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  1. I respect the effort you put into the post.....
  2. 1). "Ridiculous premise". Most people with an average IQ would agree that the real ridiculous premise would urge wrestling to become co-ed. 2). The remaining drivel you spew is where I get lost. I don't remember reading (or posting) anyone stating that women shouldn't wrestle (or play any other sports for that matter). I believe the OG poster stated that he believes women should wrestle against men and women at lighter weights would fare better. The opposition stated multiple points (competitiveness, safety, etc...) on why they disagreed. Then a woman at the D1 level beating a man at the D1 level was brought up. Not one person stated a woman shouldn't participate in wrestling. Not one.
  3. What you are saying is just astounding..... "Based on a few girls who have won state championships at the high school, I was proven wrong"....how were you proven wrong? Because a handful of girls won a state title against boys? You honestly believe that because a handful of girls won a state title that deems that girls overall can compete against boys? You can't honestly be serious.... "I believe some day, there may be a woman who is the best wrestler in the 100 lb division, if they had such a weight in freestyle.".....You do realize that if your intention is to make the sport co-ed it has to be co-ed at every weight, not just lighter weights. Although I believe that women would do "better" at the lighter weights, they would still be mauled. Girls actually have a way better chance to be competitive up until 13/14, then testosterone starts increasing....substantially in boys. This is a huge deal. Wrestling is a contact sport, where strength plays a MAJOR factor. This would just be unfair. Also...people drastically underestimate the compassion factor. Boys are put into a lose/lose situation when wrestling a girl. If they win, "Big deal. You should be able to beat her.". If they lose, "HAHAHAHAHA! You lost to a girl!!!". It's very unfair. Also, the older you get, the rougher wrestling gets. How awful would it look for a boy to snap a girl's head down in a tie? How awful would it look for a boy to have heavy hands on a girl's head? Just think about how bad it looks when Jordan Burroughs used to slap the hell out of his opponents, now just imagine if that was a girl. I am fully behind women wrestling, I think it helps grow the sport....exponentially. But, they should wrestle other women. Not just for competition, but for safety as well.
  4. Now I've seen it all on this board...... The scary part about this is that the poster can only be 1 of the following.... 1). Has the IQ of a potato 2). The greatest troll of all time. I'm hoping for the sanity of this board....and the world for that matter that it's #2.
  5. This thread is pure comedy..... It seems like people on this thread (and for that matter the entire Board) don't understand strategy. Wrestling is one of the only sports where you can be winning by 14 points and then thrown to your back and lose in 2 seconds. Strategy would tell us in a sport like this, when you are winning by a LARGE margin then your offense needs to take a back seat to your defense. Offense in the 3rd period needs to be calculated and coincide with the overall strategy to win. It's hysterical to me to see people call out Lee for conditioning issues when.....he's yet to lose a match due to conditioning this year. In the previous 2 years he had conditioning issues due to unforeseen health issues. Lee pounds a dude from Michigan for 2 periods solid. The kid didn't want to be out there. He laid on his belly for the better part of the entire match and because Lee didn't increase his lead by an arbitrary number.....he has gas tank issues. Get real. The concern for Lee's gas tank COULD BE RELEVANT if he's losing matches due to this issues. He's not. I would bet that he isn't even being outscored in the 3rd period this year. These are all made up flaws people are trying to grasp onto. Everyone side stepped a post I made in another thread...... LSU scored 11.6 points per 1st quarter this year......they conversely only scored 8 points per 4th quarter. Do you believe Oregeron believes that his football team has a conditioning problem?
  6. Lee majors a guy who has a legit shot to make the Finals and outscores him in the THIRD period and people still think he has conditioning issues? Here's some insight on wrestling....when you wrestle the style Lee does you will score less in the 3rd than you do in the 1st....that's what happens when you take a guy down in 30 seconds and not only ride him (like most folkstylers do) but TURN him. It takes a massive amount of energy to turn a guy for 2+ minutes while he lays like a dead fish on the mat. Also - What is the determining factor on if someone has a conditioning issue? They score less points in the 3rd then they do in the 1st? Or a subjective thought process that the athlete looks "slower" in the 3rd than they do the 1st? LSU scored 11.6 points per 1st quarter, they conversely scored 8 points per 4th quarter.....Looks like Oregeron will have to take an in depth look at his teams conditioning issues. I honestly didn't think people on this board were this idiotic.......
