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  1. BallandChain

    Junior Worlds

    Most VPN is cheaper than anything track or flo sells. The rest of the world gets it for free, while two American companies try to "grow the sport" but charging Americans. 1. Vpn 2. Watch live 3 UWW has the brackets with individual boots.
  2. BallandChain

    Anthony Echemendia

    I keep requesting flo offer a mute button for the commentary, but not the fans and coaches. Time to fire the hacks. Its always amateur hour at flo.
  3. BallandChain

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Can someone please post link to the brackets? Flo's website is impossible to navigate.
  4. BallandChain

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    Magic man hurt.
  5. BallandChain

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    Aragona blasts busiello off the stage.
  6. BallandChain

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    Its always amateur hour with Flo. The screaming is unbearable. Can't wait until someone else takes over.
  7. BallandChain

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    No, without it coach's would MFFT wrestlers out to avoid giving up pin points.
  8. BallandChain

    Is Shakur Rasheed overrated at #2?

    Quack quack
  9. BallandChain

    The cut above Suriano's eye

    Its easy to dislike desanto, but suriano has a way of making me root for Desanto.
  10. BallandChain

    FloWrestling Keep up The Great Work!

    This 10000 times. They need professionals less hiring of bros
  11. BallandChain

    Flo, Just Have a Guy Point the Camera at the Action

    Its extremely frustrating. I feel like the flo guys just bring their friends along to help. Always amateur hour with flo.
  12. BallandChain

    Flo quality for big 10 semis

    Still is. It's expected at this point...oh yeah, we are supposed to be thankful for flo.
  13. BallandChain

    Flo quality for big 10 semis

    Amatuer hour again at flo. Terrible camara work, stream, can't stand the flo bro commentary (screaming and non stop yapping). Pathetic, again.