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  1. This discussion has less to do sith 174 than 184. We're talking about them wrestling AT 184 next season...
  2. Obviously clear post was obviously not clear. Rocky won the spot. Moved up once cut proved too much. Outperformed statistically up a weight.
  3. Also Nickal has gone in record saying 97 keggers was his weight and hasn't said anything otherwise since. Until he weighs in under 86 kilos (189.5lbs lol) I am going with 97 as his weight.
  4. I'll help here. 87.2 keggers was where they weighed in at.
  5. He is clearly implying that Bo wins if he puts Ringer on his back.
  6. Di don't think NLWC shows for this one.
  7. I doubt NLWC folks enter at this point? Even then does Dake still win it if he enters?
  8. Don't see Gabe Dean making 195 as easily as he would have 5 years ago either.
  9. Picks anyone? Bo about a half pound over that 86 kegger limit. Bummer that he can't make the cut.
  10. Cael has spoken: https://mobile.twitter.com/caelsanderson/status/1306387755828682752?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  11. I've seen this thread every time I open the forums. And for whatever reason today... I thought it said Mexicants.
  12. You need to check out the actual results. Rocky went 11-3 at 174. Romero didn't win the spot. Rocky vacated.
  13. You understand that after Rocky moved up to 184 he went 18-6 whereas Romero went 12-7? Rocky also did win the wrestleoff. Paint whatever picture you want, result H2H is what it was. Romero also is coming up from being dwarfed by Logan Massa at 165 two seasons ago. At 184 Rocky still wins.
  14. Jordan will start at 184. He improved just as much, if not more, than Romero. Keep in mind he beat him then went up so he didn't have to cut too much weight.
  15. Absolutely not. Not in my book. I was just explaining what their justification might be. I would weigh more of Red's regular season losses negatively and drop him a bit.
  16. nhs67


    You mean the one coming off of major surgery?
  17. nhs67


    Hahahaha! Askren got whooped on because he was flat out worse in every area, especially health. Love the guy and what he does/is doing for our sport, but I only see 2 people being able to defeat JB this next year, and one of them are domestic (Nolf). I joke, haha. Dake. Dake is the only guy I see being ABLE to defeat him. Doesn't mean he will, though. Wouldn't that be something. Dake, who could have been the 2nd greatest 74 kegger US guy of all time, has his Prime years bookended by a better version of Burroughs...
  18. nhs67


    Been out, I thought...
  19. So where is the actual match lineup at?
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