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  1. Pletcher has little to no shot. Lee is the class of the weight. If he doesn't get decked in 30 seconds by a Demas dump he wins it going away. And I watched the Yianni interview about the classes this year and next and his confidence, although I could barely hear it like half of Flo's content. Yianni and Lee are closer than people think. McKenna got shafted at Nats and should have won (ala Fix) and Mckenna and Lee were as close as you can get with Lee winning 1 of 3. and Lee has Jumped levels according to Cael (and the eye test) as well as the Molinaro and Eireman test. .
  2. A healthy Brooks is only losing to Zahid.
  3. Nevills definitely Injured his knee on the OOB.
  4. Brooks was injured at Senior Nationals. He's not quite back to form yet.
  5. Brown started for 3 years and was a 3X AA finishing 2.5.1 I think that would be acceptable for Beard.
  6. I heard that Greco was the most popular style worldwide. I shart u not.
  7. I was always very bad at it. Horrible. But people from other countries seem to be better than us. Prove me wrong.
  8. Yeah, the Russian is Rashidov the two time silver, I mentioned. and I agree with ya, Zain has improved since then.
  9. Zain is amongst the best in the world, I've heard some folks on here saying he isn't ready. his last international loss was to two time World Silver Rashidov on a last second takedown. He's right there.
  10. Following the decision there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth at Flowrestling whose prophecy was unfulfilled.
  11. Masvidal was practicing the flying knee exclusively the day before the match. I watched a video of him hitting it continuously with his coach holding a pad on the UFC Twitter page. He executed it perfectly.
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