  7. 1st Period - Lee takes him down and rides him for 2:50. Tries to turn him the entire period, finally gets a turn. 4-0 Lee 2nd Period - Medley rides him for a bit, Lee gets up after a bit. Lee with another takedown. 7-0 Lee. 3rd Period - Medley takes down. Gets out. Medley hangs on his head for the remainer of the match and loses 8-1. I guess I would agree that Lee didn't look as sharp in the 3rd as he did in the 1st, but, no wrestler does. The match was never close. Medley didn't attempt to score on his feet and when he was on top he didn't attempt a turn/tilt or any offensive attack. His game plan was to go in there and keep it to a decision....he accomplished that. In folk style you're able to do that. The match was dominated from start to finish by Lee. This match didn't show me any weakness in terms of conditioning for Lee. It showed me that you can lose a decision in folk style without ever really trying to score....in any position.
  8. It's hysterical to me how people talk about how Lee gets "tired". Don't you think it's interesting to see that this year he all of a sudden doesn't get "tired". Freshman Year - Coming off of a torn ACL. I thought it was obvious, but, I guess I was wrong. When you tear your ACL your conditioning is going to suffer.....drastically. We saw that early on in Lee's freshman year. Still won a Natty....relatively easy. Sophomore Year - Lee developed mono. Again, I thought it was obvious, I guess not. Mono attacks the spleen and liver and leaves the person very fatigued. Good luck training with it. Still won a Natty.....relatively easy. Junior Year - All of a sudden Lee doesn't "conditioning" problems. When he's 100% healthy his conditioning isn't in question this year.....weird....... Remember, Lee never had "conditioning" problems at the Cadet or Junior level either. He had some battles at World's and never faded....at least that I could see. Let's use probability.....Is it more likely that the injuries in 2018 & 2019 had something to do with Lee's conditioning or he just all of a sudden solved his conditioning problem in 2020? Let's use common sense people. Also note, both of Lee's Natty's came at the end of the year, when he should in theory be wore out. But, Lee was just getting back into near 100% form and absolutely pounded the field.
  9. The way I (and 99% of the audience) read the comment is that you were insinuating that Mueller's mental strength will be one of the reasons you were picking him. Which is fine...if there is/was conclusive evidence in showing that his mental strength is greater than Lee's. There's zero evidence of this claim. Unless you see something everyone else doesn't....which I highly doubt. I would agree with the second part of the statement. If Mueller adjusts and wins from his feet he could definitely beat Lee. I just don't know how that would be accomplished. I rewatched the Finals match from last year. Mueller was bailed out by the clock at the end of the 1st, otherwise Mueller would have been in a deeper hole than just 2-0. Also, before Lee started to turn him in the last 10 seconds of the 1st Mueller was lifeless on the bottom. Not a great look. At no point in the first did Mueller have a legit chance on his feet to score. Very heavy footed straight forward wrestling. Trying one angle and then resetting....straight forward wrestlers with no combo shots aren't successful against Lee. The 2nd period was Mueller's chance to be the monster on top everyone talks about. He does very well at not allowing space between his body and his opponent's, but, he was in no way going to ever turn Lee. He held onto a top cradle for like 30 seconds...didn't do anything with....didn't attempt anything with it. Lee was able to tack on another point at the end of the period due to Mueller's bone-headed leg holding fiasco. I guess that's the mental strength you're eluding to in your original post. The 3rd period was Mueller circling for 90% of the time. You could tell he wasn't comfortable on his feet against the likes of a technical & scrambling monster in Lee. Late in the period he was in another scramble, he lost that scramble again. Convincing 5-0 win for Lee. Very lethargic match by Mueller. Looked very timid on his feet and on top. I guess most wrestlers are very timid against Lee due to his scrambling ability. Mueller also was hanging on for dear life underneath. He did a very good job of that. I haven't watch Mueller a lot this year, but, I don't think that matters. I've looked at his wins and none of those guys resemble Lee's talent. He beat Schroder 6-2, Lee beat Schroder 15-0 in the 1st period. They both have MD's over the kid from UTC. Unless something drastically has changed in a year and/or injuries play a factor, I don't see how anyone could remotely pick Mueller over a 100% Lee.
