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  1. Moore with a better strategy. Looks like he’s learned
  2. Beat Marinelli, Wick, and Joseph. Impressive run to title
  3. He cradle him when Lewis started on top at the 2nd period
  4. Been watching wrestling for 20 years and after this tournament I have no idea what a takedown is anymore
  5. How to give away a match by not finishing your shots by Myles Martin
  6. If time was out then why did they go with a restart with 3 seconds left in the first?
  7. Bo’s lost 3 times at PSU and in all 3 cases he got put to his back going upper body/body lock. Twice against Myles and once against Nate Jackson. 9 out 10 Bo wins those and since he’s gone up weight classes he’s not tried the throws as much. Wrestling much smarter and doesn’t need to put himself at risk. I don’t see Moore beating Bo wrestling conservatively. He needs to get in tight, collar ties, and body locks and take the risk.
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