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  1. Every other weight seems straightforward. 57-CK favored with either 65-CK favored with either 74-Massa slight favorite-Wick huge favorite over Amine 86-Amine decent favorite, Bounaderlost to Pfarr 2 years ago, I imagine even now at worst I see Michigan putting their best they can out here so they can be up 4-0 and have options against Wolfpack. 97-Zillmer slight favorite. 125-Crapshoot. If is 3-2 they will send Gable and then we'll see either Coon or Parris. Gable wins either, who loses less badly? If CK us up 4-1 send Hemida. Don't chance an injury in your bigs
  2. If this is coin flip to see who sends first at each weight, then I absolutely believe Michigan wants Minnesota to send out first at 125.
  3. This is going to be great for all parties included. I am very excited for everyone 120-180 in that room.
  4. Does anybody know what Gross weighed in at against Meredith? I know the match was at 143.
  5. The Gillman-Colon match score was far closer than the match actually was. Gillman controlled it and I don't believe he was ever in any danger. The same Colon that just hot-rodded all over Gross 21-15. Keep in mind, these toons have got hands on each other before. They were both in the room in 2014-2015 at Iowa. So Gross's length won't be unknown on him. Unless that length is a problem for Gillman, which it may very well be, I don't see this being close. Close score? Maybe.
  6. I'd be okay with Coon-Steveson. I bet Coon does a lot better than last time. He seemed disinterested entirely last time. That said, if the dual is 4-1, which I think it will be, I wouldn't be surprised to see Hemida out there to keep Coon and Parris both as fresh as possible for Day 2.
  7. So wrestle Parris and Gable, arguably the two better options, only on Day 1? Let the arguably lesser versions wrestle Day 2, the money days?
  8. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6829661-cliff-keen-wc-to-host-indias-bajrang-punia-for-month-long-training-camp If only he was here a week sooner. hehehehe
  9. I'm thinking it is Teemer at 165 and Valencia at 174 all day. Teemer looked decent at 165 before his semi-slide (after he lost it seems he was just trying big stuff and didn't care the result). Valencia also looked much better collegiately at 174 than 165, AND his freestyle results at 74kg (163.1lbs) were better after not cutting for an entire collegiate season. Big picture, 165-174 makes more sense than 157-165 for them. Whoever they can fill in at 157 would outperform whoever they would put out at 174 in the other scenario. I also like Crooks. Looked good at U23 and reminds me a lot of Oster from Northwestern(who went 149-165 last year with an increase in output/success).
  10. Has it been made known how lineups are to be presented? Coin flip? How?
  11. Obviously I'm being a troll. I prefer Coon-Steveson, as I do believe the dual will be locked up by then. I want Parris-Gwiz.
  12. You speak for Mr Quackson now?
  13. Gable Quackson. Ducking AJ now ducking Mason. What next? Ducking Facundo?
  14. So the duck already starts? Ducking Parris again...
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