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  1. 6 hours ago, MrDream said:

    "Next Year".....I don't think I'm looking at the same ISU and Iowa rosters you are if you think ISU could take the crown "next year".

    If Iowa stays healthy (big if) they SHOULD (another big should) be pushing PSU for a team title. 

    125- Lee

    133- DeSanto

    141- Renteria

    149- Lugo

    157- Young/Brands

    165- Marinelli

    174- Kemerer

    184- Wilcke

    197- Warner

    HWT- Cassioppi

    Freshman like Assad and Kennedy coming in to maybe push Wilcke. 


    I agree that Dresser is on a major upward trend and definitely has the ability to contend with Iowa, but I just don't think it's coming next year.  

    Cash Wilcke from Western Iowa!

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