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  1. My case was made without me having to make. All I had to do was open my eyes. You are obviously a Lamont fan and not a Gross hater. A simple search would show I am a Gross hater. As a fan of watching wrestling I cringe watching him. I dislike it greatly. I'm no fool, though, and understand how much better Gross is than Lamont.
  2. In 5 years I expect both Hidley brothers on this list.
  3. Yes. And? You aren't doing yourself any flavors here, bub.
  4. The year before it he outplaced him at 133.
  5. I mean. if anyone has been following him in football you'll see/know he is a bruiser and that Fresno's line isn't that great, so he gets beat up unnecessarily. A team may be willing to take a chance on him for short yardage purposes, but he'd literally be fighting for the last spot on any of the teams, after going undrafted. The minimum salary as of now for a roster spot is $480k. Whether he decides to do wrestling next year(which he is entirely eligible to), may depend on how the offseason happens for him for football. Meaning does it look like he can make a team or not. Hell even being on a practice squad earns you a minimum of $8k per week, meaning $136k+ just for the regular season. Wrestling may very well take the back seat in if we see Hokit. It is up to Hokit and those he holds dear.
  6. Goodness. Think about the market they'd be cornering with that concept. The potential $$$$$$$
  7. Confusing potential with performance isn't going to convince me. If you go off results, his peak performance is R12 type stuff. If you go off what he is capable of he is mid-AA caliber. I'll give you that, however he needs to prove it. Injury or otherwise.
  8. No. Of the top 10 per wrestlestats computer RATINGS(not to be confused with rankings), 9 of the top 10 have a better resume when it matters.
  9. It's an Open. Can do as he pleases unattached.
  10. To be fair I said 0-2 to 2(3)-2 type. That is Bloodround.
  11. 2-2 2 years ago at 125. Major Decision loss to NATO. Gross just Techfalled NATO. Different style, yes. Gross is better at Folkstyle.
  12. 2 years ago. At 125. Pre-injury.
  13. You know what really sucks? When you type up this awesome reply to an actual bit of discussion within a thread, and it takes a good several minutes due to it being 32 paragraphs long, and then you go to post and suddenly the 'Submit reply' button is gone. When I am on the desktop I'm not so concerned, however when I am on my fone... that crap takes a while. I mean... I'm 3/4 of the way through a 45 minute dumper and they go and lock the thread? It's bad enough I have the girthiest fingers known to man(solid muskle)... but then to go and lock the thread? I tell yeh...
  14. Oh boy. This thread has potential. Locked in... 3... 2.. 1. .
  15. I'm sorry that it bothers you Lamont hasn't done anything at 133(or at all even) to prove he belongs in the discussion for upper echelon at 133. Hell I don't even have him in the tier 2 or tier 3 on my list. He is qualifier material at this point, which is essentially 0-2 to 2(3)-2 type guy come NCAAs... which is all he has proven. He will prove a lot win, lose, or default against Gross this weekend. Citing the hope that Gross had a close match against Spann actually does nothing for you. It was known he wasn't cutting at the time. He'll be cutting 7-10lbs until around conferences for every match(including this one). Also citing pre-level jump Seabass? You're reaching there. It's almost as if you're ignoring that an entire season of college folkstyle happened last year
  16. Absolutely not. Lamont is also coming up from 125 if you recall and has never excelled at the level Gross does at folk. Add in that Gross likely fattened up a bit and I believe you'll see a very dominant win in favor of Gross.
  17. I don't think Lamont has anything for him.
  18. Honestly... I hate that they lock threads when politix gets brought up. I wish they'd big brother and just delete anything politix related if they are to censor. After first deletion have them get a warning. After three give them a three day ban or some schist. DGAF about politix on here, and anytime it seems to get brought up they lock the thread, even if there is other good conversation going on. HASHTAGALLLIVESMATTER
  19. 1.5% bodyweight decent per week, yes? Looking at January at the earliest we see Smith down at 174. Still curious if we see Montalvo make the drop instead.
  20. 57-Dennis 65-Molinaro 74-Burroughs 86-Cox 97-Snyder 125-Dlagnev (Never said which year... so I may very well be the only one 100% correct as of yet)
  21. Despite the weight class of 218 Ryan has been all over in weight. He is jacked and listed at 6'2 but looks a bit shorter. I am very excited here the more I look in to it.
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