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  1. https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/62756/amos-braxton/profile 8-2 over Buffalo and 18-2 over Little Rock-Arkansas. Buffalo kid is 5-4 on the year. Lost to an unattached 4-2 at the Clarion Open, was pinslayed verse Harvard, and Brucki of Michiga. 20-4 techslayed him. The LRA gent has lost twice via decision to some church guy and some ozark guy from lower divisions.
  2. My entire post was a $HlTpost. Obviously Lee and Desanto are the 125 and 133 starters fot Iowa.
  3. When does 2nd semester start? I hope we see them in against Arizona State...
  4. Does she? Asking for a friend. (not her)
  5. While I do agree, styles make matches. Since they last met in college IMart has either improved a good amount more or is just plain better at freestyle. What is their series record since? If it weren't for one exchange in a 5-7 loss, IMart would be 4-0 since. Add in that.even with that 5-7 loss IMart has outscored him 38-13, with the last two matches being techs and I don't really see how you justify saying Nolf WOULD beat him. Could he have? Yes.
  6. I am really just trying to be goofy not trollololol.
  7. Didn't someone call me stoopid for saying 184? What happened to Harvey?
  8. I wish there were a cross bracket semis. Meaning 1v2 and 1v2 them 3v3 then losers of 1v2 against each other and then winners against each other. So Iowa could see Mizzou then NC State (or Vice Versa). It would be one extra dual for the 1/2 teams in each pool, but perhaps a cross pool 3v3 sort of thing can happen to give them an extra match too? I think in that scenario we likely see a Penn State-Cornell rematch in the finals on Blue. Too late, I know...
  9. Kind if a rabbit hole one, but IMart could have won out at 157 and be a 4xer had he stayed at 157.
  10. I entirely doubt that. I would bet my community college degree on that.
  11. Sorry. I have recently realized that a lot of you gents have decided to be so serious. I jest too often and you guys just don't get it.
  12. Has the entire forum gone mad and forget how to understand text sarcasm?
  13. David Taylor. OTT. Missed it? Obviously I am being a ponce. Geesh.
  14. Also no. I don't have inside scoops at Penn State. Blessed be Minnow.
  15. Yes. Blessed be Minnow.
  16. It was a Major Decision loss. I am all for up to three Lee brothers wrestling as starters for the season. I also believe we will see Facundo rather soon too. If Penn State wants to win a Natty Title they won't do it without him as their 165lber.
  17. Well... one handed. He 'allegedly' broke a wall with his hand after his meltdown against Griffith.
  18. I am the other way. I think the Bull does deserve the #1 spot. I just think using MFF as a reasoning to do it is lame AF. He would have lost again. It is not only his nature but he was actually seriously injured. He would not have finished above O'Toole like that. No handed and rib-punctured lung? Yeah. Give me O'Toole 10 out of 10 there.
  19. Joe Lee got beat down against Bearclaw in the wrestleoff.
  20. You can't give him those wins because he would have been wrestling them injured. That is what I don't get. He was actually injured and would have been extremely hampered in the most difficult part of the most difficult bracket of the season.
  21. Don't forget Peyton Robb. Guy was 3 seconds away from beating Carr this last weekend too.
  22. Well Mr. Brands lost to Mr. Monday at 157. Not sure if you saw that.
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