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  1. Pretty loft expectations for a guy who hasn't wrestled freestyle competitively in 2 years to make the Olympic Team. I don't believe he's wrestled 1 competitive freestyle senior match.....now you have Fix who has improved and Vito looks good....let alone the rest of the international scene (Saduleuv/Uguev, Atli, and Takahashi). Brands & Co are going to get what they want....a National Title....too bad it will come at the expense of sitting the best freestyle cadet/junior talent this country has seen. Onto the excuses people think Iowa fans make for Lee's losses. Grow up. When 100% healthy Lee is light years ahead of the 125 pound division. Look at what he did his freshman year at Nattys. Dismantled the two strongest guys at 125 pounds (Nato & Suriano) like it was nothing. Sophomore year....pounds on Picc in the semis and then absolutely laughs in Mueller's face. Accept the fact that the only reason why Lee loses is because of injury/illness. Move on.
  2. Another wrestler gets hit for PEDs....Oh no! All in all he was a lot of fun to watch!
  3. Who gives a rip.... If Zain goes (which I suspect he will) he won't medal. If Yianni goes he has a better shot to medal. People shouldn't get so amped up about this one incident....they should be fighting for a better selection process. The whole US team selection process is idiotic. If they wrestled through a camp and multiple tournaments where multiple world level coaches from the US could evaluate who was/is better than we wouldn't even be in this predicament. But...we still have one tournament as a best 2 out of 3 to see who should represent us. How archaic.
  4. LOLOLOL.. I've seen it all now...people are questioning Lee's "toughness". How can you measure it? Eyeball test? Seems real scientific. I thought I had seen it all when people were actually stating that Sadulaev beating Snyder was a fluke....this one may top it.
  5. You know this for a fact? If so, that's as low as it gets.
  6. Sweet edit. I'm not saying he does or he doesn't. I personally believe it was a selfish move, but his choice. I personally believe when you are apart of a team, you do what's best for the team. But, then again, wrestling is a very selfish sport.
  7. That fact that he waited until very late to disclose the injury. He knew if he had released the injury early and the fact that he wasn't participating at Final X/World's then there would be guys moving to 86. He didn't want the guys to move to 86. He wanted Downey to have the spot. Downey has a less likely chance (in DT's eyes) to medal and therefore sit in the chair at next year's Final X. Even if Downey medals and he gets the chair, the move by DT leads us to believe that he would rather wrestle Downey than wrestle Zahid, Ringer, Cox, or Bo in the best of 3 format. Very smart move by DT for his Olympic dreams, but, many on this thread believe it hurts the US' chances this year in dethroning Russia in the team race.
  8. So I'm still confused about all of this..... When I read through this it seems as if a lot of people don't want Downey on the team because they don't believe he's the US' best shot to medal. Downey is a polarizing character so....it may look as if people don't want him on the team because of his past. Maybe some don't. But, to believe just because he has a polarizing past that one can't want him on the team because of that.....is ludicrous. The "Cleared Out" weight fiasco. I believe the poster meant....DT got hurt. 86 is weak after him domestically. It's the year before the Olympics so guys looking to fluctuate to that weight for 2020 will begin after World's. So "cleared out" simply means....since DT wasn't there and it's a non-Olympic year....it's essentially "cleared out". It seems there's an increasing sentiment to honor a guy like Downey now that he has his life "turned around". I know a lot of people don't like Downey for multiple reasons, including drug use, blatant disrespect for team rules, and Twitter. I personally don't dislike the guy, heck, I don't even know him. But this rhetoric that we should honor him for not smoking crack and following rules is frightening. We should praise him for acting like the mass majority of adults? Grow up. Congrats on what you're supposed to do. It's sad that it took years.....and years......and years for you to figure it out. I won't even engage in the 2012 Age Level World Medal reference. Again....a lot of people don't want Downey on the team because they don't believe he's the best, me included. But, he did EARN the spot since DT was hurt. He's a team member. Don't take that away from him now. I hope USA Wrestling does a little soul searching in terms of how team selection is handled and maybe add some nuances so coaches/consultants can give recommendations on situations like this one. Best of luck to Downey and I hope he goes out there and dominates so the US can give Russia a run for the title!
