174 right now, but Carter is right there imo. Brands at 184 might not score any points at NCAA. Warner is inconsistent and I'm not sure he places as high as his #4 NCAA ranking. I think Kerkvliet outscores Cassiopi. Despite the rankings, I have PSU better than Iowa at 133, 184, and 285. 141 is a coin flip. I also wouldn't be surprised if Bartlett beat/outscored Murin and same for Berge vs. Young. Beard beating Warner could also happen. Bottom line is that Iowa is the heavy favorite due to Spencer, but this is a lot closer than you think.
  7. Seeding is going to have a big impact on who winds 165. We should have more clarity after the conferences when Mekhi gets a chance to avenge his loss to Wentzel and Griffith will likely wrestle Valencia for the Pac-12 championship. I agree about Wittlake; he is below Marinelli, Mekhi, and Griffith imo. I would put him in the same tier as Wentzel, Valencia, and Ethan Smith. But if Wittlake finishes as an undefeated Big-12 champ it is very possible he gets a top-3 seed, especially if Wentzel wins the ACC.
  8. 125: S. Lee 133: R. Bravo-Young 141: N. Lee 149: S. Sasso 157: R. Deakin 165: S. Griffith 174: C. Starocci 184: A. Brooks 197: T. Sloan 285: G. Steveson
  9. You realize that Anthony Valencia has pinned Marinelli before, right?
  10. Who cares if Flo has Fix ranked #3? It's a two horse race between Spencer and Gable anyway.
  11. I think guys like Starocci, Brooks, Bartlett, etc. are more than "a couple years younger" than Eierman, Kemerer and Marinelli. Iowa's lineup is pretty old and salty.
  12. Don't forget about PD3. Saw that he's entered lol.
  13. I thought Oliver beat him the last 2 times: 2019 Farrell and 2017 US Open. Did I miss one?
  14. Sorry, I was referring to the dual where RBY had him in a cradle and he injury defaulted out. Forgot that they wrestled later at Big-10 championships.
  15. Can't see Oliver making the team after his performance in the Flo tournament Bajrang won. He will have to beat both Zain and Yianni on the same day, as those will be the top-2 seeds imo.
  16. 57: S. Lee 65: Retherford will beat Yianni based on how they match-up, but will not qualify the weight, as others have pointed out. If Yianni wins, he has a better chance at qualifying the weight at last chance. 74: My brain says Dake, heart says Burroughs 86: Taylor 97: Cox 125: Steveson
  17. Not a competitive match--too big a size difference. RBY broke him the last time they wrestled. Nick would break Austin even worse.
  18. Ferrari is going to qualify for NCAA and should earn AA honors this year. That being said, he is not on Gable's level right now and due to the size diff, Gable would murder him.
  19. Aren't Micic and Myles Amine already qualified for the Olympics? Those who are already qualified for the Olympics due to placing top-5 at Worlds can't enter the qualifier. So Micic and Myles Amine would be free to enter NCAA's.
  20. Great analysis @nhs67. I agree with you that Kerk can bonus Cass, especially now that he is in Cael's room.
  21. Does Bey's whereabouts suspension take him out of the Trials and Olympics?
  22. I knew you were joking lol. The Flobros were also talking about that in either FRL or Bader's show. Back to the original topic, how do you think Iowa and Penn State match up this season if they each sent out their optimal lineup?
  23. Hard to believe he would take her last name, even if it is Brands. Might as well turn in his man card at that point.
  24. No Kaleb Young? Is Marinelli's nickname "Lunchbox"?
  25. What did Danaher say? Did he pick GSP or Khabib?
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