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  1. Two high school wrestlers from North Tonawanda (NY) step in to stop an attack. https://www.wivb.com/news/north-tonawanda-teen-shares-how-lessons-learned-at-wrestling-gave-him-the-courage-to-break-up-a-videotaped-attack/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  2. This a real movement? Could anything happen? The ACC is getting stronger and adding more teams would be sweet. https://www.instagram.com/p/B9FWS2FhBvq/?igshid=r45viuk360k1
  3. Awesome info PinFallRecruit! I know it was for JR FS but UPenn had Joey Slackman of NY place in JR GR... I’m sure a bunch of commits doubled up as well
  4. Very true. You caught me. I’m just thinking of ways to get more men’s teams. I’d like to see a school like Texas A&M or another big school be successful on the women’s side then say “hey, let’s add a men’s team!” Wishful thinking
  5. Why not be at the same events like a Midlands or Kaufman Brand Open or wherever? How many fans are women’s only tournaments going to draw? If it’s a money issue or get a men’s fan interested in women’s? Just spitballing some ideas...
  6. I personally hope they wrestle folk. If by chance a tournament had both men’s and women’s divisions, easier for refs to rotate and maybe easier for a fan to watch? If you have that fan who isn’t a freestyle fan, they won’t disappear when the women are up? I like freestyle and Greco way more but I think folk would be the way to go.
  7. My wife never did crew until college. Only played volleyball and lacrosse in hs. Was offered tuition assistance when she joined crew.
  8. Tywan Claxton AA'd for King (TN) then transferred to Ohio. Didn't AA but beat #1 guy from Mizz. Wrestled well and now in Bellator
  9. Frank Bealsey did it at Bloomsburg, Buffalo, Binghamton, and NC State. Great hire by GMU.
  10. Let's stop talking about it and be about it. I mean we're all diehard wrestling fans so let's attack this effort. Let's come up with a list of potential schools, pick one, and attack it full force. Why not?
  11. I would have liked to see Shomers at 157. See what he could have done
  12. Texas A&M Colorado Washington State Yale Central Florida Tennessee USC Texas Mississippi Georgia
  13. I see people talking about Maryland and Hofstra but what about Harvard? One of the best Universities in the world yet less than average team. Think it's time for Weiss to turn it over? I may be one of few with this opinion but I'd like to see a change. Look at Cornell. Stud after stud wanting to go. Why? Coaching? Yes. Facilities? Yes. Ivy League. Why can't Harvard get those athletes? Sure they get a stud here and there, but you'd figure they'd have more. Personally, I'd like to see Frank Beasley of GMU or Troy Nickerson of NColorado get that position. Or just try to get the best, Sanderson. What do you all think?
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