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  1. If you'd like to discuss politix, I welcome a PM conversation. I can keep it civil and adult, as well. Otherwise, it'd be much more appropriate to use a wrestling forum for wrestling things.
  2. You've got another thing coming if you believe normalcy is what will be the deciding factor. The primary deciding factor is the same thing as it was last time. Despite all the fake news, he is still obviously the lesser of two evils.
  3. It was a jab, my guy. I think Woods goes 149 in that scenario, though, as Echemendia wants to go 141. Teamwise it would upset the cart much less. Also, I do think Karch goes 174 as well.
  4. So you want them both competing for the 157lb spot? Why do you need both?
  5. Crap meant to say it tells you in the vid they were both in HS.
  6. You don't think that the grapplers aren't going to focus on what is in their best interest for their future first and foremost? IF there is a season, I would be surprised to see Stanford keep both Woods and Griffith.
  7. Oh my. Wrestlestat has Penn State winning, with Woods at 149 and Griffith at 165, by a score of 18-12. That isn't factoring in that a healthy Kerk defeats Cass handily(currently has Cass winning 13-6)...
  8. Used to have a kid who was a Spartan fan, but would order Stanford 'S' stuff(that didn't have the tree) because his favorite color was red. Bring 'em all to East Lansing. I'd be overjoyed. Still get to have a gigantic 'S' for your logo. :)
  9. I don't think Rocky at 197 is a good idea either, to be clear. I think a lineup with one of them performing at 157 is a lineup that has the potential to take home a trophy.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/buckeyeswire.usatoday.com/2019/10/25/ohio-state-wrestling-completes-final-wrestle-offs-results/amp/
  11. Rocky beat him last year while sucking down to 174. Romero is just one season removed from being an average 165lber.
  12. Guys... just block the idiot. Way easier. All I see are his posts within your replies and I see he is still an idiot. Old dogs, new tricks, and all. The intelligence and capacity of a gnat.
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