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  1. no reason to have it there anymore.
  2. They are doing quite well. As a Husker fan myself, they had some advantages with the bonus points with lot of first round mismatches and they took advantage. Only 1 loss that i would not have expected but relatively insignificant with Lovett. Thomsen stepping up and Jensen handling his business to make it 10-10 is a great result. Now just need to lock up 2nd tomorrow.
  3. 2 coming at 125 in Big Ten with Mckee being one and the loser of Cronin Aguilar the other. Barnett-Thomsen winner and Griffin-Meredith winner take them 2 also coming at 165. Wick and loser of O'Reilly-Braunagel and replaced by winners of Meisinger-Lemley and Cochran-Hughes At least 1 coming at 197 as either Pagano or Brunner will not be top 6 with Rasheed qualifying. If neither Pagono or Brunner get through that quad of 4 then whoever does will also steal a bid from the other of those two.
  4. thanks for your incredible contributions on qualifying info
  5. You asked if anyone that finished 9th or 10th ever won the NCAA tournament or a top 5 even was how you put it. That is quite different than being an all american.
  6. This is the answer to the question for those that are not already subscribed to flo.
  7. Does anyone have any insight on the Husker situation at HWT. I see neither Jensen or Lance earned a spot and was expecting one of them to. Does anyone know who is going to wrestle and how good a shot they have at a wild card if they cannot outwrestle seed to get an autobid?
  8. Didn't think this needed a specific thread necessarily, so a bit misfit here but somewhat applicable. When do we expect to know the allocations to each conference? Also do teams have to declare who will be wrestling in the qualifier previous to this or do they just guess?
  9. I would like that option very much.
  10. Do you have to have a 500 record or anything to be eligible for a wild card or need a certain amount of D1 matches? Trying to figure out Thompsen and Jensen chances of qualifying. Huskers need every point they can get without having that true top end firepower.
  11. Was surprised Jensen didn't get a match..Very curious what their plan is there and the prospects of Jensen getting a wild card. Thompsen needs to win these ypes of matches. He is capable of scoring at nationals but running out of chances to make it. Seems like will need to do it at conference now.
  12. If he can get his conditioning improved a little, there is little question he is a top 20 guy. Just hope the numbers game don't eliminate him from the equation.
  13. Follow up question. Is Jensen in any type of position to earn a qualifying spot for the Big 10?
  14. Didn't think it might be necessary to start a new thread for this question, so putting it here since Husker related. My question is regarding heavyweight. Lance being in the 16-20 range should be allocated a spot for the Big 10 at that weight I would assume. What if Jensen gets the nod down the stretch instead? He hasn't wrestled varsity most of the season so would the Big 10 lose an allocated spot? Also if he were to need a wild card to get in, would he be in bad shape getting one since Lance wrestled much of the season? If anyone can enlighten me on this a bit it would be much appreciated.
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