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  1. I understand. I don't agree. I think common sense can be applied, but I fully understand your point. You have to disagree with basketball refs then in my example. I don't. It isn't about the way the game of basketball is officiated. It is a specific point, one similar to the wrestling situation. You can and should use common sense instead of rushing to judgement sometimes.
  2. If that is you your takeaway of my take, I cannot help you padna. My god.
  3. He was trying to escape the hold as well. The takedown was under way. Don't over ref the situation. Use some patience. It is akin to a basketball ref calling a foul on a very minor bump if the guy misses the shot. I suppose you think the foul should always be called there too?
  4. nope, not all the point. We can just end it as you clearly are not grasping my viewpoint like I have yours.
  5. Fleeing the mat is a judgement call last I knew.
  6. Any wrestling programs use this to make in match decisions? I am seeing a lot of questionable strategy and almost guarantee that some of them would result in in match win probabilities being radically different in some cases. It is huge in other sports, but have never heard it discussed much in wrestling.
  7. I understand your letter of the law viewpoint. I don't agree that letter of the law should apply in every circumstance in society.
  8. I don't think the sum of work in the match warranted another stall call, especially resulting in three point move at the wire.
  9. Agree, at some point common sense has to be applied. Hard say he was fleeing the mat while the takedown was under way. If he was fleeing the mat he wouldn't have got taken down.
  10. The incredible Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln.
  11. Pointed to shoulder at the time. Probably just trying to save a little face, as we likely knew what was going on.
  12. They put too many conference guys in same quadrants as each other. I get it, trying to seed it on the merits, but with this little data on a strange year, this is dumb.
  13. Overthinking it. There is no justification for giving the same amount of points for third as second. This will always hold true, unless they decide to have "true" 2nd, 4th, 6th place patches, which doesn't seem likely to happen since there is very little point to it. Plus you did get an extra advancement point, and in theory an extra chance at bonus points that goes with winning an extra match.
  14. I think you answered your own question LU. B1G could be argued that they should have only had 7 slots of worthy AQ's but still got 8, thus their argument for a wild card could be weakened I suppose.
  15. I enjoyed those very much. If you do them for NCAA please link me up.
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