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  1. So every wrestler who struggles with a weight cut is to blame? That is thoughtless. These guys are generally in good shape before attempting a weight cut. If their performance is reduced, it's most likely a foolish decision to go down a weight class.
  2. Not dealing well with a weight cut should never be a source of blame. I don't think there should be any major weight cutting in two months prior to NCAAs. It's just common sense: it takes time for a body to settle into a new size. First half of season should be the time for changing weight classes. I blame some stupid traditions in wrestling.
  3. It's possible that Rogers could have handled the weight cut better. OKST had a problem: three excellent wrestlers whose best weight was 174. There is no great fix. (Well, other than Daton.) My only question: Do wrestlers have to make a one-hour weigh-in prior to their wrestle off? I doubt it. Seems to me that would settle the issue much better.
  4. I give FLO a mixed report card. But they improve all aspects each and every year. The live streaming quality is a C+. They have a ways to go, but it mostly works. I respect the complainers and assume the problems are real. I personally don't care so much about live content. The presentation on their web pages has soared in organization and quality. It is now a pleasure to go to events and find different video clips or entire matches. A+. The articles, analysis, radio show gets an A. They are trying to cover an awful lot of wrestling, only a small portion of which (college D1) interests me. They pull it off about as well as can be done. They bring enthusiasm and good spirit. Price - I can't bitch about having to pay an annual subscription. I only desire 3-4 months of service, but I accept they need the additional revenue to maintain quality. We love a specialty sport and have to pay the piper. Their support of non-web, newer technologies gets a D-. They really are stuck in 2010. All the complete matches, all the radio shows, etc. could easily be placed on ROKU and Apple TV platforms (at least) for high quality, easy access. Instead, they put a small amount of content there and pretend to offer those options. I suspect the real explanation is that they get more ad revenues harvesting clicks on the web site than they can make on TV apps. Well, it is time for them to bite the bullet - the commitment to an annual subscription is enough, give us the content options.
  5. Mekhi Lewis looks super-talented, but I don't think he chain wrestles as well as the very elite guys. Room to grow.
  6. I'd like to see the NCAA team championship be determined by a duals tournament. Then run the three day individual championship tournament. Then you could open up the individual tournament to the best wrestlers in the country regardless of their team situation. This is an old debate, and people are dug into their positions. Having two exciting tournaments would double the fun. A final 16 duals tournament will attract TV coverage and more casual fans, grow the sport of wrestling. There are trade-offs, but notice the Big Ten tournament had no team drama this year yet the tournament was still more exciting than ever. I'd concede that the current system now does measure the strongest team very well. So what, I'll take the added thrills of a duals tourny. Wrestling has a failure of imagination. We're, stuck in tradition.
  7. Ya, I guess you're right. That's a useless rule IMO. What is wrong with at large bids for such a situation?
  8. Joe Smith finished 5th in the Big 12s. A wrestle off between two guys who know each others tendencies inside out doesn't predict exactly how they will do against outside competition. Any chance that John Smith promotes Chandler for NCAAs? Is that even doable? I'm not arguing that Rodgers is better. But since this is his last year, I'd rather be entertained by his mat antics one more time.
  9. Look, if a guitar amp can go up to 11 - and that is louder because 11 is one more than 10 - I believe Penn State has GPAs that go up to 4.5, which is smarter than 4.0.
  10. Sure, Flo could choose to combine 2 or 4 mats on a ROKU stream. But you are never going to be able to configure which mats are on a stream. The web interface is ideal for the ability of the user to combine mats on one screen. ESPN allows combining mats on their web interface. They also make available every mat as a separate stream on ROKU/APPLE. I've used the HDMI cable method, it works quite well, probably the best solution for many people. The rub there is when you have to share your living space with a woman. Cables running across the living room are bad for a happy home life. Chromecast (with Chrome browser) has improved to the point where that method is just as effective as an HDMI cable, as long as you have excellent WIFI bandwidth. A Chromecast dongle will set you back $35. I just ordered a newer router, which I believe was my WIFI weak link.
  11. UPDATE: I bypassed my router with an ethernet cable, and FLO web site is streaming much better. Chromecast is stable. I have > 10 MB download over wireless, and other web sites/apps work fine over wireless, so I can't completely vindicate FLO's video server. But it makes sense to me now that a lot of people (with very high bandwidth) are streaming fine from FLO. I still am anxious for FLO to move more content to the superior ROKU/APPLE platforms.
  12. I use chromecast, but it is only as good as the Flowrestling web video server. My experience in watching FLO on the web is terrible. It is not a technical problem at my end, my internet service is excellent and I reliably stream all sorts of video services on apps and through the browser. ROKU streaming of FLO works reliably. I rejoined Flo Pro recently after years of sitting on sidelines because it looked like FLO was finally moving full events to the ROKU archive. Well, after a few weeks of using the service, it's becoming clear that the ROKU content is still pretty nominal. How much trouble would it be to put all FRL broadcasts on ROKU? FLO only bother to put 1 in 5 shows. Why aren't all full matches available on the web also on ROKU? If the web video streams were reliable, they didn't constantly cut out, I could live with web browsers and chromecast. But as the reality is settling in, I am satisfied only with the sparse content In the ROKU collection. I have FLO PRO buyer's remorse. It is such an easy problem to fix, it can't be that hard to move content to ROKU & APPLE.
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