  9. Or they thought DT would be waiting for them at Final X. But....yeah....let's believe Cox, Ringer, and Bo are terrified of Downey. Again, he rightfully earned the spot and I think it would be awful to change the rules mid-session. But lets be real. If any of the guys mentioned above would have known DT wasn't waiting at Final X then rest assured that 86 would have filled up with a few very good guys looking to claim that spot.
  10. Beard will/should beat Conel. I am basing that off of who I believe is the better wrestler. Beard is the real deal. If Rasheed is eligible/healthy then my point is null and void. Brooks will redshirt. Although I still believe Brooks is better right now.
  11. Again.....I'm not advocating for Downey to not be on the team. By the rules and because of DT...Downey is rightfully on the team. That's not the debate. In my selection process, coaches would know the injury and then guys like Ringer, Bo, Zahid, and Cox could transition down/up a weight if they wanted during camp....thus leading to many wrestling matches between all of them PLUS Downey. We would get a true estimation on who the best rep would be at 86.
  12. Conel won't beat Beard Rasheed won't beat Brooks. No clue about Cassar.
  13. My point wasn't directed towards Downey. I agree that Cox, Bo, Ringer, and Zahid all could have went down to 86kg on their own and had a pretty good idea that even if DT was at Final X he would be no where near 100%. DT is definitely to blame in the case if the US loses to Russia this year. He hid his injury for his own gain in 2020. He realized that Downey would get the spot and more than likely won't medal. He also realizes that if Cox, Bo, Zahid, or Ringer would have went to Open & Trials and then made the team at 86 then one of them had a great shot to secure a medal and would be in the Chair. This is an awful look from a team perspective, but a brilliant look for DT's future. Wrestling is a very selfish sport....so this is par for the course. My point about choosing the team with some subjectivity was solely based on sample size comparisons. If I play basketball and beat the guy in practice 99 out of 100 times, I'm going to get the playing time. Wrestle-Offs negate that. A wrestler could beat a wrestler 99 straight times and then lose to him at the wrestle off and then....doesn't wrestle in the match. That.....TO ME.....isn't putting your best team on the mat. Again, that's my opinion....I also see validity in a merit based system...wrestler A beats wrestler B therefore wrestler A wrestles the match/makes the team. My system would be a mix of subjectivity mixed with merit. I also see how favoritism could leak over if it was left up to 1 or 2 guys, that's why I said there should be a committee. If it comes out that 8-10 of the top coaches and past world team members are crooked when picking their team....then US wrestling has a way bigger problem then we ever thought. The committee would make their selection after weeks of training and seeing MULTIPLE matches. This isn't picking names out of a hat. It's a deep dive into a sample size that's greater than 1 or 2 matches. But the US Open, US Team Trials, and Final X garners some revenue for USA Wrestling, so....I get that too. It's quite the complex issue....but the discussion on this board of just dismissing people's view points are just laughable.
  14. The process on selecting World Teams is just odd in the US. I always wondered why they don't have the coaches for the senior team consult with advisors (a group of 3-5 past world champions/world coaches; examples: John Smith, Zeke, Gable, Brands, etc..) on who should be on the team. Take them to a team camp and let them wrestle multiple times over multiple weeks. Anything can happen 1 day. I don't believe a 1 day tournament/event really allows us to evaluate the best wrestler. You may have some guys who are butt hurt about it, but you ultimately have 6-10 coaches/consultants who would be evaluating talent, matches, health, etc..I don't believe whoever is the Head Coach should pick who's on the team, too much bias can creep in. But, I believe a group of 6-10 past world champs/world coaches would be the best people to evaluate talent over months. Basically I just want a larger sample size.
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Someone speculated DT with PEDs!!?!?!?!?! No way!!!! What made them think that!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA on the irony of Americans getting defensive about "speculation".
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