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  1. Agreed on the Yazdani/Cox matchup. I think it's pretty evident that Taylor's pace kills Yazdani after 4ish minutes. The fact that people are correlating margin of victory to dominance is absolutely idiotic. Sadulaev beat Clayton Foster like 6-2....I'm sure other people beat Foster worse than that....and the most dominant wrestler in the World over the last 6 years has been Sadulaev. Looking back through....I'm guessing the people who are correlating margin of victory to dominance are just trolling....people can't honestly be that ignorant.
  2. Looks to be smart move for Snyder. Gets to roll with Taylor, Cassar, and Bo and will get to hear perspectives from Varner and Sanderson....seems like a match made in heaven. IMO I don't think this has anything to do with Cox and everything to do with improving partners and coaches......
  3. Based on what? He was just out-muscled by a dude that wrestled 92kg earlier this year. You think he could withstand the mass and strength from Geno, Akghul, Khizriev, Khotsianivskyi, Rakhimov, or Zhiwei? I don't see him ever weighing more than 105kg, I don't think he could withstand the pure size of the guys mentioned. Snyder wrestled Coon when Snyder weighed around 230...and it took everything in him to withstand the size for 7 minutes...and I hope we can all agree that Coon is no where near the guys previously mentioned in the realm of freestyle skill.....
  4. "Snyder can guarantee a medal" at 125.....Wow.... Welcome to America in 2019........
  5. I've contacted TheMat.com's executive team. They are implementing a subscription service at my request. We went back and forth on the target price point....I directed them to this thread and it seems they have landed on $150 for a yearly subscription. See ya @jon
  6. Those finals would definitely fun to watch! Just sad to see someone like Romanov stop wrestling so early in his career. With the emergence of the Russian lighter weights the 2020 Russian team could have been absolutely loaded.... 57kg: Uguev 65kg: Romanov 74kg: Sidakov 86kg: Naifonov/Zhabrailov 97kg: Sadulaev 125kg: Khizriev They legit could win 4 gold medals with that team. Crazy thing is Rashidov still might win gold at 65! LOL!
  7. Snyder is a vertical wrestler.....everyone thought the best vertical wrestler in the world at 97.....he just lost to another vertical wrestler. I don't think that's "overreacting". Unless something drastic happens Sadulaev will own Snyder. His scrambling ability is just far superior to Snyder's offense. Let's not crown J'den yet. He won a watered down 92 weight....but he dominated it. I believe people are drastically underestimating the strength transition from 92 to 97. Also....it's not like J'den is just wrestling a guy at 97. He's wrestling the strongest 97kg wrestler at the weight. Everyone seems to have a plan until a super strong opponent grabs ahold of you. As for J'den and Sadulaev.....there's so many facets to Sadulaev's game that J'den has never seen wrestling any other opponent. Strength, size, speed, awareness....and the best gut wrench this world has ever seen. J'den is phenomenal.....but he is 0-2 against Sharifov and Sadulaev is light years better than Sharifov.
  8. The hypothetical comments are almost as bad as the homer comments. IMO Cox would be a better matchup for Sadulaev due to the fact that Cox can scramble better and his counter offense is pretty far superior to Snyder's. Saying that....I do believe that Cox would get huge wake up call in terms of strength at 97kg. Also...remember when you are discussing Sadulaev you are discussing without question one of the best on top offensive guys that anyone has seen on this Earth. If Cox would get taken down at 92kg (Hasn't happened much LOL) he doesn't have a real possibility to be turned by a 92kg opponent. If he would wrestle Sadulaev he would be taken down and have a very real possibility to be turned. Sadulaev's gut wrench is just gross. I would love to see a Sadulaev/Cox match. The scramble sequences within that match would be something to see. I believe it would be something 4-0 or 5-0 for Sadulaev. I am interested to see how much longer Sadulaev wants to wrestle. Seems like a lot of modern Russian guys get out of the actual wrestling aspect of the sport much earlier than Americans. Wonder if Sadulaev wrestles in 2020 and then he's gone.....
  9. Pretty loft expectations for a guy who hasn't wrestled freestyle competitively in 2 years to make the Olympic Team. I don't believe he's wrestled 1 competitive freestyle senior match.....now you have Fix who has improved and Vito looks good....let alone the rest of the international scene (Saduleuv/Uguev, Atli, and Takahashi). Brands & Co are going to get what they want....a National Title....too bad it will come at the expense of sitting the best freestyle cadet/junior talent this country has seen. Onto the excuses people think Iowa fans make for Lee's losses. Grow up. When 100% healthy Lee is light years ahead of the 125 pound division. Look at what he did his freshman year at Nattys. Dismantled the two strongest guys at 125 pounds (Nato & Suriano) like it was nothing. Sophomore year....pounds on Picc in the semis and then absolutely laughs in Mueller's face. Accept the fact that the only reason why Lee loses is because of injury/illness. Move on.
  10. Another wrestler gets hit for PEDs....Oh no! All in all he was a lot of fun to watch!
  11. Who gives a rip.... If Zain goes (which I suspect he will) he won't medal. If Yianni goes he has a better shot to medal. People shouldn't get so amped up about this one incident....they should be fighting for a better selection process. The whole US team selection process is idiotic. If they wrestled through a camp and multiple tournaments where multiple world level coaches from the US could evaluate who was/is better than we wouldn't even be in this predicament. But...we still have one tournament as a best 2 out of 3 to see who should represent us. How archaic.
  12. LOLOLOL.. I've seen it all now...people are questioning Lee's "toughness". How can you measure it? Eyeball test? Seems real scientific. I thought I had seen it all when people were actually stating that Sadulaev beating Snyder was a fluke....this one may top it.
  13. You know this for a fact? If so, that's as low as it gets.
  14. Sweet edit. I'm not saying he does or he doesn't. I personally believe it was a selfish move, but his choice. I personally believe when you are apart of a team, you do what's best for the team. But, then again, wrestling is a very selfish sport.
  15. That fact that he waited until very late to disclose the injury. He knew if he had released the injury early and the fact that he wasn't participating at Final X/World's then there would be guys moving to 86. He didn't want the guys to move to 86. He wanted Downey to have the spot. Downey has a less likely chance (in DT's eyes) to medal and therefore sit in the chair at next year's Final X. Even if Downey medals and he gets the chair, the move by DT leads us to believe that he would rather wrestle Downey than wrestle Zahid, Ringer, Cox, or Bo in the best of 3 format. Very smart move by DT for his Olympic dreams, but, many on this thread believe it hurts the US' chances this year in dethroning Russia in the team race.
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