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  1. There is nothing to presume. The B1G released an outright statement saying as much. The only way any institution was going to touch the mat during the regular season was to only face other B1G institutions held to the same 'higher' standards and protocols.
  2. Also... fire card. Much less a fan of the main event than I am about 12 of the other matches.
  3. Don't be so mean. Give us the dirt.
  4. MP is also big on Ohio State, IIRC, so I'm hoping to get some juice from him there. :P
  5. Also, Brucki has spent much of his senior career at 79 kilos and prior to all these 'pro cards' was in coach mode. I expect Amos to demolish him with relative ease. I thought the Dudley match would be competitive.
  6. I believe the match has been changed to CJ Brucki, not Dudley. https://twitter.com/WiscRTC/status/1351290430219030528/photo/1 Also Amos is not on redshirt. He is on deferred enrollment. He is currently not enrolled this year, so he could redshirt next year, still. I was hoping he would enroll here in the 2nd semester, but it doesn't look likely. For those wondering, classes for Wisconsin start this next Monday, 1/25/21. If he is to enroll it needs to be before then.
  7. My question was directed towards @Mphillips, because he seemed to know who. I wasn't speculating on any specific school or person(s).
  8. Who? Doing the same as in at Princeton, going to Michigan, or just an Ivy league school going to a different D1 program as a GS?
  9. The only one I'm aware of transferring was Patrick Brucki. He is off this year due to injury, though. Any chance he makes that comeback? Not like he'd start, anyways.
  10. The premise of three isn't realistic. It just isn't. Iowa is just too good and Maryland too bad. In this scenario the most realistic would be Iowa/PSU/Michigan in pod 1 and NW/Indiana/Maryland in pod 3 and the other eight squads in pod 2. Tier style makes more sense. Also, been a very long time since I've heard the term pod used rather than tiers. Also still pretty sure you were jawing at yourself through more than one account earlier in this thread. You appeared to respond to yourself a few times in error/third person.
  11. Damn. I expected bettee out of our two 77 gents.
  12. He left a large enough crater to fill all of the Azeri's family and extended family's bodies in comfortably. Straight up moida.
  13. Not to change subjects a bit... anyone have updates on Greco? Surprised there wasn't a thread made already.
  14. Are you switching between accounts trying to hype Illinois up man?
  15. Everything went right for Illinois and wrong for Ohio State and they scraped by. They are not in different tiers. Wake TF up.
  16. Pods meaning tiers? I've got: Tier 1: Iowa Tier 2: Michigan, Nebraska, Penn State Tier 3: Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio State, Wisconsin Tier 4: Michigan State, Purdue, Rutgers Tier 5: Indiana, Northwestern Tier 6: Maryland Within the tiers they are alphabetized, not ranked in order. My take on tiers is a team can tier up or tier down any given dual if the pieces align for that dual, but laws of averages settles them within a range. Meaning they can beat a team a tier up or lose to one a tier down, but astronomical $HlT would need to happen to go two tiers up or down.
  17. I know. I posted that after Saldate lost and we were still being shut out.
  18. If we're talking optimum lineups, yes to both Michigan and Penn State. If we're talking Michigan's current minus Micic, Amine, and whoever they end up at 184(my bet is Embree) then Mizzou beats them. With a full lineup I have this: 125-Ragusin over Brown +3/4 133-Micic over Schmitt +4/5 141-Hart/Mattin Tossup. 3 either direction 149-Mauller over Storr +3 157-Lewan over Jacques +3 165-O'Toole over Amine +3/4 174-Massa over Mocco +3/4 184-Kent/Embree Tossup. 3 either direction 197-Amine over Elam +3 285-Parris over Elam +3/6 That puts it at as close as 19-7 and as wide as 24-6 in favor of Michigan before. Tossups wouldn't matter making it as close as 19-13 or as wide as 30-6 both in favor of Michigan. Now if you have Medley at 133 for Michigan... make that a +3/4 for Schmitt at 133. Elam is a +4/5 over Division at 197 and Kent is a +3/4 against Bullock or Walker. That makes 141 the only swing and Missouri likely takes this one relatively smoothly with Michigan only winning four matches, maybe five and absolutely needing a pin from Parris to come close to winning. As far as Penn State? Too many unknowns for me to even guestimate still. We don't even know who is going out at 125, 141 or 149. Or 157 for that matter... Missouri looked damn good and frightening yesterday. Okie State should be worried.
  19. The Finesilver bros created and ran a personal business from their dorms in college. Someone else cam chime in on the details. I would expect Matt to pop in on the scene in the next couple years for Israel as well. Josh and Zach aren't quite as good, but that doesn't mean we won't see four of them representing Israel at some point. I expect Matt at 86 and Mitch at 74. Josh likely at 65 with Zach at 70 or 79. All this said, Mitch was 157 until his senior year and after his senior year had said he couldn't make 65. So if he has Olympic aspirations they must be at 74. Also he did defeat Kennedy Monday back at UNC's FiteTV card at 170lbs.
  20. It was after 2019 Worlds, which is what they take seeding from. Everything after the last Worlds up to trials.
  21. Not for nothing but Sparty getting blanked through 157 as well.
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