  10. My bad, he beat him in the Semis and then Suriano in the Finals?? That's even more impressive, dominated 2 of the strongest 125lber's in the last decade. Mental strength - ....HAHAHAHAHAHA....yeah........so we know for sure Mueller has "more" mental strength than Lee? Again......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....... Adaption - Agreed....IF the opponents are close. I don't see Mueller as a huge threat, at least from his performance last year against Lee. Transitive wins - I would agree....but, both times Rivera beat Lee he wasn't 100%. Not close to 100%. The dude was coming off Mono and it still took a last second takedown to beat Lee. Mueller may be "tough" on his feet and top - but I don't see Mueller outwrestling Lee standing up. I would agree that Lee has shown weakness on bottom, maybe if Mueller can get him down and lay on him for the remainder of the match it will be beneficial. Weird things do happen, I agree. I won't comment on the last point....I think everyone agrees with that. I wasn't stating that Mueller has ZERO chance, of course everyone has a chance to win and everyone CAN lose, but, I thought the point of the thread is who people believe has the BEST CHANCE to win. I agree Mueller has a chance....just not the best chance. I also believe the gap between #1 and the rest of the field is closer at just about every weight than it is at 125. I personally believe when Lee is at 100% he is top 3 in the World.....let alone college.
  11. I'll admit I don't watch that much college wrestling, but, the amount of people picking Parris over Gable is eye opening. If Mueller didn't beat Lee after he was 75% for half the season last year what makes people think he has a chance this year? I agree Lee won't be as dominant over Mueller as he is against the rest of the country, but, I don't see what Mueller brings to the table that can beat a healthy Lee. Strength? No....not even close, Lee dominated NATO 2 years ago in the Finals as a 19 year old kid and NATO is one of the strongest 125lber's of all time. Scrambling? HA. Technique? Again....HA..... Maybe Mueller surprises everyone and beats him, but, I am just thinking how that will happen....(Note, if either is injured the prediction of a win/close match is null).
  12. How easy is it to say "my training is at 50%" when you were soundly handled?? Everyone around the world's talks about how hard Chamizo is to score on and then we he does get scored on...it's because.....he's injured. He's a shell of the guy who used to go back and forth with Romanov, seems like the high end guys have found the minor flaws. I hope to see him back to his 2015/2016 days not only for him, but for the massive amount of people who keep blaming his injuries when he loses.....
  13. The narrative should be....Snyder moved to NLWC to improve his scrambling abilities that will put him in the best position to contend for an Olympic Gold against the best of the world. It's a learning process. There will be bumps in the road (Pellicone), but, Cael and Varner have had major success at the upper weights and their specialty is technique progression. I would love to see Snyder put the strongman weights away....but, it seems that he never will and strongly believe that bench pressing 405lbs helps him wrestle. I personally don't....but to each their own.
  14. Well anyone in the field CAN be an Olympic champ....but how much would Sadulaev have to regress and how much would Snyder have to improve for that scenario to have a decent chance of happening.....LOL......
  15. I agree.....but will he adjust. IMO there is a lot to take away from every match at the highest level of wrestling due to the talent discrepancy is minute. Snyder isn't that much worse than Sadulaev, Sharifof, and Mohammadian, but, the difference is those guys MAKE Synder wrestle THEIR match. The take away (IMO) for Snyder in all of those matches is....stop squatting 8 million pounds and start wrestling live in ONLY scrambling situations with Cael/Varner. The only opponent mentioned previously that I don't believe Synder can scramble with is Sadulaev....I agree....he's light years behind him. So the takeaway from the Sadulaev match is.....wrestle your match, slow the match down, and use your strength to your advantage (push outs are way better than takedowns against Sadulaev), the only takedowns he should try to initiate against Sadulaev is on the edge of the mat. Snyder has the ability to scramble with Sharifov and Mohammadian.....if he adjusts his training regiment.
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