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  1. Agreed. I had that feeling on impending doom in my stomach the same as the end of JBs and Greens matchs. Cant sit on a lead.
  2. I never did like that part of his style. He gets ahead and just holds a lead. Still lights out, Congrats to Kyle Dake.
  3. For sure!! They definitely got their edge back. Incredible speed, endurance strength and focus. Haven't seem them this good since 2017.
  4. Good match by Aware. Graff got hit lumbering forward with a couple slick take downs. Takedown defense of Aware was excellent, Graff couldn't finish 3 or 4 good singles. Great tournament for Graff, congrats to India.
  5. Graff in the medal round with a 13-2 tech. Will wrestle Aware from India for bronze.
  6. JDEN COX WORLD CHAMP! Class act and absolute stud. Curious about his plans for next year. Congrats
  7. Exactly. JB got caught without his movement at the end and it lost him the match.
  8. He could use some more flexibility. He used to wear opponents much more early in the match. I feel like the pressure hasn't been there this tournament.
  9. I'm glad they made AZE engage for the last 2 minutes...
  10. Would really have loved to see the Magic Man right there.
  11. For sure. Close match. Feel bad for him, hope he gets pulled back in.
  12. PD3 was pushing him around while the german was scoring all the points.
  13. The German knew how to use PD3s pressure against him. Thought he had him on the edge twice, but great edge wrestling from Germany
  14. Graff is just grinding these guys. Love his pace and style.
  15. I email them daily to fix my account. It logs me off and locks me out hourly. Warns me about being logged in in Japan, I live in Japan. I have to reset my password and relog in every single time.
  16. The UWW feed is perfection. It has no commentary which is a sweet relief from screaming flo bros and track.
  17. I can explain what just happend but JB wins 11-10. Was losing 10-10 on criteria. Big scramble on the edge. Was awarded 2. Belarus challenges the 2. Jb gets awarded the step out for the win. F that dude from Belarus, skumbag all around. I dont think many will disagree when you watch the replay.
  18. Disgusting match by Nurykau. Now faking injury. Up 10-7 with 56 seconds left.
  19. Nurykau getting dirty and gassing . JB complaining about him digging fingers in his eye. Nurykau begging for blood stoppage to catch air 7-6 burroughs end of 1. Burroughs was down 6-2 Heavy hand fighting. Warnings all around.
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