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  1. I thought you didn't want to debate the topic? I guess that's not the case. Thank you for the history lesson but I'm well versed in Chinese history, politics and economic policy and have lived and worked there for 15 years. I would be the last person to suggest that Chinese communist party is perfect or that bad things don't happen in China and I have to deal with elements of government policy there that I strongly disagree with. There is a lot of stuff that happens there that isn't right. There is also a gross misrepresentation by world media of certain things that happen in China. However, this thread has been about Covid and the role that restrictions can/could/should/should not play in mitigating negative outcomes and it's very hard to argue that their policies haven't worked.
  2. It's an incredibly ignorant comment. I'll leave it at that.
  3. Interesting that you bring up Hong Kong, which leads to a discussion of China and its response to the virus. A country with more than 1 billion people that has effectively contained the virus despite early missteps, in large part because a combination of public health regulations were put in place. People can argue about 'freedom' all they want but the reality is that someone in China currently has much more freedom to go to school or a restaurant or a doctor's visit without fear of contracting and dying from Covid than someone in the US. Not a bad trade off.
  4. It's not competitive with either Cal or UW which are the two big west coast powerhouse rowing programs. This may also have something to do with it.
  5. We cross posted. The idea of early treatment is great in theory, what will be interesting to see is how that happens in practice. Right now the best treatment is still prevention.
  6. The issue with the message is that it is potentially harmful. I know the idea of a possible treatment protocol being out there sounds nice but this joker making videos and posting them (whatever the title) is ridiculous as it leads to people spreading unfounded rumors about what works/doesn't work and leads to people mistakenly going out and trying to self treat or stockpile medicine, and in many cases doing more harm than good. This doctor is a family practitioner, does not have the training to be determining treatment protocols, and can't even wear PPE correctly with that beard. Some context on my post 1. I'm American but I work and live in Shanghai and know several Chinese doctors here who have been working on the front lines of this for the last few months. Including doctors who have used this and other protocols. What they say is that in some cases this has been shown to have some effect. There is not a sense that this is some kind of miracle treatment or that it is going to be appropriate for everyone. And there is NO sense that it would be appropriate for people to be taking this treatment prior to testing positive. 2. My mother is a physician and is currently working with patients in an ICU in the US and has 35 years of experience working with nasty diseases in nasty places. She is reading all medical literature related to Covid19 as it is published by China, France, US institutions, and her response to this is, sure this protocol might work for some cases under some circumstances, but that this guy is a self-promoting idiot who has no business putting a video like this out. The doctors that are actually setting up treatment protocols do not need to be watching YouTube videos posted by quacks like this.
  7. Not really...This is one of many threads that have been posted on this forum related in one way or another to Covid and at present a lot of hospitals are running short of masks. Hence the post. If it's not applicable to you then feel free to disregard. However, if someone here does happen to have contacts at hospitals or govt. agencies that need supplies, I'm trying to help facilitate them getting those supplies.
  8. If anyone knows of contacts at hospital systems that require bulk orders of N95 respirators or of 3ply surgical masks I have a supplier that can product/sell in quantities of 500,000 units, so if you have friends/family who work in healthcare and can connect to hospital administrators/sourcing teams let me know. I don't think they are equipped to sell in small quantities so this is really more targeted at care providers.
  9. Look at us making friends! Maybe there is hope for us after all. Sorry for anything I wrote that came off as a personal attack, not my intention.
  10. That's fine, I don't mean to give you a hard time but you certainly seemed to be backing up the OP's position. I'm not talking about the tournament at all. I responded to this thread (the first post of which had nothing at all to do with the tournament) because it was suggesting that the virus wasn't worth paying attention to.
  11. I'm not trying to have a debate with you. The fact that you think you're having a debate just shows how ill informed you are.
  12. 1) His first hand experience is applicable only to him. Not to anyone else. He doesn't get a pat on the back because it wasn't a big deal for him. I'm American but I live in China. I've seen first hand how deadly this virus is for people in high risk groups. 2) What exactly have you studied? I've actually read the medical literature coming out of China, Europe and the US. Unless you are a physician or know someone who is, you likely don't have access to any of that information. At minimum this virus is 5-7x deadlier than the flu. Yes I know the flu is not a big deal but the flu also happens over a long period of time and generally does not result in a large number of people needing ICU care at the same time. In this case the US runs a very high risk of having its hospital system completely overrun...unless people take this serious and actually make an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus so that the care system can cope. 3) Yes, healthy young men are probably fine, so what? That's not the fear. The fear is that someone with a compromised immune system becomes infected because one of those healthy young men transmits the virus to them.
  13. You supported his poorly informed and potentially dangerous ideas in your previous post. I listened to you just fine. Grow up.
  14. No he doesn't deserve better. The fact that he recovered quickly has no bearing on the the fact that this is a highly transmissible virus that can do serious damage to people who are at risk. Just because you aren't concerned with your own well-being doesn't mean that you shouldn't be concerned with the well-being of others and take precautions to reduce health risks for them. There is a severe lack of critical reasoning on this board and it's disappointing.
  15. There is a lot of stupid in this thread. Anyone who things this is a political plot or something that escaped from a bio lab, grow up, seriously. Just because MOST people who get this recover from it does NOT mean that it's not significantly more deadly than H1N1 or the common flu. There's no reason to panic, but people should take precautions so that the overall effect of this virus is lessened as there are a lot of people who are at risk. People taking a cavalier approach to this or who try to inject a political plot line are a**holes.
  16. Basically tests haven’t been readily available in a lot of countries with the result being that mostly only suspected cases and high risk cases (old, in nursing home) have been tested. This means a lot of people who are probably infected haven’t been tested or aren’t showing symptoms. Therefore the mortality rate being calculated is higher than reality. If you want a better sense of mortality rate, look at a country like South Korea that has been much more aggressive in testing...their death rates I think are now sub 1%, still much more deadly than the flu, but not as scary as 4%.
  17. FWIW I have two family members who are infectious disease specialists and I also work in China so have had plenty of discussions re protocol. 1) Take hand washing seriously (20-30 seconds...wash palms, top of hands, each finger, and finger nails). This is the best thing you can do to prevent picking up the virus. Most people, including health care workers, do not wash their hands sufficiently. 2) The masks are mainly used to prevent one from touching one's face. Same idea applies to gloves and safety goggles. There is some speculation that N95 masks may prevent inhalation of corona virus but it's not 100% confirmed, these masks are uncomfortable to wear correctly for long periods of time, and there is a shortage in the US, which is why the CDC is telling ppl not to wear them as ultimately hand washing, and self quarantine if in a high risk group are most effective strategies.
  18. People are going to be unpleasantly surprised with the spike in cases the US is going to see in a few more days.
  19. Cornell. I was an athlete there, albeit in a different sport, and knew a lot of the wrestlers pretty well.
  20. Dake pretty much always 'looks' gassed. I'm sure the cut is having an effect but give him a chance to grow into it....what exactly is he supposed to do, just say sorry not going to try for the Olympics?
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