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  1. Snyder Cox Dake Taylor Burroughs Gillman Johnny D Green Fix Gwiazdowski
  2. Assuming Micic goes 133, the only spot for Ragusin to go is 141 or redshirt. He isn't making 125 and being lethal at this point.
  3. Ah no I'm just being a twatwaffle because someone else said eleven earlier in the thread, man.
  4. Why, when he has the 74kg spot now? DT better watch his rearview mirror. I have a feeling we are going to see the best version of JB we have seen in a while... and that is scary. If he believes that he can win at 86 I think we will see him there.
  5. He did in 2016. He beat him. Then he lost to the Matrix.
  6. @Jon_Kozak should have put money on it somewhere.
  7. I will handle this, @Antitroll2828. Yes.
  8. Am I the only one that is relieved that a thread, for once, has not turned politically toxic? The thread gods approve!
  9. Sweet. I'm not always wrong. Can someone pin this somewhere so I can resort to using it as proof in the future?
  10. I don't think Zhamalov beat Sidakov. It was a different Ruskie, then Zhamalov beat that Ruskie. @Jon_Kozak can likely confirm this.
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