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  1. cu155

    Max Dean

    Definitely sorry to see him in blue rather than red. He should have a great season.
  2. He said vaccinated...but to be clear, this whole athletes against vaccines thing is ridiculous.
  3. https://spartancombat.com/blogs/olympic-trials-2021-dallas-ft-worth-tx/all-access-with-kyle-dake-yianni-and-vito-tokyo-dreams-ep-1?_pos=1&_sid=aa83064d3&_ss=r Do you need a time stamp as well?
  4. Where is the whole Kyle Dake is unvaccinated trope even coming from? He's said at least once on video that he's had the vaccine. If he's said otherwise somewhere else I've missed it.
  5. I'm pretty sure in one of various videos showing training/day in the life at the RTC (pre Olympics) that Dake commented he was vaccinated.
  6. Note the title of the release you quoted...
  7. Since Flo is charging for access to this event perhaps Flo could do a better job of not running ads in the middle of potentially interesting matches (at least one Yasdani match that I was trying to watch) and could also not continue to repeat the same ads over and over and over and over and over and over again... If I'm paying I'd at least like to be able to watch the action live and not be served repetitive ads. I feel like this critique is fair, no?
  8. The least Flo could do is give us more than one ad for a serving we are paying for...
  9. I'm not responding to him, I'm responding to yet another passive aggressive post by you, though I should know better than to bother. And to answer your question, Japan. Despite vaccine hesitancy in Japan, other cultural factors and response to the pandemic have resulted in a daily case load that is still lower on a per capita basis in Japan than in the US and given the 'individualist' nature of many people in the US there us a MUCH higher burden on the US to reach a state of herd immunity before we can say things are 'better'.
  10. You mean Japan's 3800 new cases on July 20th out of a population of 126 million versus the US with 62,000 new cases on July 20th out of a population of 328 million? Yes, the US is clearly doing a much better job...
  11. I'm pretty sure presidents, even the dead ones, were given tips on how to address people by their preferred names ;)
  12. He might not have gotten 4, but his name definitely should have gotten 2 i's in it...
  13. Agreed, that totally makes sense. I think the schools have a pretty good idea of who can make it through and for whom it would be a suffer fest. I just gave a long explanation on my experience as there are a lot of statements in this thread and others on 'the way things are' that don't really reflect the process as it happens.
  14. I think Klehner's point is that it's not so black and white. I was a recruited athlete at the three Ivy League schools to which I applied. At one school I was told that because I was applying to a specific low admit program that they could do absolutely nothing for me as for that program the administration gave absolutely no leeway. At another school they indicated that they had a degree of pull for 2-3 slots deemed critical to the program but that most applicants wouldn't get much more than a second review of their applications. At the third, they basically said that because my test scores and grades were already in the top quartile of applicants that they would mention that I was interested in taking part in their program but that I wouldn't be likely to be a focus for the coaches as far as making sure I got in because they weren't that worried about me. This was in a non-revenue sport (rowing) that is part of the Ivy identity and for which I was a 4 year 'starter' e.g. in the first 8 so not a case of me being cannon fodder. Also, most of the athletes in our program were from either the Arts & Sciences or Engineering colleges and our team GPA crushed the overall student body GPA so it's not as if we were all weaving baskets in between practices. Standards may be lowered for marquee sports and for sports that are truly critical to a school's identity but I want to make clear that this is not really the case across all sports to the extent that has been described.
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