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  1. I imagine the result would have been a 25-10 tech, anyways... BUT folks get pinned every day. J/s And yes. We did. Decades even.
  2. Did we just become best friends? Also rewatched the 174lb match. He definitely just stops it with a 14 point lead. Just a premature ending?
  3. Was CC down a few horses? I expected them to contend with Davison with Dundee a distant 3rd.
  4. You're the Buckeye. Your opinion should hold more weight than mine. Providing mine is true, though, it would also make yours true. So I do agree.
  5. You're speaking in tongues now, jp... Quit making sense.
  6. I think it is trickle down. Smith can't beat Karchla. Romero can't beat Smith. Jordan can't beat Romero. Hoffman can't beat Jordan.
  7. 18-11 through 174 for Ohio State. Nothing really unexpected. At 174 Ethan Smith was up 21-9 with about 1m30s to go in the 3rd and over 4m of riding time. He gets a TD. 23-9. Ref stops the match and adds riding time with 1m30ish to go in the 3rd?
  8. Lehigh > Cornell > Virginia Tech > Missouri > Lehigh
  9. I have only seen you and Minnow pissing and moaning as well as you and Minnow saying other people are pissing and moaning. Other people, like the ones who matter, haven't actually pissed and moaned publicly. Juat you two. All you both are doing is complicating it for your brother. Chill out.
  10. Proof of promise? Having trouble digging ut up?
  11. Pretty sure it's actually Swatford's brother. His sentence structure and discussion format are nearly identical.
  12. Okay, Minnow. Go ahead and skate around the fact that only Swatford's brother and you said it was promised, with no physical proof any interaction of that nature happened.
  13. The high school kid, and Iowa State commit, Manny Rojas from Detroit Catholic... who just beat Purdue's Nachohouse at Midlands(Matman)... the same Nachohouse who just beat Mikey Labs of Nebraska last night has the 1 seed. The 2 seed is recent Penn State commit Josh Barr from Davison. 119 is just as, if not more intriguing. If you know, you know.
  14. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=647448132
  15. You are wrong. The results absolutely are relevant as are the potential results. Did you not watch the dual? How many decisions that were decided by 2 points or less did the Hawkeys win? Five. Kem is out and Swafford is in: 6 point swing. 19-13. Just ONE of those other matches go the other way, and it is on to criteria. Would have been a loss for CHA B1G opener. So even from a coaching standpoint the call made 100% sense. Like it or not the Brands Bros are the highest paid coaches in D1 wrestling for a reason. Also, there is no proof other than yourself (Minnow) and Swatford's brother's emotionally fueled Twitter tirade that proves the Brands Bros promised him anything. No coach in the upper echelon of D1 is going to make that sort of promise to a 12-6 NAIA transfer who took three losses at the watered down Scuffle. Not if they are serious about trying to contend for a trophy, let alone a title. Again: The pinnacle If he cannot handle it he should have never been in the room to begin with.
  16. Calling Minnow 'Mineo' and saying this is precisely something Minnow would say. Diversion.
  17. This entire post makes a tonne of sense. They really should have chilled. That said I am more thinking this... He just took three losses at the Scuffle. A watered down Scuffle where there is a high likelihood that none of the wrestlers present in the weight class he wrestled in will medal. With all due respect, his brother needs to read the room.
  18. He wore an Iowa singlet at the Scuffle.
  19. Neither. Size and strength? Yes. Speed and skill? No.
  20. His brother is burning bridges for him and needs to shut his mouth.
  21. Keep living in dreamland denial and skating around my question. This is D1. The pinnacle of folkstyle wrestling. You seriously advocating for a participation trophy?
  22. You really think he wasn't about to go 0-9 in B1G dual action? You think the Brands Bros were going to stand idly by and watch that? Pish posh. Impact matters. It is the top of the D1 wrestling landscape. Impact most definitely matters. Folks need to just accept Minnow and his source, who appears to be Swatford's brother, were wrong.
  23. So you guys are telling me that this guy was going to make some sort of difference, so Minnow and attachments are furious over the shirt pull...? https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/60101/swafford-brennan/profile
  24. It wasn't? Kemerererer will still be on pitch count.
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