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  1. Potato - tomato. I enjoy it. Especially for background noise.
  2. Thiccc Gadson. Three Cs there. Holy moly.
  3. Jordan Wood. Clutch last 10S takedown foe the win.
  4. Davison just horsed that gut on a 280lb Wood. Impressive.
  5. Jordan 'Big Ole Thick Piece of' Wood and Davison on Mat 4.
  6. Far cry from the 6-6 criteria at the Open.
  7. False. There is an insurance company I have to call regularly that has a singular tone playing. The higher the pitch the longer the hold in the queue. It is stark raving.
  8. Are you not familiar with last year's WTT at all?
  9. For the first three minutes and a half he is a worse matchup. After that he will get exposed every time.
  10. Ringer is susceptible to being exposed once in a blue moon. Look what Martin did to him. He still proved to be right up there until hos ACL tear and would have been a factor at 86 KG OTT had he not done so. There won't be a stronger 79 KG in the field today and he will not let himself het in that same position with Joseph. He isn't IMar. I expect Ringer to comfortably win each match today.
  11. I am rather shocked both Lee and Johnny D are such heavy 'favorites' here. I would have expected ~10-15% less.
  12. As of 10:20 AM (US-Eastern, 40 minutes before the show starts) we have these results: Lee (37) over Maple (8) - 82% Diakomihalis (33) over McKenna (12) - 73%
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