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  1. Cox at 86KG has, I wouldn't say his current weight is optimized for winning matches....
  2. Give it a rest. He just won a spot he's been trying to win for a long time. Was completely complementary of Burroughs. The only one whining here is you.
  3. NBC sports mats are now live and doing event intros
  4. This splitting across 3 platforms (NBCSN on TV/web, NBC sports online free if you get NBCSN on cable, and Peacock) is stupid.
  5. Honis is a strong dude so was impressive to see Ferrari pull some of the moves that he did.
  6. Take a look and what sub-forum you are in...
  7. Pretty weak honestly though I'm sure someone here will disagree with us.
  8. For a low scoring match there was some good scramble going in Taylor-Dean.
  9. Maybe Penn State and Cornell can work together to come up with methane free diet cows.
  10. Our Ag school just invented solar maple mills...all good.
  11. You clearly have an axe to grind. That becomes abundantly clear if one reads back through your previous posts in this thread and others. You're also grossly oversimplifying and twisting the discussion to fit your agenda.
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