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  1. Jordan won a snoozefest last year...
  2. Got me real good there. H.F.S.
  3. Didn't he weigh in just over 192lbs for a catchweight exhibition with Myles Martin at 200lbs? 92kg is ~202lbs. He isn't going 92kg.
  4. He has swagger. That's what we call that. He has loads of swagger. If Gable is out on the Worlds level and Parris doesn't get back on track to where he was, he might have a dominating swagger that lasts a decade or more.
  5. Does Track still do it's own stuff, too? Perhaps there?
  6. I was just being a McDouche, as per usual.
  7. https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/actors/john-travolta-net-worth/ Way off. $250 million. Guy is basically eating at the soup kitchens, man.
  8. You living under a rock or trolling? It really is difficult to tell with you. Every. Single. Media. Outlet. Has. Covered. This. The. Last. Three. Days.
  9. Just not a fan of allowances or catchweights. Stick them in a weight class they agree upon, pay them, and let us watch them wrestle.
  10. Hell JB VS Yazdani would be spectacular, too. And no I don't think he should move up to 97 permanently. Sadulaev exists. Nobody is winning at whatever weight Sadulaev enters except Sadulaev. In what other events will we get the chance to see any if these super matches between generational talents? Hell for that matter I would like to see DT and Yazdani against Sadulaev at 97 and Sadulaev against Akgul, Geno, Zare, and Steveson at 125.
  11. I'm not trolling. He is 86kg now. If he goes up one Olympic weight class from where he is at right now he goes up to 97kg. There is no denying that as fact. Is that too difficult for you to understand or is it that this idea upsets you too much? What's the beef there, Mr. Genius Guy? They are the same height. Snyder has we-man arms. Why is it so disturbing to want to see this match, as a fan of wrestling? I guarantee you Yazdani isn't afraid of Captain America. You should not be, either.
  12. Also losing you're not comparing apples to apples. He is going up ONE Olympic weight. Asking Gable to lose 40 pounds for little to no compensation is not just silly, it is stupid. Asking Yazdani to go up and defeat one of the greatest in his generation isn't silly or stupid. It is something that would take his already phenomenal resume and reinforcing it to be even greater. Why are folks just making excuses for him left and right as to why he can't go up? Let the man prove he is THE GREATEST. \ EDIT: Pretty sure Gable is 260lbs+, so closer to 50lbs.
  13. Zahid isn't beating David Taylor let alone Yazdani. Folks need to quit partying with him and understand this.
  14. There is one way to settle this. The Greatest must bump up to wrestle Captain America.
  15. Bratke? Is that you, bud? Every 'credible' source is still pointing to PSU. Your Flony, CP said Ohio State, Nebraska, and Iowa State... Askren's reaction was adorably accurate. He laughed at him.
  16. I am along the lines of your thinking as well... just not sure of the technicalities of it is all.
  17. Curiosity: The National Duals is 3 days after Semester One ends for Penn State. If Nicky Skeletor is enrolled for Semester Two at Penn State, does that mean he can start competing after the completion of Semester One?
  18. 125 I have Lee in a comfortable Decision. Suriano's only points are off escapes. 6-3, 8-3 type match. If this is anyone else it is a Tech or Pin. Iowa 3-0 133-TOSSUP Yeah. It's a tossup, gents... It is at Carver and just after a high profile match that Iowa dominated. I do have RBY in a narrow 3-2, 5-3 type match. A focus2wd, chess style match in which RBY never loses his focus. Tied 3-3 141-TOSSUP Obviously a tossup. If Lee isn't here, Eiermani will ride the hell out of whomever is (BB?) and gets bonus. It's Carver, man. It's also Nick Lee. I can't not choose him after NCAAs and OTT. Carver is getting raucous as Lee doesn't need OT for this one. 5-2,6-4 type match. PSU 6-3 149-TOSSUP Yeah. This too. Surprised? Not me. Murin is a grinder, yes. BB or SVN are absolute studs and will make this a match. If it is Lee I expect a major for him over Murin. I think BB ends up being redshirtted and SVN is the starter by this time. I flipped a coin and it looks like Murin eeked it out. A 7-6, 9-6 type match. Tied 6-6 157 I am not calling this a tossup. I expect it to be close, though, and I expect it to be Bearclaw by this time. Another grinder that just wears out his young counterpart. 7-4, 8-4 type match that Brands seals in the last minute. Iowa up 9-6 at the break. 165 Marinelli in a comfortable decision. 6-3, 8-3 type where Facundo only scores off escapes. Iowa 12-6 174-TOSSUP I don't think Kemererererr beats him again. My opinion, but there is no arguing that this is not a tossup. CS via 3-1, 4-1 type match. Iowa 12-9 184 Brooks will beat whomever is across from him. Badly. If Brands a regular Decision, but tough. If Assad a Major. I have Brands right now, so a 10-3, 11-4 type match. Tied 12-12 197 TOSSUP Warner is boring good. Only a few people can beat him and it is because they are elite at one area. Dean is an elite rider. Warner is bigger. I just don't see Warner losing this. 6-3, 7-4 type match at that. Iowa 15-12. 285-TOSSUP Cassman is lean. We don't know how he moves yet. We know how good Kerk looks at 250lbs. I have Kerk cementing himself right in that tier in a back and forth, hard fought match that is decided by Carver. Cassman via 8-6, 8-7 type match. Iowa wins 18-12. Could be worse with no Suriano, so 20-12, 21-12 type score. I have it 3-3 on tossups too. Iowa takes the tossup and it is a shutout. Penn State takes them and it is 21-9.
  19. Ill roll 3x same wager You need to settle that with @bnwtwg
  20. Is this for the FIRST time they meet only?
  21. Styles make matches and Amine will always lose to Zahid. Unfortunately. Zahid is tier 3. He lost to Nickal, JB, and at the Deglane this year alone. His loss at the Deglane was to a Russian who is typically a 79 too, at that. Edit #1: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Prix_de_France_Henri_Deglane_2021 Edit #2: That Russian has never been close to beating the top two at Russia, either, fwiw. 6-0, 6-1 type decisions.
  22. Different tiers man. Zahid, right now, is tier 3 at best. Just the way it is right now.
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