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  1. Man. I wish. I also wished he didn't have two MFF at the MSU Open so we would have a better idea of actually how good he is.
  2. Being as in order for him to wrestle the most prestigious international tournament to take place every four(five) years, then yes. I consider OTT an international one. Don't like it? Oh well.
  3. My apologies I thought Campbell was Saturday as well.
  4. What if Suriano at 133 and Medley at 125? Or Drew Mattin at 133?
  5. He doesn't have to cut much for 197. He went on record saying he didn't cut for his 205lb match against Dudley. 205lbs < 97kg.
  6. Who else has had 5 top 25 teams slated so far? Has anyone even wrestled four yet? So you specifically know and would rather assume that a rising coach with a rising program is going to specifically target one dual to duck? Assuming the worst out there, aren't we?
  7. Then in that case I think he has to be done.
  8. If he is a volunteer assistant, meaning unpaid, perhaps not?
  9. You are asking why the team who has had, BY FAR, the most difficult dual slate thus far this season decided to sit a few of their guys for one dual? Clarke and Sherman had already been in two fist fights each already that day. It isn't the Brands Bros coaching UNC so it isn't a duck.
  10. It is unusual for post-collegians who have eligibility left to compete there though, right?
  11. Omfg. I am done. You win at the internets today. I concede.
  12. hahaha I consider OTT an international one, myself. He forfeited out via missing weight.
  13. I think if/when Massa joins the UofM lineup they will be the oldest. I think they MAY be the oldest as-is, as it were.
  14. Tanner Hall was 46 years old when he last competed for Arizona State, as well. People just want to bark.
  15. He was. They were both down at Sunkist kids together last season. This is known? I already tried, bro. It took some word finesse tongue-smithery, but it did work for me. Also had to finance an entire spa getaway weekend out for her over at Lake Tahoe. I did find it odd that she happened to run into her palates instructor there, but he's a great guy so I'm happy he is there to ward off other predators.
  16. My apologies, I meant to post it as a response. Here you go.
  17. To be fair I bet Micic had a big part in this. They were training partners down in Arizona weren't they? That is loyalty.
  18. Even the Stevenson not quite vape thing (-v+r)?
  19. The Stalemates guy posted it to Instergram yesterday? Maybe the Tweeter.
  20. So is Embree dropping to 174 or are they going to go get Massa back in the fold? Secondary question: Would Amine to 174 and a pickup of Dellevechia for 165 do them better?
  21. So he is supposedly going 165 at Midlands. If he does well might we see him at a contender at 157 or 165 for the Spring/Winter Mester?
  22. Well the Brands Bros aren't the coaches at ASU so I wouldn't call it a quack.
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