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  1. English commentary is now an available option. Doing commentary remotely.
  2. They're out now. This guy has been posting them. this guy
  3. The event is sublicensed through an international distribution company, so Flo is just taking a feed and so there is no data integration available.
  4. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6855777-henri-deglane-live-january-15-17
  5. There's definitely room for improvement for us. The event was a test and there will likely be some adjustments next year (e.g. # of teams, weigh-ins both days, roster makeup, etc...). The goal for the first year was to see if the concept worked for wrestlers, coaches and fans.
  6. Coaches voted and didn't want to be sitting around the venue all day.
  7. I wouldn't bet against Bajrang.
  8. Lugo, Ashnault, James Green, Bajrang, Mckenna, Meredith, JO, Evan Henderson
  9. Top two teams from pool play get a bye to the semifinals and then cross-bracket placement for the rest of the bracket (A #2 vs B #3 as an example).
  10. HIPAA won't allow for details to be released.
  11. Not sure what to tell you. Every other athlete has seen Bajrang's signed agreement to confirm that it matches theirs (outside of the $750 stipend).
  12. Ha, not quite. The stipend is for $750.
  13. Bajrang is not getting paid $15k to show. Only difference in the agreements is a travel stipend that represents the difference between a US flight to Austin and a flight from India.
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