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  1. He was 229 at the National Duals. That isn't 11+ of muscles.
  2. I mean... Shawver seems grossly underrated, fwiw. Guy is lights out. Berge at 165. Poor Edsell.
  3. They did. Had Schultzy pinned ASU wins, I think?
  4. Man I wish I remembered which one. It was some guy out west, who was also from Wisconsin?
  5. Sparks talked about it on a podcast last season, I forget which one.
  6. So they trying to get a medical for Desanto too?
  7. He could have given up 4 stalling calls and still won. He legit just took the 3rd off because he could.
  8. Griffith at 174. How would 174 compare to Metcalf's 149 then?
  9. Cael Valencia doesn't wrestle for Arizona State? Munoz was there last year so I threw him in there. I didn't think it would upset you so much. My apologies.
  10. Also Valencia at 174. While we are at at, Munoz at 184
  11. Technically Nolan bumped three weight classes of competition weight. He has been wrestling 141 all season so far.
  12. Idiocracy is though, yeah? Asking for a friend. A great big sissy friend.
  13. Something changed in their formula they need to unchange.
  14. It is impressive to me that Amine does not look bigger than Romero.
  15. Massa should have had his kid when he got injured his Soph season. I like this Dad-Massa.
  16. Didn't UofM win theirs, despite not getting the points?
  17. Such a soft constitution you have there, toots. Charmin Ultra Soft.
  18. Which proves it even further. Gimmick is up. As I said: Proceed.
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