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  1. Emailed 24 hours ago about getting my month long access, crickets
  2. And thanks for those with words of support, I appreciate it.
  3. Funny, I just checked to see if I can view one of the movies you guys suggested, and I can’t, even though they did charge me for the month. Solid company, really looking out for their customers
  4. They charged me for a month, so $29 and I can watch for a month, but I won’t as I’m more of a casual fan and will just watch the NCAAs on ESPN and call it a season. It’s interesting that people can’t defend their content and what they offer and still admit their tactics are unethical or at least misleading Due to their misleading 2 step process I saw the option I thought I wanted and quickly signed up to watch. It was less than clear, and I believe that was by design It is written like there are more options, starting with the reasonable $12.50 that I was willing to pay to watch a couple of matches. They eluded to options, but there is only one! why can you not admit that is misleading?
  5. You can make money ethically, maybe just not as much. Making it clear that the only subscription option is 1 year for $150 would be a good start, especially if, as many of you say, it’s worth it.
  6. Please excuse my ignorance but I’m new to this site, and in all honesty I’m mostly here out of spite, and a sense of public service(which I’m sure you guys hate), but was Flo ever more of an enthusiast site that was bought out by the bigger organization in an effort to monetize it?
  7. Thanks, I think I could of watched it free on BTN. I didn’t figured that out til the next morning. This wasn’t my proudest moment.
  8. From time to time if you’re upfront
  9. And unhappy customers, are just business At least someone agrees
  10. That’s an excellent idea, do they cover synchronized swimming
  11. Obviously not everyone thinks that a company that is said to support the wrestling community should try to be clear with the community when they try to make money from them.
  12. It’s more like renting a car for a month and then having to keep it for a year.
  13. So you don’t car if a company is honest with you? You must love buying used cars.
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