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  1. Pat's father as in @Blue Dragons. Which! By the way! Rather ballsy of you when you picked your new screen name to go with what you named your dangles when you were twelve. I'm not telling you how I know that. I'm not telling anyone how. But know that I know.
  2. Can everyone just leave Pat's father alone? He can't help the wiring of his brain. Exploiting his temper and/or stupidity for our humor is dishonorable.
  3. Yeeeah... I'm an idiot. I'm glad you understood what I said, Pat. I was watching Sherlock Holmes. I appreciate your understanding and discretion.
  4. Would like to throw this out there: http://www.bloodround.com/playlist Myles and Malik's father talks about this a bit. Also interesting is that while most people here follow results and college wrestling I found his bit about traveling to practice with Dake and Dean super interesting. It just shows their dedication to be the best.
  5. They have Wisconsin and Nebraska both in the top 4. Absolutely embarassing ranking service. NC State down at 13?
  6. Yes, I heard that too. Therefor it must be third criteria, with the latter reasoning, yes?
  7. I wish some of that class your son (RD3) has been learning would splash into you. While he(RD3) gets a ton of crap, it isn't because of what he is doing now. He appears to be in a great place mentally and physically since he's gone to the NJRTC. Apparently he is doomed once he gets home and has to listen to you every day again, Mr. RD2.
  8. For me it is: Sidakov-Burroughs Snyder-His half of the bracket(I have a turning feeling in my gut we won't see Sad-Snyder 3 and I have Sad winning convincingly if they do). Dake-Cox(Who will score more/give up less... can both allow zero points?) Zain-Anyone(I think the Johnny matches made him take that next step...) Downey-Heino/Abounader/Amine/Arthur(imagine if he went 2-2 against this squad to take 5th)...
  9. Here's the question that likely sheds more light than most of us have even realized: When speaking about MMA, has he ever specified a desired weight-class goal or desired opponents? The UFC seems to be doing away with 125, or it may seem that way. Has he talked about fighting Dillashaw, Cejudo, Holloway, etc? That could give us insight as to the weight class he chooses for next year's trials.
  10. Need to know, as well. Different year for me, but asking for a friend.
  11. Flo equates to $10 a month for all conte nt.
  12. Ah $HlT. Crossing streams here. Apologies.
  13. I agree with this. Wrestlestat has both at about 120. That is without getting many, if any, points at 125, 149, 157, 197. They could conceivably AA at all four. Iowa has minimal coming in at 141 and could place better at just about every weight aside for 125 than what they have listed there aside for 184. The answer is yes. 275 is reachable.
  14. This is absolutely true. Either A) They went through the proper channels to make sure their interpretation is correct or B) they did not and published their interpretation as the actual procedure. Being that it has been a hot topic for a while now, I am leaning A over B. My opinion.
  15. Lewis was a Junior champ. Still applies for him and Johnny though. I skipped 2 and 3 and focused on 1 for discussion and you're absolutely correct. I imagine his coaches and D1 coaches know more than us Average Joe forum posters.
  16. My interpretation is the latter. Why and how would Nicky Pushups, Johnny D, and Mekhi all already announce Oly-shirt intentions if it were the former?
  17. That would leave zero incentive for a 2019 champ to wrestle thisnyear unless they have no Olympic aspirations.
  18. So the 2020 champion doesn't get an invite? @MikePorcelli
  19. They are. 2019 Champs are considered past, not current champs by the time of the Oly-Trials. This next season's champs are those who automatically qualify. Past champs require additional requisites I believe.
  20. So it is assumed he will be vying for 57kg(125lbs-ish) and not 65kg(143lbs-ish) for certainty then?
  21. Here's a thought... What if Zahid went 197? He wouldn't have to cut much, if any, by season's end, BUT if he could focus on gaining functional size at 195-200 it may be his best bet at 86kg(189lbs) next summer. We found out after the season that Bo weighed about 195 at season's end and had no difficulty in outclassing the field. Zahid is of that same tier of talent. What are the chances this is the case? It does give them their best peak points with Norfleet down at 184.
  22. It is interesting seeing who is listed w/ our #1 guys. Question... IF, by chance one of our guys gets hurt, lets say the Zain Train...? Does that mean that our other guy that is there and listed(which would be Dariun Cruz) would be eligible to be our rep? Would we then be able to use Meredith(who is listed at 61kg) at that chance, or how does that work? I understand that this 'list' is likely just folks entered for their passes at this point, and UWW has the finalized roster list, but I'm just curious. I know a lot of things can be assumed, but there are things that can't be, too.
  23. 86 has Heino Arthur Amine Abounader Downey All USA.
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