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    ShakaAloha reacted to NJDan in Kyle Dake - Overrated?   
    There may be nothing "inherently special," but there is something special. The fact that he started college at 141 (as a true freshman) and wound up at 165 shows that when he got to Cornell he was still a kid, still growing. When you look at him next to Montell Marion, it was a boy beating a man. Kyle Dake is the anti-Kemerer. In other words, it is not more impressive to win at 165 compared to 141, but it's very impressive to win at one having been at the other.
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    ShakaAloha reacted to IronChef in Gable and the rest of the Big Guys   
    I think Gable wins the Olympic trials pretty comfortably. He obviously didn't leave the weight room during the whole quarantine and keeps getting better. He's clearly way ahead of Parris and I think Gwiz may have lost a step from his peak. 
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from gimpeltf in Matteo Pelicone   
    Sorry, I mis-read.  I thought Blue Dragons was talking about CA Wrestler's son.
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from bnwtwg in Hall - Martin - Zahid   
    I'm sure Kyle Dake and Alex Dieringer would like your post if they posted here
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from simple in Gable and the rest of the Big Guys   
    Doesn't he train with Coon?
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    ShakaAloha reacted to Housebuye in At Large Bids Released   
    I’m a fan. I think he underperformed at conferences. I expect he will AA, but it could take a few years. 
    A borderline top 100 true freshman even making NCAAs is pretty crazy. Happy for him. 
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    ShakaAloha reacted to Plasmodium in The Grandfather   
    PD3?  LOL
    He seems to be in a good situation.  He'll finish wrestling as a 2Xer with 6 or 8AAs.  Who else can say that?
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    ShakaAloha reacted to Antitroll2828 in Big 12 Finals   
    Honestly if Noah Adams can stay away from Stephan Buchanan he’s a threat 
    hes 45-0 over the last 2 years against anyone that’s not Buchanan 
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from Jajensen09 in Team race   
    ASU is too high.  Would need Valencia and Schultz to both get top-3 for them to finish in 5th.  Mizzou also too high.  They would need Mauller in the finals, O'Toole top 3, and a couple other guys to get them big points if they were to finish #4.  
    VT, Michigan, and Nebraska are too low.  VT has Mekhi and good guys at 125, 149, and 197.  Michigan has Amine and Parris who will score big points and put them higher than 8.  Nebraska is solid all around, as they showed at Big 10's this past weekend.
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    ShakaAloha reacted to Perry in The Grandfather   
    As I recall, Mark Hall was held back/repeated 7th grade in middle school. He then proceeded to not take a red shirt and graduated in 4 years from Penn State. Kemmerer is going to be a 7th year senior. It's ridiculous that he is going to be competing against 18 year olds. I said the same thing about hall from ASU and brown to a lesser extent, who I still give a massive pass compared to the grandfather as his reasons were based on religion, not an undying urge to stay in college for nearly a decade.
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    ShakaAloha reacted to AHamilton in Matteo Pelicone   
    Burroughs may have spent more time in Italy than Chamizo
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    ShakaAloha reacted to Eagle26 in Matteo Pelicone   
    Well at least we won’t have to hear from Blue Dragons for a while!
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    ShakaAloha reacted to ugarte in Matteo Pelicone   
    David Taylor has changed from being 0 worried about PDIII to being "negative worried."
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from DocBZ in Matteo Pelicone   
    Congrats Kollin!
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from Ogalthorpe Haywood in Session 1 BigTen Championships   
    Right? Who would want to spend that many years in college!  It is getting ridiculous that you have these 25 year old guys who have been in a college room for 7 years beating up on a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds.
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    ShakaAloha reacted to Antitroll2828 in Brackets   
    He’s also been teched by number 7
    he lost to the ghost of shakur Rasheed last year, a guy who couldn’t beat anyone
    he lost to Thomas lane at ncaas 2 years ago lol
    he lost his only tough match this year
    he also lost to Aiello last year whose ranked like 10th now
    And he’s never faced Ferrari, Beard, Bonocorrsi or Adams , all of whom I’d favor over him 
    hes 7-6 in his career against other AAs ( 2-0 over Miklus, 1-1 against Hokit, 1-1 against Shakur, 1-2 against Brucki, 1-0 against Geer and 1-0 against Ben Honis) 
    his best win is a 5-4 match against Brucki at Carver, where Iowa stomped Princeton, then lost later that season 10-5 in a neutral location ...
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    ShakaAloha reacted to Antitroll2828 in Brackets   
    St. John has a better chance at winning 197 this year then Warner does 
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    ShakaAloha reacted to Husker_Du in 4 Match Minimum   
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from Fletcher in How good was Vincenzo Joseph?   
    That is one way to give Marinelli the national championship that has eluded him thus far
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from Housebuye in Where's BIG10 brackets?   
    Lol...don't forget Tsirtis!
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    ShakaAloha reacted to cjc007 in Matteo Pelicone   
    That one night at the Garden!

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    ShakaAloha reacted to jp157 in Matteo Pelicone   
    I kinda forgot he won it as well.. hahaha
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    ShakaAloha reacted to TripNSweep in Matteo Pelicone   
    I wouldn't care if your son won an NCAA title for the college I graduated from. He's a trashy, classless person who obviously takes after his father. Fortunately he's not good enough to make a world or Olympic team for this country (try North Korea?) unless it's by default. Also with all the dodging of criminal complaints and arrest warrants, not to mention the hours spent posting on social media, where does he find the time to train? 
    USA wrestling will benefit greatly once this cancerous mass of a person is disassociated from us. The sooner the better. It sounds like he's going to be done with wrestling after he loses at the Olympic trials so that can't come soon enough.
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from fadzaev2 in How good was Vincenzo Joseph?   
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    ShakaAloha got a reaction from wamba in How good was Vincenzo Joseph?   
    That is one way to give Marinelli the national championship that has eluded him thus far
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