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  1. Devil's advocate: How would she do at 74kg against the men? No disrespect intended, but P4P means Pound-For-Pound, and not division dominance. She wouldn't beat a single man at 74 that was at the WTT last year. If we are talking division dominance then she absolutely deserves to be in the talking. Likely for the #1-3 spot in that scenario.
  2. I agree entirely. I do think he could potentially knock off a challenger or two. Someone like Gantt or Valencia or something. Loses to IMart or Nolf or Burroughs or even Green at 74 every time though.
  3. How would Frank do at 74? I'd wager better than expected(most would say he'd chump it up). I imagine he still cuts quite a bit for 70. IMart relies on physicality. He won't get away with that at 79kg as much as he can at 74kg. I also am curious how much of a factor traveling opposite sides of the planet 3 days before the tournament had. We saw how it negatively affected Juniors.
  4. I hope I occupy your mind as much as you say. Free rent. Keep making yourself look like a sham, though. It does me no harm.
  5. I'd still have given him a mulligan fwiw. Him being up a weight and after that ordeal with the airport(s)-he did nearly miss his flight too. Now that being said, does anyone thing it may be political him going up? Not wanting to let Mekhi get a feel for him before Trials?
  6. Nope. Not stupid. You need to get off those nuts you call a pedestal.
  7. Quit being a chump. The Russians are exporting left and right nowadays. The only other country that can come close to their depth is us. We need to export when and where we can to try to bump some of their toons off. Unless you'd rather have US folks have truly one rep where the Ruskies have 8 or 9, because that is the path they're taking.
  8. Honestly it seems as if this entire ordeal is a sore for IMart. I give him a mulligan. Up a weight class means he probably wasn't able to cut or hydrate or eat properly after he lost his luggage. I'm sure that stress was a lot on him.
  9. IMar is our #2 guy and was supposed to be the best guy at 74kg over there.
  10. Is anyone else insanely disappointed that IMar won't get a chance to beat Lewis? I understand he's had a very interesting trip.
  11. They explained it during Who's #1 and it made okay sense to me. Exposure for him and for Saunders, who is pulling a Snyder and essentially skipping scholastic competition his senior year.
  12. Not his best, is all I'm saying. Not even close. I need closure.
  13. I've always appreciated these posts. Truly. This one irked me. It had a beginning and a middle. It didn't seem to have an end. It rather pi$ses me off.
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