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    mcbains reacted to randyfoxwell in Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup   
    You just quoted him and wasted even more space
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    mcbains reacted to BigTenFanboy in Toughest weight bracket, all-time at the NCAA's   
    In 2008 most of those accomplishments had not yet taken place. - 6 previous AA placements with 2 of them outside the top 4.
    Metcalf was not yet an AA
    Lance Palmer was a 1x AA returning 4
    JB not yet an AA
    Caldwell not yet an AA
    Schlatter 2x AA 1 and Returning 3
    Churella 2x AA 8 and returning 2
    Jenkins not yet an AA
    O'connor a 1x AA returning 5
    Compared to this years 133 - 7 previous AA placements all within the top 4.
    Miccic 2x AA 4 AND returning 2
    Lizak 2x AA 2 and returning 4
    Suriano returning 2
    Pletcher returning 4
    Wilson returning 3
    The 2008 bracket went on to do some amazing things, but you cant give credit for how tough a bracket is form things they haven't yet accomplished.
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