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  1. I’m not buying that Coach Clemsen isn’t the guy yet. Last year was tough no doubt, but COVID hasn’t exactly made it easy to get his system fully implemented. Let’s also not forget that he’s got 4 absolute studs coming in with the 2021 class.
  2. As a result of quarantine boredom, I figured I’d start a transfer megathread. Expecting a lot of movement with coaching changes at Campbell, Navy, Oregon state + ODU wrestlers having to find new homes and general attrition. Rumors, facts, predictions, etc. let’s hear em.
  3. I would have to imagine that’ll be a tough rebuild in the Big 10 but 3 qualifiers is an improvement. Hopefully they can get some recruits in over the next few cycles.
  4. How are the Terps doing this year? I know it was expected to be a down year for them but they used to be tough. Hoping coach Clemsen and Co. can turn it around in the next few years.
  5. Hey Frank Castle how are you plugged in enough to know of a well known coach who would leave for the job but not plugged in enough to know Lucas Byrd is the #1 Wrestler at 120 not 113?
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