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  1. nhs67

    Ringer had absolutely zero for Dake

    I can, but I cannot think who it was or where it was. It was our senior level and I want to believe it was one of our 61kg matches. I cannot recall, but I do generally have the same idea/approach that high scoring are sloppy, annoying and just all around not fun. The match ended something like 18-9 or 20-11, maybe even 19-9(tech). Close to a tech or as close as can be. Wrestler A defeated Wrestler B, but Wrestler B jumped out to a 9-0 lead on slop. Wrestler A then turned it on and picked him apart little by little with pristine execution and persistence. Wrestler B defended well, but Wrestle A was just that much better and had to dig himself out of a hole and did so, yet Wrestler B didn't give him ANYTHING. Wrestler A earned every bit of it and Wrestler B defended everything he could while both gave it their all. I wish I could recall who even one of them was, but I was thoroughly enjoyed after watching him come back. It was a dogfight and he was down quick and early.
  2. nhs67

    Ringer had absolutely zero for Dake

    This. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was a war in both matches and in every exchange, Dake won. It was impressive just how little Ringer had to offer. It goes to demonstrate just how good Dake is right now, not how bad Ringer is. Let's not forget that he has proven he is the #2 in the world(Ghadzi is hurt so today Ringer would beat him). Let's not also forget that he would also beat Taylor today. Taylor is hurt as well. I wish USA Wrestling would do what is best for the team and allow him to wrestle Downey for the 86kg spot. Taylor waiting made it so some 79 and 92 guys did not go 86 when they could have. It would have been the easiest path to a spot, with our only hammer out.
  3. nhs67


    I am sure I can search it, but is there a reason and/or format they follow with that? Drives me nutto.
  4. NLWC has quite possibly at least oneTop 3-5 wrestlers at every weight for OTT. They could conceivably put someone in the Best of 3 at each weight.
  5. Only if he got that fake orange glow going on.
  6. Ah yeah. That was a $HlT of a draw as any. Easily the toughest draw of a #1 last year.
  7. He earned the 1 seed. Then placed 6th.
  8. Darmstadt? Didn't ole boy say that Cornell was fixing to end it's streak if finalists this year?
  9. nhs67


    Fair or not, @gimpeltf brought up an excellent point. The Olympic powers that be made it clear they wanted more countries to have a chance at medaling without having to wrestle too many matches. The current system feeds to that perfectly. Everyone knows Yazdani was the clear #2 in the world last year as well as the Ruskie the clear #3 despite placing 1, 3, 5.
  10. On fire @Ragu. Thank you.
  11. nhs67

    Entire World Team

    Hidlay's and Downey's.