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  1. I honestly believe you over Flo, in regards to Cornell activity. That said I also see that Flo has removed him from the registrants list as of today.
  2. Isn't Arujau entered for the Scuffle? Also, Cassman isn't #3.
  3. "I hate you." seems a more apt response. Yer so meen.
  4. Why would you do this to me?
  5. No. Rokfin says 'Illinois Assistant Coach' as his school.
  6. Doubt he has $100 to pay entry, let alone travel costs. So no, I do not think he will show. I hope he does. I also hope he doesn't beat the $HlT out of some stupid fan or dad or other wrestler if he does happen to make it and they go spouting off. He is lethal and folks need to understand that before they mess around and find out.
  7. Was it John Smith? I take that less as a threat and more as a warning or guarantee.
  8. I think Hall gets 1st seed, Amine 2nd. Downey I don't know what seed he would get. He loses to both, I think.
  9. It is an opinion of mine, but aside for one match that was extremely questionably called and another that had a non-slam called a DQ slam, Facundo has owned DCC as well as the entire state of Michigan for the last four years.. That includes UofM's 165lber Amine. Keep in mind this was when Facundo was an underclassman and Amine was not. I would venture to say that Facundo has improved more since then. Again that is an opinion. Meaning if Cael and Co believe that Amine might score points, Facundo will potentially stop him from scoring as much as he could by outplacing him. Edsell will not. Keep in mind that Matt Lee also has a victory over Cornell's Ramirez earlier this season and he is also entered in at the Scuffle. Both Lee and Facundo are 'True' frosh due to last year's Covid year. Either one might be an improvement and Scuffle may be what's used to determine which one will be getting their shirt pulled. I hope it's Facundo.
  10. What about 'New Midlands' @SetonHallPirate? I am a dummy. Seems skimpy, though, what you currently have listed.
  11. A) Okay, fair enough. I knew the single day thing, however 'bad' news travels farther and faster than anything that contradicts it. B) Also fair point. He fits in well down at his current MMA gym. Got a few gents I know there that regularly talk with him like a dude-bro. His antics on the twittersphere don't reflect how he acts in the gym and while training. He is, for all intents, a good training partner eager to improve. I imagine this held true up under Humphreys as well. C) Good to know. It would be nice if the 'good' traveled as quickly and far as the 'bad' did. Once the threads get too far into politix I tend to not actually read them anymore and just try to pile on ridiculous pointless crap to make it more ridiculous and pointless. So that is also on me. D) My initial response wasn't necessarily directed at you and only you. 'Your' response has taken traction amongst quite a few folks on various outlets, and I just happened to reply to it all on your post.
  12. That is a whole lot of assumptions that would essentially incriminate some guys who have a very positive impact/background in the community. I would argue the exact opposite. If there was $HAMMY$HITSKIES going on prior to Jersey, it stopped when he got there. It then resumed when he left. Also, Minnow is from Jersey but lives in the Lehigh Valley, so there is actually no connection there. Minnow is just polarizing and attempting to be a fan while growing his 'Scoopz' brand, or w/e it is. He just lets his opinion drive things rather than facts, typically. I believe had he allowed facts to drive things then add an opinion folks would view him very differently. Also the fact that he is known as Captain Deleto also doesn't help him, even if he does it much less than he used to. I for one am impressed that he had something to do with rectifying the Downey situation, as far as the victims are concerned. Even if he had 5% involvement, that is impressive and a far cry changed from when he was on that Facebook group MMA Topics. Where he was just flat out arguing and attempting to bully people until he rage quit for folks reversing the switch and calling him Minnow so damn much. Also the Brands bros still 'employ' a gentleguy on his roster that has actively threatened the life of no less than two people while in an Iowa singlet within the last calendar year, on top of a multitude of other character incidents within that time frame and prior. To act like they wouldn't consider 'employing' a guy like Downey doesn't exactly fall in line with their own character. They have guys who threaten teammates father's lives, shoot teammates, and invent an entirely new style of duck season... Downey would fit right in.
  13. Minnow with the BADA$$ assist. Very nice.
  14. I would think so. He has a legit chance againat anybody in that field aside for O'Toole, I think. His style matches well with Griffith, although I would say Facundo is still a heavy underdog there. He has been beating many of the other guys on the Freestyle circuit for years, as it were.
  15. Difference here is that he doesn't get in for free. $100 to enter. He was in for free at the 79kg WTT.
  16. According to @SetonHallPirate''s Twitter, Iowa was ducking either way.
  17. Do you think Downey will show? I hope so. He would be a factor.
  18. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=647521132 There is one further up in the thread for the Rokfin streaming. You'll have to go back and read. It's in there at least twice.
  19. I full-on believe had he put focus into going the 133 route he would have been. Trying to be a 125lber then deciding on going 133 at this point in the season would be bad, given his style of wrestling. With an offseason (or two) to adjust? Maybe a different story.
  20. That was the consensus two years ago. A lot of people close to the subject were saying that his days at 125 were done. Then Covid year happened and Ivies cancelled, etc. A duck is still a duck, though.
  21. Cody Chittum entering at 149 is so much ownage. I hope he doesn't redshirt.
  22. Quacks-R-Us is open for season, eh?
  23. I am with you on that one. We have seen Vito show vast amounts of improvement on the freestyle stage. Yes there are differences between styles, but Glory hasn't shown that improvement there. Also even off the scales, the skill gap between Arujau and Medley is so great I still don't see Arujau NOT getting bonus. Glory is a physical guy and I don't think that hurts Arujau at all.
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