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  1. Meh. Pointless dual. This makes me wish they seeded the schools at tournaments. Ao Northwestern gkes 5-3 at 157 this year in B1G duals because Deakin is out? Seed the results the school had.
  2. Unless Deakin isnup af 165 looks like NW down at least two starters and Purdue one. All three are major points swings.
  3. Rokfin is like Flo-lite with their free/paid content. It is up to the content creators whether they want it to be 'premium' or paid content. Most of it is free as it stands now.
  4. Can confirm. I'm already working with them on how to shadow the most likely person to get nailed in the electroshock, so as to not hit it themselves.
  5. I'd like to add that not only did he go up to 160 and beat Valencia, but he made 145 the very next weekend.
  6. Do you have a link or something about them rejoining the Big 12?
  7. Nick Freeman bumped up to 149 and beat North Carolina in the dual last year.
  8. He bwat Ringer in September then got married... give the guy a break.
  9. I heard it too. Their article released today contradicted, in a way, and said it wasn't expected for him to go rather than outright stating he wasn't going. Disappointing. I don't know if I prefer the card tonight or him in Paris, honestly.
  10. I would like to throw out there that neither Hidlay nor Brooks were full sized 184lbers last year. Both were very much growing into the weight still. I still don't consider either of them as big 184lbers. They will both be more aptly prepared to handle 184lbs, though.
  11. People don't want to talk about that. I'm not disagreeing with any of that. I am disagreeing with you saying that nobody in college (at 184) can gove him fits.
  12. I didn't create the scenario. The scenario existed and happened. They stepped on the mat. Fits were had.
  13. Even though Venz did comfortably defeat him their first match last season and Caffey did in fact give him fits at B1Gs?
  14. Chad Red has veen the starter for three years now. Lovett beat him in the wrestleoff, but Red got the nod against Minnesota.
  15. Hardy is/was at 149. You hear something about a 3rd horse in that race at 141lbs?
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