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  1. And you don't listen. Pretty sure you were told to stfu and go back to the children's table.
  2. Peak form, yeah, but I took the question as a 'current' question. If we're talking all-time we have a much larger list to pull from. Dave Schultz, Dan Gable, is right up there for me, as well as a fck tonne of Ruskies as well as Icho and Yoshida on the women's side.
  3. Once LBJBJ joins up, it will be a wrestling thread. If it's one thing he does and knows, it's the real style of wrestling. That's the one thing we can agree on there.
  4. Defending myself also makes me a heel too huh? Or how about the messages he initiated to me in which we were actually just holding normal conversation(where he also told me to not stop 'doing what I was doing'). I know he's an older gent, but seems rather forgetful and hypocritical of him. If he can't handle the heat he shouldn't turn on the stove. So, with all due respect, kindly stfu and go over and sit at the kiddie table, squirt.
  5. I just can't get the visual out of my mind where JB had almost nothing for Chamizo and JB was chasing DT down. I get what you're saying. I think Chamizo is an outlier here. He's used to being the shorter guy by now. It wouldn't be like Pantaleo going 74kg.
  6. I'll concede Sparty to you and take one of the other Michy schools. What weight?
  7. I think the question should be what weight would he have been in competition days. I'd have been 165/174. Maybe 133 at Okie State.
  8. There is respectable correlating data. He beat JB worse than DT, who is one of two favorites to win the weight at the Olympics. I don't think it's too far fetched. Styles make matches and Chamizo is a bad matchup for anyone, providing weights are equal (meaning he isn't wrestling 97kg weighing 85kg). If he were to give worlds at 79 a go this year, he's one of the favorites with whoever Russia sends and JB (if JB goes 79).
  9. I'm sorry that true words hurt you.
  10. I was here 20 years ago under a different moniker.
  11. I'll keep this post updated as we go. 125- 133- 141- 149-PSUSMC (Could cut to 141 if needed) 157- 165- 174- 184-nhs67 (Could cut or bump depending on what the team needs) 197- 285-
  12. Probably my fault Heffernan retired too, now, huh? Lovely.
  13. You needed enlightenment and you were wrong(duh). Period. Eat crow, accept it, and move on, circus freak.
  14. I'm going to go with Chamizo, I think. The guy is a 65kg guy still. He is just thicker, and it isn't all muscle/growth. He just doesn't want to cut. To me this question is sort of a p4p thing. To be technically sound, or as perfectly sound as possible, you also need certain physical advantages over your opponents too. I'm thinking of guys who I think could go up (or have gone up) and would be just as much a contender in the next weight class(es) up, and the list isn't that long. When thinking of dominance, I think of a list of five guys that could or would win fairly easily going up one weight class(or two), and for different reasons. Chamizo, Dake, Yazdani, Cox, and Sadulaev. Dake and Cox are freak athletes and just so damn quick/hard to score on for it. Yazdani and Sadulaev are physical beasts that BREAK you with that physicality. Chamizo is just so damn good. I don't know or think it would matter what weight class he went he would contend because it is impossible to prepare for him. You put him at 79 or 86 and he is immediately in that conversation. Add in that he isn't actually bigger, just chubbier than he was at 65 keggers and I'm sold. he is the best on the planet as far as technician goes.
  15. Guys we're losing ground. We went from 60 to 61 and that other thread went from 99 to 101. We can do better! C'mon!
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