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  1. It seems a lot of the NJ guys aren't really from NJ originally. If a kid transfers into Blair or Bergen, do you consider them a NJ wrestler?
  2. Not many probably watched but Moran/Morris in the consis was a barn burner. Morris was up 10-0 and Moran stormed back to win 16-10.
  3. Folk is plagued by incompetence in officiating. Free is plagued by corruption and bias in officiating which is a thousand times worse.
  4. Wrestling is making huge strides in this country and then this tournament happened. How do you explain to a casual fan what is and what isn't a takedown when hardcore fans don't know and worst of all, the officials don't have a freaking clue. If someone can explain Deakin/Young to me I'd love to hear it and when your done with that, explain Valencia/Hall in addition to the ones already mentioned.
  5. Manville bumped up 2 weight classes and held his own against everyone but Martin. He lost tight matches against Marsteller and Finesilver at the scuffle at 165 so he'd probably be a qualifier there. His only loss to a non-qualifier all year was to Hidlay who is redshirting or would have been an AA.
  6. There's a lot of room familiarity between Nolf and Hidlay that played a large role. A lot of workouts together while Hidlay was in high school. Grew up about a half hour from State College.
  7. 197 isn't weak at all, it's just that Nickal's dominance makes it seem that way. If he was removed, people would be talking about it like 133, wide open with multiple returning AAs. Micklus could be a 4 time AA and is an also ran in this deep, tough weight.
  8. Forgot to add if you go to the Warhol, when you pay, ask if David is around. His nephew, David Warhola, is often at the museum and gives glimpse into Andy's personal life that only someone close to him can. He'll often give personal tours. If you do visit, please make sure to mention that you're in town for wrestling nationals. We need to dispel the notion that wrestlers are meatheads who don't appreciate the arts.
  9. Yosemite is amazing but you see amazing scenery before Wawona and amazing after. Fort Pitt is not like that. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but I've been around the world and have seen nothing like it and welcomed many an international guest by picking them up at PIT and I've yet to find one that doesn't say some variant of "DAMN" coming out of the tunnel. As an aside, if you don't have tickets for one of the sessions, the Warhol is within walking distance from the paint can. It's expensive but if you're a pop art fan, it's a must. Key is to hit the basement first and screen print your own t-shirt or bag then tour the museum while it dries. You'll get a one of a kind memento for peanuts as they sell the stuff for not much more than cost.
  10. Wait until you see what I'm talking about. Just be sure to sit in the front seat if you're traveling with a group.
  11. If you're flying into PIT make sure you have your phone taking a video when you come through the Fort Pitt Tunnel. Pittsburgh might have the greatest wow moment entering any city in the world coming from that direction. A really underrated place within walking distance to PPG is the Tap Room at the William Penn Hotel. Pub Fries are solid and they usually have a couple of local breweries on tap. Would be easy between sessions.
  12. That kind of results happens. A team like Rutgers with a couple of great wrestlers and a bunch of middling guys are going to have this happen. Vs Utah Valley, they won three matches but actually had more points scored during matches as they had two majors and Ashanault was up big when he pinned. I'm sure if we looked, we'd find quite a few matches that fit that criteria.
  13. I understand that some are in favor of cumulative scoring as Wade proposes hoping that it increases action. I'm saying that if you want to increase action, you need to penalize lack of action by penalizing the team of wrestlers that don't score offensive points. Cumulative scoring is going to lead to even more low scoring. Wrestler A is better than Wrestler B. Under Cumulative, B's objective will be to keep it as low scoring as possible. Under the penalty proposal, wrestler B better try some offense because his 5-1 loss is the same as a major, team score wise meaning it would be a 4 point swing. 3 for A's decision and -1 for B's for lack of offensive points. The only change you'd have to make is forfeits would be worth 7 team points, the same as a pin with no offense.
  14. Cumulative scoring won't increase the action on the mat as much as non-offensive penalty scoring would. It's really simple. Unless a wrestler scores a takedown, reversal or stalling point on his opponent, there's one point deducted from his team's score. No more sending out a turtle to save team points, no more trying to steal a win at the end. It would be better to lose 15-8 than 3-2 (with two escapes)
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